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Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Sick On Your Next Cruise

A cruise is a great way to see so much of the world without having to fork out for multiple vacations. Sadly, one of the risks that come with a cruise is having it tainted by illness. Thankfully, there are simple ways to avoid getting sick on your next cruise.

Wash your hands

If there is one thing many of us have learned, it’s that washing our hands is a great way to get rid of unwanted germs. Teach little ones how to properly wash their hands before you head on your next cruise, and be sure to keep them scrubbed clean as often as you can throughout the day, especially before eating or drinking.

Look after yourself

Heading on a cruise can seem like enough of a way to look after yourself, but we mean making time for your health while on vacation. Sure, cruise ships are filled with just about everything to do at all hours of the day. Still, it’s important to give our bodies enough sleep and find time to keep hydrated throughout the day to keep our immune systems strong.

Think about self-serve foods

Ah, the buffet. Although this can be a great way to fuel our bodies for the day, it can also be a breeding ground for getting sick. That’s because so many passengers use the same utensils, and if they don’t wash their hands, then they could be passing germs around. If you do opt for self-serve foods, be sure to wash your hands before and after touching anything.

Bring plenty of sanitizer

Let’s face it; there will be times that we can’t always get to the bathroom to wash our hands. Cruise ships tend to have hand sanitizer dotted around the sheep. However, taking your own means it’s never too far away. Plus, taking disinfectant wipes means you can also give anything you need to use a once over, such as tables or TV remotes.

Opt for cooked foods

The ports of call are a great way to see the rest of the world. What about getting sick when you’re nowhere near the cruise ship? Food poisoning can be a real worry, so opting for cooked foods should mean that any high temperatures will get rid of bacteria and germs at places that might not have the same safety standards as the cruise ship’s kitchen.

Remember your sunscreen

Getting sick on your next cruise isn’t all about the inside. Sometimes, it means ensuring we don’t get sunburned and end up ruining our vacation. It can be easy to forget all about the sun thanks to the ocean breeze. Be sure to use a high SPF and reapply sunscreen throughout the day to stay safe.

Thankfully, there are plenty of simple ways to avoid getting sick on your next cruise. Not only does this mean you get to avoid something most of us want to keep at arm’s length, but it should also mean you’re free to enjoy your vacation without anything getting in your way.