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The Things Tourists Should Never Do In Big Cities

Some of us spend our lives in cities, while others only visit on vacation. Whatever the case, there’s a chance most of us will be a tourist in a foreign city at some point in our lives. The things tourists should never do in big cities should help us blend in a little better.

Never wear uncomfortable shoes in cities

Getting around big cities can be a great way to up your step count. That is if you pack the right shoes. Wearing uncomfortable footwear – such as sandals or heels – can really drag things down and quickly put a damper on things. Be sure to break in your shoes before your vacation to ensure you can wear them for hours on end.

Avoid taking a cab during rush hour
Source: The New York Times

Avoid taking a cab during rush hour

It’s perhaps no secret that taking a cab can be one of the most expensive ways to navigate a city. Things don’t get better during rush hour, with most cabs in big cities charging by time instead of distance. This means it could quickly rack up a huge bill and take a lot longer than using another kind of transport, such as a subway system.

Don’t stand on the wrong side of a big city’s escalators

It turns out most big cities follow the same rules when it comes to using escalators: walk on one side and stand on the other. This allows people to get around others if they’re in a rush, even though London and Hong Kong have recently tried getting people to stand on both sides. If you’re unsure, watch what other people are doing before picking your side.

Avoid pushing onto public transport
Source: HKFP

Avoid pushing onto public transport

Public transport and big cities tend to go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush your way onto things. The city often moves quickly. Still, you need to let people off the bus or train before you can get on, or there will be no room for all those new passengers. Be sure to stand to one side before getting on.

Never stop in the middle of the sidewalk

Ever wanted to capture the moment right there and then through a selfie with your friends? While it can be tempting, be sure not to stop in the middle of a sidewalk in big cities. Locals will likely be trying to get through the hustle and bustle to work, meaning you could become a real pain if you suddenly stop in your tracks.

Don't feed the pigeons in big cities
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Don’t feed the pigeons in big cities

While feeding the pigeons in big cities is something many dream about, you might want to think twice before spreading those seeds. That’s because plenty of cities have brought in fines for people caught feeding the birds, as the leftover food can encourage rats and means the pigeons stop looking for their own food and rely on food that’s not suitable for their diet instead.

The things tourists should never do in big cities might seem obvious to some, but it might be surprising how easy they can be to do.