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How To Perfectly Clean Your Airplane Seat Before Takeoff

2020 has heightened the need to be aware of how clean everyday items are. Cleaning your own home and personal effects is something that each person is in control of, but when traveling, it isn’t always as easy to ensure this is the case. Even though air travel is currently restricted, it isn’t something everyone has the option of avoiding. Knowing how to clean your seat might help ease some of the anxieties.

How clean is an airplane seat?

Airplanes are cleaned between flights by cleaning crews, but often the time between landing and take-off can be limited. This means that cleaning crews may have a short window of time that they need to have the plane cleaned in. It has been advised that they are being extra vigilant during the pandemic to ensure the safety of the crew and the passengers, with flight attendants also wiping down touch areas of the plane more frequently, but it is important to be personally vigilant with how clean your seating area is.

What to bring with you

It is a good idea to take with you sanitizing wipes and hand gel, and if possible a travel-sized bottle of disinfectant. A key thing to ensure is that the wipes and the disinfectant are correct for the germs you are trying to avoid. If you are concerned about any viruses, then checking your disinfectant is EPA Registered means it’s perfect at eradicating most types of germs. Make sure to check the dry time of the disinfectant, as some products need time left on a surface to disinfect it before it can be wiped clean.

How to clean your seat

Once you have wiped down the seat, the headrest, and the seatbelt, it’s always worth remembering that people touch a lot more than just the seat that they are sat in. Pay special attention to anything surrounding your seat that is there to be touched, the armrests are something that comes into continuous contact with people so it is wise to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Don’t forget to wipe down any buttons on the armrests which could potentially have been missed by cleaning crews.

What else will need cleaning?

Aside from the seat, ensure you also wipe down and sanitize anything else within your seating area. This might include the back of the seat in front, the entertainment screens, and the drop-down tray, including the tray latch. If you have a window seat, remember that the window shade is also something that will need wiping before it is touched. Don’t forget the areas outside of your seating area. If you are going to use the restroom, ensure you wipe down the door handles, the seat, the taps, and anything else you may come into contact with.

Traveling can be stressful. 2020 has helped many of us realize we might need to think a little more about what we touch along the way. Thankfully, a few additions to your routine could be all you need to clean your airplane seat before takeoff.