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Science Says These Are The Best Ways To Beat Jet Lag

If there’s one thing that many of us could do without when we travel, it’s jet lag. Why can’t your brain go to sleep when it’s night rather than when it feels like it? It turns out there could be an answer to all of our problems as science says these are the best ways to beat jet lag.

Don’t sleep in when you arrive

One of the most common things many of us do is try to sleep in the morning we get somewhere to try and make up for any lost sleep and the effort of traveling. However, science says this is a huge mistake. If you want to beat jet lag, you need to get your brain into a new rhythm. It could be time to ditch that lay in and set the alarm. Experts think it could only take one groggy day to combat any jet lag.

Avoid blue and white light before bed

This is a tip that many of us could use throughout our lives, but it’s one that science says will help you beat jet lag. These are the kind of lights typically emitted from our devices. If you really can’t live without checking your tech before bed, then why not take advantage of night shift features? These usually mean your screens will emit a more yellow-based light to avoid stimulating your brain.

Tune out any distractions

Travelers, engines, and any other sensory distraction could be all some of us need to wake up while traveling. Perhaps you need to sleep on the plane to try and get used to the new timezone? You might want to think about an eye mask and some earplugs to make sure you get the perfect snooze. These should block out any distractions that could keep you up throughout the journey and help you beat jet lag.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

It’s important to stay hydrated at all times of the day, but making sure you’re hydrated when you know jet lag could be an issue is even more important. Water helps to keep our mind sharp and active when we’re feeling a little tired and could stop our bodies from randomly waking up in the middle of the night as we suddenly need a drink.

Skip any caffeine

Jet lag can feel like a real drag as we try to make it through the day. It can be tempting to reach for a cup of coffee to get things going. While it can be a good idea to help your brain get going in the morning, science says that we should avoid relying on the stuff throughout the day. Try to avoid caffeine from 2pm – or six hours before you plan on going to bed – and you should drift off into a more natural night’s sleep.

Jet lag can be enough to put a damper on the first few days of our vacation. Thankfully, science says these are the best way to beat jet lag and make it a thing of the past.