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The Most Common Road Trip Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Taking a road trip might sound like great fun, but it turns out there are plenty of things that often crop up along the way. These are the most common road trip mistakes – and how to avoid them to get the most from your next adventure.

Ignoring the road ahead

Some roads are filled with delays every day. Others? They could come with weather issues or unexpected traffic. While the GPS could be telling you to go one way, it’s always best to check the road ahead to ensure you really are going the best way. Having a map or travel apps could help prevent spending hours stuck in traffic.

Encouraging thieves to your vehicle

It can be easy to spot an out-of-town car on a road trip. The piles of suitcases, maps, and everything else people need to travel are often a giveaway. However, hiding things like maps and items out of sight as well as covering bags or keeping them in the trunk can help cars to blend in. If all else fails, be sure to leave your vehicle in a safe place.

Driving too far at once

One of the most common road trip mistakes is to drive too far at once. Sure, we can sit behind the wheel of our car for eight hours, but can our minds take the toll of it all? Being the driver can be exhausting as we try to concentrate on the road ahead. A realistic goal is to think about driving three to four hours over 250 miles with regular breaks.

Ignoring parking costs

If you want to find the cheapest places to park, then you might want to do some research before you arrive. If not, you could find yourself having to find a chunk of extra money that wasn’t in the budget, all thanks to the high prices that often come with parking in the middle of a busy city.

Missing out on the scenic routes

Although most people don’t want to spend too long in the car, opting for the scenic route rather than the most direct journey could take a road trip to the next level. GPS and maps aren’t always the best for finding the best scenic route. However, there are plenty of apps on the market that do the hard work for us.

Not knowing when to leave the car

This might sound strange when it comes to a road trip, but leaving your vehicle could have some significant benefits. There are plenty of other ways to explore an area, such as getting on a shuttle bus or taking advantage of public transport. Not only does this mean you aren’t stuck behind the wheel, but it also means you can take in the surrounding area with ease every now and then.

The most common road trip mistakes don’t have to be a hindrance. In fact, learning how to avoid them might mean we’re a pro when it comes to road trips before we even set off on the road.