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The Surfaces Everyone Should Disinfect On Their Next Flight

Traveling is meant to be an exciting time for most of us. However, there’s one thing that can grip many of our traveling experiences: getting sick. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that we can keep safe, including making a little extra time to get things clean before our next travels. These are the surfaces everyone should disinfect on their next flight.

Tray table

Tray tables are a huge convenience during flights. If nothing else, they give you somewhere to put food and drink on the journey, so you don’t have to hold onto them the entire time. Unfortunately, tray tables get handled by pretty much every passenger who uses that seat, so they’re virtually guaranteed to be crawling with germs. A study by TravelMath found that tray tables can be 10x dirtier than an airplane toilet flusher, with things like mold growing here. Thankfully, they’re easy to clean with disinfectant.

Toilet Flusher

Speaking of the toilet flusher, you’ll probably want to give that a wipe down too. Tray tables might typically be dirtier, but that doesn’t mean this is clean – far from it. A quick wipe before using it will ensure you don’t pick up anything that the previous passenger may have left behind. It’s also worth washing your hands thoroughly afterward, too.

Seat pockets

Seat pockets are incredibly useful for carrying the things you don’t wish to hold. However, what’s considered suitable for these pockets differs from person to person. Some flight attendants have reported items like dirty diapers and used tissues being placed here, making them the perfect breeding ground for germs. It’s no wonder that things like mold, E.coli, and aerobic bacteria are sometimes found here. If you plan on using these pockets during your flight, disinfecting them is a must.

Overhead air vent

One concern people may have about flying is the air. After all, a good portion of it is recycled, which is kind of concerning when there are plenty of airborne illnesses hanging around. Although this air is filtered, you still want to ensure what you’re breathing in is as safe as possible. That’s why it’s worth disinfecting the overhead air vent, just in case this has grown dirty with a buildup of dust and germs.


Which part of the plane would you expect to pick up the most germs? It turns out that the answer is the headrests, which may come as a surprise. It makes sense, though, because bacteria and skin cells from your head come into contact with them. What’s more, people often put their hands on the headrests when moving through the plane. As a result, aerobic bacteria and E.coli typically build up here, making it a prime place for disinfecting.

Thankfully, most airline staff are used to making a great effort to ensure planes are far cleaner than they used to be in the past. However, it doesn’t hurt to disinfect these surfaces during your flight. That way, you can be more confident that no germs will do you harm during your travels.