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How To Travel The World On $50 A Day

If you’re the kind of person that loves the idea of traveling the world, you’ve probably put off packing your backpack because you believe the lie that traveling is super expensive. After all, we see Instagram influencers travel the globe with their first-class airline tickets and their 5-star hotels, and we just assume that we have to copy their lifestyle. However, you don’t have to do that, and you don’t even have to live on a piece of toast and sleep on a couch each night either. It’s super easy to travel the world on just $50 a day, and here’s how you can do it.

Avoid hotels

When you travel abroad for a vacation, there’s a high chance that you stay in hotels. After all, this accommodation option features everything you could possibly need in one place, and they are comfortable and luxurious. However, when you want to travel the world on $50 a day, it might be an idea to ditch expensive hotels for something that suits a smaller budget. There are so many alternatives to hotels, and these include hostels, home exchanges, house sitting, apartment rentals, and even couch surfing.

Use public transport

Visiting a new and unknown place can be both exciting and daunting – especially if you don’t know where you’re going. Because of this, many travelers often opt to use taxi services and tourist buses because they know they will end up where they want to go. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. Instead of opting for a more expensive option, why not give public transport a go? Buses and trains are a cheap way to travel around the world, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost because you can always jump off and head back in the right direction.

Make the most of free attractions

When you get to a brand new destination, it can be easy to simply part with your cash and pay for all of the attractions that are in your guide book. But what if we told you that there are so many free attractions in the world? By ditching the expensive extras, you can make sure that you are still seeing each destination and what it has to offer without bankrupting yourself in the process. After all, who doesn’t want to make the most of things that are free?

Eat cheap

Restaurants are pretty great, right? It’s always nice to sit down and have a meal at the end of the day, but one meal could blow your whole $50 budget. When you can, take advantage of cheaper options such as buffets, free hostel breakfasts, street food, special deals, and more. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can spend without compromising your full stomach.

If you are planning on traveling the world, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need a huge amount of money to do so. All you need is $50 a day and a sense of adventure.