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These Are The Emergency Supplies Everyone Should Have Before A Road Trip

Most of us hope that every road trip will go without a hitch. However, it’s always a good idea to ensure we’re prepared for whatever might come our way. These are the emergency supplies everyone should have before a road trip to make sure we’re never stuck without something we need.

Car maintenance

Some of the most important emergency supplies everyone should have before a road trip are things we need to keep our car on the road. It’s essential to check our tires before we leave, as well as making sure the vehicle has a spare tire, tools to change one, and a jack to make things possible. Adding a bottle of car oil, spare bulbs, and jumper cables are also a good idea before we leave for our journey.

Electrical safety items

Electrical safety items can help us out of most tough situations. Having a cell phone – and portable charger – are two of the most essential things on the list. However, things such as batteries and a flashlight, a map or GPS, and a camera should also be on a list. If you happen to be in an accident, a camera means we have all we need to document exactly what happened.

Miscellaneous emergency supplies

While they might not be at the top of everyone’s list, having some miscellaneous emergency supplies could be the difference between keeping safe and getting back on the road and finding ourselves in a tough situation. A pen and paper mean we can leave a note on our windshield in case we need to leave our vehicle or hand someone a message. A mirror can also be helpful for seeing parts of the car we might not be able to reach otherwise.

Winter items

Most of us never want to break down. However, having an incident in the winter can be even scarier thanks to the weather. Snow chains are a good idea for anyone traveling in cold weather. Deicing fluid and an ice scraper are also helpful in case we get caught in extreme temperatures. Don’t forget to pack some blankets and waterproof clothes just in case you’re stuck in one place for too long and need to find a way to keep warm.

Personal safety supplies

One of the most important things when thinking of emergency supplies for a road trip is how we will stay safe. Water can come in helpful in all kinds of ways. A first aid kit is always a good idea, too, just in case. Adding things like a fire extinguisher, emergency reflector triangle, gloves, and an emergency contact list only mean we will be as safe as possible. We can never be too prepared for a road trip.

Learning about the emergency supplies everyone should have before a road trip could be the difference between staying safe on the road and getting caught in a difficult situation. Thankfully, we can never prepare enough before we head out the door. It’s all about making a checklist and sticking to it.