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How To Finally Stop Packing Too Many Clothes For Vacation

Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of going on vacation. However, that probably wouldn’t be the case if people stopped trying to take more than they needed with them. Overpacking is a problem that so many can relate to, especially when it comes to clothes. Thankfully, it seems that we’ve worked out how to finally stop packing too many clothes for vacation.

Focus on clothes that are designed to be re-worn for several day
Source: Travel Wanderlust

Focus on clothes that are designed to be re-worn for several day

One reason people tend to overpack clothes is that they don’t want to re-wear items. However, if said items don’t smell bad and still feel fresh, why not reuse them? At the very least, they can be the clothes that you rely on for times when you don’t leave your accommodation. As long as they’re made of things like Merino Wool or Polygiene, they’re more likely to last longer without causing a stink. So, you won’t need to pack quite so many clothes in your suitcase.

Prioritize packing multipurpose shoes so that you won't need as many pairs
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Prioritize packing multipurpose shoes so that you won’t need as many pairs

Shoes are one of the biggest problems when it comes to overpacking clothes for vacation. These tend to take up a lot of space in a suitcase, meaning that bringing along several pairs can really cause some issues. What’s the solution? To make sure that the shoes you pack are multipurpose. The more things that you can wear a set of shoes for, the less reason you’ll have to bring other pairs.

Only pack the clothes you feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing

How often have you packed clothes that you don’t wear at home because you think they would be suitable for the destination? While we can understand the thought process behind this, the reality is that these are clothes you don’t really care to wear. So, why would things be different just because you’re on vacation? Once you’re away, the chances are that you’re going to continue wearing the clothes you enjoy the most and feel comfortable in. Those other outfits may not even get a second look, meaning they don’t need to go in the suitcase to begin with.

Remember that buying clothes on vacation is always an option if necessary
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Remember that buying clothes on vacation is always an option if necessary

‘What if…?’ is a question that many people seem to ask themselves when packing for vacation. What if I get invited to a party out of the blue? What if I end up having an opportunity to go swimming? These sorts of questions tend to revolve around people’s heads, making them pack clothes that they know they don’t need. It’s important to try and be realistic in this situation and ignore those questions. Just remind yourself that if something unexpected does occur, you can always buy the necessary clothes on vacation.

Even with all these changes, you may well still find it tough to fit everything into your suitcase without it being a tight squeeze. At the very least, though, you should find that it’s no longer your clothes that are causing the trouble with packing light for your vacations.