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The World’s Best Cities For Biking Around

Cycling is a great way to explore a new city, but not all of them are very bike-friendly. Others are amazing for cycling though, and these are the world’s best cities for getting around on two wheels.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Considering that it’s famous for its bicycles, it would be hard to leave Amsterdam off the list. There are so many bicycles here it’s almost impossible to miss them.

It’s estimated there are actually more bicycles in Amsterdam than people. Thanks to the flat streets of the city, you don’t have to physically exert yourself that much, which makes cycling in the city a pleasant experience.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Many people who have been to Copenhagen have felt as though it was the most bike-friendly city in the world. The roads are mostly all designed with enough space for both bicycles and regular vehicles. Most roads have specific bicycle lanes and even different sets of traffic lights.

The city has undergone a transformation over the decades, and now around 35 percent of Copenhagen’s residents commute on their bicycles. Kids in Copenhagen are taught to ride their bikes before they even begin attending school, that’s how much cycling is loved in Denmark’s capital.

Strasbourg, France

There is one big reason why you should cycle around the French city of Strasbourg. The city is just so beautiful to look at that you can see more of it if you are pedaling your way through it. The old streets fell like you are cycling through time, and the city is doing its best to make it even more bike-friendly. Currently, around eight percent of the citizens in Strasbourg cycle to work, but that number is expected to rise with the improvements being made.

Portland, Oregon

European cities might have been designed with cycling in mind many years ago, but other cities in the world are starting to catch up. One of the United States’ most bicycle-friendly cities is Portland, Oregon. The city’s Bureau of Transportation is trying to make improvements to the infrastructure to make sure people can get around safely on two wheels.

Portland has stepped up its cycling tourism agenda, and people visiting the city can get free cycling maps to take them on tours of the city. The public bike rental system if very green and makes it super easy to start cycling in Portland.

Tokyo, Japan

Around 14 percent of Tokyo’s commuters cycle. That might not seem like a lot, but Tokyo is a huge city that is very densely packed. There are plenty of bike paths to take you around this mesmerizing city so you can enjoy it all at ground level. Walking isn’t really an option because the city is so big, but cycling lets you see so many more hidden treasures in Tokyo.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular, not only among commuters, but tourists also want to explore on two wheels. These cities make sure that every cyclist feels at home on their saddle.