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Flying In A Private Jet May Be Cheaper Than You Think

Most people don’t even think about flying in a private jet. After all, it’s a luxury that only the rich and famous can afford, right? Scrolling through social media will allow you to see the likes of businessmen, movie stars, singers, and reality personalities board private jets as though it costs them nothing – but many people don’t even look at the price of these private charters because they believe them to be just as expensive as first-class tickets on commercial flights. However, it seems as though flying in a private jet may be much cheaper than you think.

Cheaper than commercial

What if we told you that flying privately could actually be cheaper than flying commercially? With the way that the world is changing, chartering a private plane is becoming a much cheaper option. That’s because boutique, private airlines are popping up all over the place, and with competition and market saturation comes price reductions. One of the main reasons why these planes can charge lower prices is because they do not fly into major airports. Instead, they normally fly into smaller aviation airports – and this can also get you to your destination quicker. For example, if you wanted to fly from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, you would have to spend around $200 to buy your plane ticket alone, or you would have to drive just over three hours. With a private charter company called Blackbird Air, you could fly privately for just $99.

Time is money

If you’re someone who travels a lot for work, you’ve probably never considered investing in private flights – but this could be a much cheaper option for you. As you’re probably well aware, time really is money. If you spend your days traveling from place to place and having to attend meetings at all hours of the day, you may have also spent a huge amount of money on hotel rooms because commercial flights are incredibly restrictive in terms of timings. If you were to fly privately, though, you could charter a flight that gets you to your destination when you need to – without having to wait around in a hotel or spend money on a room that you only spend a few hours in.

Why spend three days away from your office when you could travel to your meeting and back again on the same day, while also saving money? In fact, many businesses buy blocks of time with private airlines, which means that they can pay a lump sum every single year, allowing them to use this time over the course of those twelve months. If you don’t want to do that, chartering a flight for a one-off fee could still save you a lot of money.

Flying by private jet isn’t as expensive as it may seem. Sure, it’s not the cheapest luxury in the world, but sometimes it’s worth comparing the pros and cons before booking your commercial flight. You could save yourself some money.