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The Best Tips For Photographing Landscapes On Your Travels

Taking photographs is a great way to make memories. If you like taking photos of scenic landscapes, you might also know that specific do’s – and don’ts – will help them stand out. The best tips for photographing landscapes on your travels could be all some of us need to take our photos to the next level.

Try not to get your shadow in the picture

It sounds simple enough, but more often than not, shadows happen. Sometimes you’re going to go home and think that you’ve gotten the perfect shot just to spot a shadow ruining an ideal picture. Take a moment to pause before you take a snap. Ask yourself the critical question: is a shadow going to be in this picture? If it is, make sure to move out of the way or wait for a later time when the shadows will lie differently.

Make sure to take the horizon into consideration

If there is one thing that can ruin a picture is the wrong placement of the framing. Making sure the elements work in your favor can be a game-changer when taking landscape pictures. To ensure your photos look manageable, ask yourself: does the sky in this picture look boring? If it does, try swapping things around and placing the horizon in the third frame at the top. If your photo’s foreground lacks detail, try putting the horizon at the bottom. Play around until you find the sweet spot.

Not everything needs to fit
Source: Justin Minns

Not everything needs to fit

You can skip trying to cram everything into your composition. Although the main idea of taking photos of landscapes is to get the best view, it won’t always be the case. Try focusing on particular elements that stand out to you. Many things draw the attention of the viewer to a fantastic panoramic view. Find things to bring attention to and complement it in your composition. There is always something in the landscape and elements that can bring brilliance to the focus of your pictures.

Don’t let things sneak by you

It’s easy to miss small things when looking at the bigger picture. Sometimes there can be a lot of visual pollution that we only spot once the photo is developed. A random trash can or powerline can wreck the perfect opportunity. Make sure to try and notice tiny details that might ruin the image. Check for things you wouldn’t want in the final product and try and get a different angle.

Make sure of your sharpness
Source: Getty Images

Make sure of your sharpness

Make sure to use a different aperture if you want to get the sharpness of your photos just right. If you have a manual camera, try to make sure you choose a higher aperture and an ISO setting of 100 to sharpen things up nicely.

Many factors play into getting the perfect picture. In the same breath, many factors can make you frustrated, and nature can deal a bad hand when trying to take photos. Thankfully, the best tips for photographing landscapes on your travels don’t have to be tough to incorporate into your photoshoots.