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Exercises Everyone Can Do On A Plane To Keep Moving Without Drawing Attention

Boarding a plane usually means we’re about to jet off somewhere exciting. Sadly, it can also take its toll on our bodies. If you want to help your muscles but you’re worried about other people, then it might be time to try the exercises everyone can do on a plane to keep moving without drawing attention.

Calf raises

Stay sitting in your seat and gently raise your heels off the floor until your feet are high on their top toes. Then, lower your feet back down and repeat as many times as necessary. Not only does this help to keep the blood flowing to your legs and toes. But it’s also a great exercise on a plane for those wanting something discreet.

Toe raises

Just like the calf raises, toe raises help to stretch your lower legs, but the other way around. This time, you want to keep your heels on the floor and raise your toes as high as they will go. You should feel a stretch down the back of your calves with this one. If you want to include your entire leg, simply stand up to get your hamstrings involved.

Shoulder rolls

Shoulder rolls are a simple exercise that can be done all without leaving your seat. All you need to do is have your arms relaxed by your side before raising them up and rolling them forward five times. Do this again by rolling them back, and you should soon feel a lot of relief in your shoulder muscles from sitting for so long.

Neck rolls

One thing many people deal with while flying is a stiff neck. If you want an exercise you can try without drawing attention, it could be time to think about neck rolls. Simply roll your chin to your chest before gently rolling your head in one direction a few times before repeating on the other side. Just be sure not to push your neck too far.

Quad stretches

You’ll want to stand up for this stretch and may wish to rest on the back of a chair if you need help balancing. Once you’re ready, raise one of your feet behind you and grab hold of your ankle with your hand. Pull your foot toward your thigh to feel a stretch along your thigh without pulling too hard before repeating on the other side.

Forward bends

You need to wait until the seatbelt sign has been switched off, but that doesn’t mean that forward bends are going to draw much attention from other passengers. Undo your belt and pull your stomach in to protect your back. Then, gently lean forward toward the floor and allow your arms to stretch out in front of you. This is an excellent stretch for relieving tension in your back muscles.

When it comes to exercises everyone can do on a plane to keep moving without drawing attention, it turns out there are plenty of options for all kinds of abilities. Thankfully, each is sure to keep our muscles nice and flexed throughout the flight.