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How To Sleep In An Airport At All Hours Of The Day

An airport might not seem like the coziest place to get a good night’s sleep. However, if you have a long changeover or you’re flying out early the next day, it could be the perfect place for some shut-eye. It’ll save you money on a hotel and can actually help you to get a decent rest, provided you know the right tips, of course.

Sleep somewhere safe

Unlike a hotel, you don’t have the benefit of privacy when sleeping in an airport. You’re a lot more exposed, which means a potential risk of having your belongings stolen. The best way to avoid this is to rest somewhere secure, ideally in clear view of a security camera. That way, if anyone does try something, they’re more likely to be caught. Moreover, traveling with a companion can be useful in this situation, as you can take turns keeping watch. If you’re on your own, making friends with fellow airport sleepers could be worthwhile so you can do the same thing with them.

Pack sleeping essentials

If you’re sleeping at an airport, then you’re already bound to have plenty of stuff with you. However, it’s possible that you won’t have all the essentials you need to rest comfortably. That’s why it’s worth making a checklist of important items. This should include things like pillows or blankets, which you wouldn’t necessarily pack otherwise. It’s possible you’ll be able to borrow these from the airport. However, not all security guards take kindly to airport sleepers, so it’s sometimes better not to draw attention to yourself.

Scope the airport out

If you know that you’re going to be getting some shut-eye at an airport, it pays to get there early. For one, it gives you an opportunity to bag a spot to sleep in before someone comes along and steals it. After all, there might be plenty of people in the same position as you. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to scope out the airport and see where the best places are to get some rest. It’s possible that the most comfortable place to sleep is far away from your terminal, so a bit of exploration can make quite a difference.

Put on an act

One of the biggest issues with sleeping in an airport is that not a lot of security guards want you there. If you know that your flight isn’t until the next day, they expect you to find proper accommodation to get some shut-eye – not the airport. That’s why it’s important you don’t give off the impression that you’ve planned your stay. If you look like a professional airport sleeper, they’re bound to be less forgiving. Be sure to act innocent – maybe even cry a little – and make it clear you’d rather be somewhere else, but you’ve nowhere else to go.

If you can afford a hotel room, it’s likely worth staying there for the comfort it provides. However, if you can’t, or if your changeover is the same day, you might be better off making the most of the airport.