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Disney World Secrets No One Thought Would Get Out

Walter Elias Disney is still one of the most famous men in the world today, despite the fact that he passed away over 50 years ago. This animator and entrepreneur first made waves within the film industry, and it’s long been held that he completely changed the game in terms of animation and cartoons. His early technicolor movies became beacons within the modern world, and the world looked to him to bring some of the most popular fairy tales to life in a whimsical fashion. However, Walt Disney was not content with this success under his belt. He wanted more, so he expanded the Disney name to include a theme park.

In an effort to allow children and adults alike the chance to escape to new worlds, he decided to dip his toe into the amusement park industry during the 1950s. What happened over the next couple of years proved that he was an innovator and a genius, and someone who had extremely high expectations for his work. His Disney parks are growing stronger and stronger every year, but it seems as though most guests don’t know what really goes on behind the scenes…

The tunnels are real

For some reason, the world likes to believe that some of the most important and most popular places in the world have secret tunnels buried beneath them. While this isn’t true for some buildings and attractions, it’s certainly true for the Magic Kingdom. It’s been suggested that there are around 392,000-square-feet of underground corridors that allow staff and characters to move freely under the park without having to bypass visitors and spoil the magic.


The legend goes that these underground tunnels were all Walt Disney’s idea. As he was making his way around the park, the animator saw a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland to get to his home in Frontierland. Walt didn’t want to see cowboys in the futuristic world of Tomorrowland and assumed that his guests didn’t want to either, so the tunnels were the perfect option for the cast.

Size does matter

When you make your way into Disney World, there’s no doubt about the fact that Cinderella’s castle is the first thing you see. After all, it’s pretty huge, right? Well, it seems as though that isn’t as true as you probably believed it to be. While it’s fair to say that this building is bigger than your average house, Walt Disney made sure that the castle was built using forced perspective.


This means that the building isn’t as big as it really looks, but is instead designed to look bigger than it is. Different sized bricks – such as large bricks at the bottom of the building and much smaller bricks towards the top – are to thank for creating this optical illusion, and it’s pretty clever. They say that size doesn’t matter, but in the case of this castle, it really does matter.

The hidden suite

Although they are meant to be kept a secret, there are countless different rooms and suites in Disney World that are normally closed to the general public. One of those suites is hidden inside the iconic Cinderella’s Castle, and while most people will never see this amazing suite in the flesh, VIP guests sometimes get the chance to stay in this room. What’s so amazing about this secret is the fact that this hidden suite was actually built for the use of Walt Disney and his family.


Although he never got to use it himself, he made sure that the whole thing was decked out for kings and queens of the castle. It features original 17th century furniture, a floor that has been built with a whopping 24-karat gold, and even a timeless clock that always stays in its place at 11:59.

The haunted apartment

While in the midst of creating the magic within Disneyland, Walt Disney often found it easier to stay nearer to the California site than to head all the way back home in the evening. So, he decided to build himself his very own apartment – which still sits there today. If you look above the firehouse on Main Street, you will see a window with a light on. This is where Walt Disney lived and worked for many months, but it seems as though there could be more to this apartment than meets the eye.

Reader’s Digest/Alisha Gamble

Many believe that this apartment is today haunted by the ghost of Walt Disney, and there are many witnesses to this claim. When one park employee was cleaning the apartment just after his passing, they noted that the lamp kept turning itself off and on. While the light is kept permanently on now as a tribute to the cartoonist, there are some who swear they can see the drapes moving every so often.

The perfect color

A huge amount of thought and effort goes into maintaining the Disney parks every single year, and the biggest achievement of these theme parks is the fact that the design allows people to be transported to different worlds. They inspire magic within people – but how do they manage to hide the construction materials, the electrical cables, and all of the boring practical things that the parks just couldn’t live without?

Flickr/Brian Barnett

Well, Disneyland has its very own paint color and one that they invented specifically to keep the magic alive. Often called “Go Away Green” or “No See ‘Em Green,” this color is designed to draw your attention away from it at all times. If you make your way around the parks and really keep an eye out, you might notice that things like false walls, speakers, railings, and secret doors are painted in this color. Pretty smart, huh?

It’s a creepy world

If you’re a Disney theme park fan, you’ll know that the “It’s A Small World” ride is one of the most popular rides of all time. Sure, it may not be as modern as some of the others in the parks, but it’s one of the most classic and iconic additions that both Disney World and the Disneylands have to offer. However, it seems as though this ride should be renamed “It’s A Creepy World After all.”


That’s because park employees swear by the notion that the characters who stand around the water-based ride come to life even when the ride is not working, or the whole thing is unplugged. Many claim to have seen them move from one place to another overnight when the ride was not running and some even wear by the notion that the dolls blink.

Smelling good

One of the first things you notice when you walk into Disney World and Disneyland – apart from the fact that it’s the most magical place in the world – is that it smells absolutely divine. No matter where you turn, a sweet scent follows you, and most of the time, you can’t even work out where it’s coming from. If you have scratched your head and tried to follow this scent, you may have come to a dead end.


That’s because this is actually just a trick that Walt Disney came up with, to inspire a sense of nostalgia within the guests who make their way through the park gates. To keep the parks smelling like popcorn throughout the day, Smellitzer machines are used, and the scent of these baked goods are then pumped through the vents all day, every day.

The secret club

Walt Disney put a huge amount of work into his theme parks, and he made sure that he didn’t give everything away for every single person that walked through the door. Because of this, there are countless secret rooms and doors that seemingly go nowhere – but, in actual fact, everything has a purpose. While walking through New Orleans Square, the average person would probably miss a door with the number “33” on it.

Flickr/Josh Hallett

After all, there are so many fake doors and stores throughout this area of the park. However, what these people don’t realize is that behind this door is actually a secret club that Walt Disney designed for special guests and sponsors of the park. It’s the only place in the whole theme park that actually sells liquor, and only members who are willing to fork out a huge amount of money get to eat or drink here.

Following the rules

While many people believe that working at Disneyland is the best job in the world, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a few rules to follow. In fact, one of the most important rules that any employee has to follow is the notion that they are never allowed to say, “I don’t know.” Customer experience and satisfaction were always at the top of Walt Disney’s list, and he didn’t want anyone to leave without their questions being answered.


So, if an employee doesn’t know the answer to a guests’ question, they will always seek the answer out – even if that means that they have to ask another employee or do their own research. It’s their job to go above and beyond and create this magical experience, so that’s exactly what they do.

The Aristocats

Although we’ve all seen the Disney movie about the cats who are living the life in high society, it seems as though that movie isn’t too far removed from everyday life. That’s because, after decades of rumors surrounding the idea, Disneyland is home to hundreds of stray cats. While the head honchos of the parks tried to deny this for a little while, it seemed as though they just couldn’t keep them a secret any longer – especially because they play such a pivotal role in the running of the parks.


One of the main reasons why these feral cats are so important is because they keep on top of any issues they may have with rodents. They make their way around the parks picking up mice and pests along the way, and there are even signs up to acknowledge their existence and their place within the Disney family.

Frozen in ice

It was a truly sad day for many when Walt Disney passed away in December 1966, but the world knew that they would never forget the man who had changed animation and brought us the happiest place in the world. While those who were mourning the passing of the animator learned that he had been cremated during a private ceremony, that didn’t stop rumors from making their way around the globe.


These rumors surrounded the idea that Walt was obsessed with the technology of the future, and as such, decided to have his body frozen in ice in order for future scientists to resurrect him and bring him back to life. What’s more, the rumors hinted that his frozen body was hidden beneath the famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride at California’s Disneyland. While there are some who believe these rumors, there are others who believe it to be another fantastical fabrication of the truth.

Laying them to rest

Having to say goodbye to any close relative or friend is hard, and laying them to rest is one of the best ways of honoring their life and legacy. But did you know that people do this at Disneyland? Rumors have swirled around the happiest place on earth for decades, and these rumors suggested that people would scatter their loved ones’ ashes around the Disney parks. More importantly, most of them would scatter them around the Haunted Mansion ride, which is famously regarded as one of the most haunted places in every single park.


Many people have questioned whether this rumor is true or not, but Disneyland employees have since confirmed that it’s actually very true – and more common than you might think. In fact, employees have had to come up with their own secret code word (“HEPA cleanup”) to vacuum up the ashes when they appear.

Smuggling them in

If you have ever been to either Disney World or Disneyland with a young child, you’ll know that your options are limited. After all, you normally have to be a certain age or height to ride the more advanced attractions – and this can leave many parents waiting around in the park while others go off and have their fun.

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However, it seems as though that isn’t always the case, and many employees in these parks have had to deal with countless parents who think that they can smuggle their young babies and toddlers onto the rides without anyone noticing. One particular visitor was stopped while attempting to take a large bag on Space Mountain. When the employee looked inside, they realized that there was a 6-month-old child in the bag, and the parents were trying to smuggle it up the mountain…

All about perspective

It seems as though the Cinderella castle isn’t the only thing in Disney World that uses a false perspective to induce some extra magic. If you have ever made your way to Fantasyland, you may have seen one of the most famous attractions of them all – the Cinderella statue. What’s so incredible about this statue is the fact that it was purposefully designed to look different from different perspectives.


To be more specific, Walt Disney wanted the statue to be viewed upon differently by children and adults. To the larger adults of the world, this princess looks sad as she looks down at the animals below her. To the smaller children of the world, the placement of her hair looks just like a child. This invites people to embrace their innocence and their childishness as they walk through the park.

A secret car

There’s nothing more magical than heading onto the Disneyland Railroad and riding along the tracks, but did you know that there is a secret car that everyday guests will never get to see? At the end of the train is the Lilly Belle car, which Walt Disney designed and made specifically for his wife, Lillian Disney.

Flickr/Anna Fox

Decorated in plush and expensive furniture and fabrics, Walt made sure that this cart was the most exclusive one on the whole train and even had a vision of it becoming like his wife’s very own Victorian parlor. It also features private photos of the Disney family that very few people normally get to see, and it’s an experience like no other. Park employees will rarely ask people to ride in the cart, but if you get to the park just as it opens and ask nicely, they might let you ride in the Lilly Belle.

A gift horse

They always say that you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, but what if you were to ride it instead? Over the years, more and more Disney movies have made their way into our lives, and these movies and animations have since made their way into the theme parks. This was the case in 2008 when an ode to Mary Poppins was placed on King Arthur’s Carousel in Disneyland.

Flickr/Anna Fox

In fact, this ode was more for the sake of Julie Andrews, who was presented with her very own intricately decorated horse by the name of Jingles. The horse features a flying umbrella and was a thank you for her role in the famous movie, and the fact that she has been an ambassador for the park for countless years. Next time you head to the King Arthur’s Carousel, make sure you give Jingles a whirl!

Completely edible

In an effort to take children and adults alike away from their normal lives and into new, magical adventures, Walt Disney had big plans while creating Disneyland. While some of these plans didn’t quite come to fruition, there were others that did – and the plants in Tomorrowland are some of them. Disney created this section of the park as his glimpse into the future.

The Disneyland Gazette

He designed the very world that he believed generations after him would be living in, and this involved a huge amount of technology and a community of people who were completely sustainable and self-sufficient. Because of this, he also wanted his park to be the same. His idea to put edible plants around the whole park soon came to fruition, and you can rest easy knowing that you can actually eat the greenery if you get peckish on your way to Frontierland.

An immersive experience

We’ve already seen that the people who work in the Disney parks have a few rules to uphold, but we bet you didn’t know that you can’t actually call them “employees.” The people who work here prefer to call themselves “cast members,” and you will only ever find them calling the people who visit the parks their “guests.” The main reason for this is because they see the parks as an immersive theatrical experience, and it’s their job to make sure that the whole thing seems as authentic as possible.

Flickr/Meaghan Kelly

They do this by dressing up in their outfits, donning their amazing voices, and becoming the characters that we know from the movies. However, you never want to hear a cast member calling you a “real guest.” This means that they think you are rude and that you’ve done something to irritate them.

The Disney Point

Another rule that cast members need to follow is that they should always utilize the “Disney Point,” if they are ever going to point guests in the direction of an attraction or park. While this is something the cast members are known for, originally cast members of the park were actually taught this from the man himself. Walt Disney considered pointing with one finger to be extremely rude, and he knew that there were many cultures in the world that also deemed it as such.


He would always point with two fingers – but it seems as though this may have also been the result of airbrushing. As someone who spent much of his life as a smoker, Disney would make his way around the parks and point at things with a cigarette in his hand. Because the parks didn’t want to promote smoking, they airbrushed it out, so it heightened his two-finger point even more.

Reaching the other side

In an effort to make his parks as authentic as possible, Walt Disney aimed to bring in real artifacts and ornaments for his guests to enjoy. This was certainly the case when those in charge of the park decided to buy a little something special for the Haunted Mansion in Disney World. In order to keep things haunting and creepy for those who made their way through this attraction, an original 14th-century book on witchcraft was given a prime spot within the house.


The hope was that it would spook people out, but what they didn’t realize was that it really would give them the heebie-jeebies. Cast members always struggled to keep the book from falling over, and sometimes it would end up in a completely different location to where it started. In the end, the book was replaced with something less haunted.

The Space Mountain ghost

Over the years, countless rumors about ghosts and spirits roaming around the Disney parks have made their way through the grapevine, but there are some people who swear by these rumors. It’s long been held that a construction worker passed away while in the midst of constructing the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland. While Mr. Wedway didn’t live to see the ride finished, it’s been suggested that he has stuck around in the afterlife to ride it himself.


In fact, cast members often have guests screaming at them as they get off the ride because they are convinced that there was a man riding next to them. At the end of their stories, they note that the man falls out of the ride and plunges into the depths below. When this happens, many guests are inconsolable.

Full of patriotism

While there are many Disneyland parks across the globe, it’s fair to say that the ones in the United States are the most popular. Those who have been to these parks may have noticed that they are laden with what looks like American flags. Many believe that Walt Disney wanted to show off his patriotism – but if you look closely, you might notice that something is amiss with these flags. All of them are missing a little something that makes them official, such as a single star or a stripe.

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This wasn’t just a misprint when they were being made, because they were designed to be this way. If the flags were official flags, the parks would have to abide by the American flag regulations, which would mean raising them, lowering them, and putting them at half-mast on certain occasions. With their modifications, Disneyland doesn’t have to do that.

A bustling city

There’s no doubt about the fact that Epcot is very different from the rest of the parks within the Disney World Resort. It’s more innovative, it’s more real, and it seems as though it’s something that really took a lot of thought and effort. While it now gives guests the chance to look at the World’s Fair and all of the other delights that Epcot has to offer, many don’t know the real reason behind this park.

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When Walt Disney was designing this park – what he called the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow – his idea was to use Epcot as a base for “The Florida Project.” This was a project he had in his mind that would allow him to create his own little community of 20,000 people that would be a complete utopia. While Walt knew exactly what he was doing, he didn’t live long enough to see this community project through.

An abandoned park

The Disneyland franchise is booming across the world, and we have no doubt about the fact that it will continue to thrive as the years go by. Because of this, it might surprise you to learn that there has been an abandoned park in our midst for years. To be specific, it’s an abandoned water park in Disney World that was once called River Country. The park first opened its doors and its slides in 1976, and it became the very first Disney waterpark on their roster.


However, the park closed up shop in 2001, and it was later announced that it would be permanently closed. Despite the high levels of security surrounding this abandoned site, a few people have managed to make their way inside the gates and see this place for themselves. Creepily, they have noted that music can still be heard coming out of the loudspeakers around the abandoned waterpark.

The weenie

Walt Disney had big dreams when it came to his animation business, but he also had big dreams when it came to Disneyland. He wanted to create a place where everyone could forget about their worries and focus on the good times, and part of his plan involved the “weenies.” This idea came to Walt when he was at home with his family and his dog. Walt would take hot dogs out of their refrigerator and then wiggle it in front of their dog’s face – and he couldn’t believe the reaction.


While Walt was wiggling the hot dog, his dog only had eyes for the meat in front of him. The animator knew that he wanted to create a similar experience for those walking through the gates of Disneyland. So, he wanted to create one large focal point in each Disney park to grab people’s eyes immediately. You know, like the castle in the Magic Kingdom.

Keeping it on

One of the main reasons why people travel across the world to visit a Disneyland park is to see the Disney characters in the flesh. While adults know that they are just cast members in costumes, the magic of these parks is the fact that children believe them to be the real deal. To keep this magic alive, the cast members are not allowed to take off their costumes while in front of guests – no matter how hot it gets.


Even if it’s the height of summer and the cast members feel ill, they cannot take their heads off or take any layers off just in case it could spoil the illusion. While this is great for the children, there have been many cast members over the years who have had to simply throw up in their costume heads because the heat and the lack of fresh air became all too much for them.

Saving the day

While they have to put up with intense heat and stay in character for the duration of their shift, it seems as though that’s not all the cast members get up to. Although many of the actors who don these character suits become heroes and valiant knights, one particular character really did save the day on one occasion. While watching the parade make its way through the Magic Kingdom, child inadvertently fell into the water around Tom Sawyer Island.


Naturally, his mother couldn’t believe what was happening, so she screamed out in shock and in the hope that someone would rescue him. When Tarzan heard the scream, he immediately jumped off the parade float he was on and jumped into the water to save the boy. Amazingly, he didn’t even break character! He told the mom to, “Keep boy safe… Tarzan very brave. But everybody can be hero.”

Just horsing around

Did you know that Main Street USA was designed by Walt Disney himself and based on his childhood home of Marceline, Missouri? It’s believed that Walt absolutely loved the small-town American life that he lived there, so he wanted to embody this within his very own creation. While the buildings all look the same as they did when he was a young boy, and the little stores and window fronts reminded him of his childhood, he knew that he wanted to also add some horses into the mix.

Flickr/R. Kurmann

He wanted horses to draw the carts that headed down Main Street – so that’s exactly what he got. If you’ve always wondered why their hoofs are so loud, though, then we have an answer for that. The horses that make their way down Main Street actually have horseshoes that are coated in polyurethane. This makes their clip clops seem even louder than normal.

The bright colors

Although we know that Disneylands use a rather unattractive green color to hide the things they don’t want their guests to see, you might have also noticed that they use rather bright colors elsewhere in the park. To be exact, they often paint bright colors across the walkways, and these normally change in color when you make your way from one land to the next.


Although there’s no doubt about the fact that this gives people the chance to distinguish one land from the other, it’s also the result of a rather intense study conducted by both Disney and Kodak. Within their study, they learned that brighter colors in the background actually enhanced the pictures that their guests would take. With this, they were not only allowed great memories but also even better memories in the form of photographs that would live on forever.

The actual bench

It’s amazing to think that one man created such an amazing career for himself after so many setbacks, and there’s no doubt about the fact that most people have wanted to celebrate Walt Disney and his work over the years. In fact, there’s a bench dedicated to the man himself, and it can be found in Disneyland. However, this isn’t just any old bench. This is actually the bench that Walt Disney sat on when he first came up with the idea of creating a theme park.


He was sitting on this bench near the Griffith Park merry-go-round in Los Angeles, and it was his dream to build the park in Griffith Park itself. When he realized that the space just wasn’t large enough for his vision, he decided to find another space instead. This bench will now go down in history.

Keeping things clean

Because he spent so much time and energy making Disneyland the best it could possibly be, Walt Disney knew that he wanted to keep the whole thing spotless. To do this, he knew that he needed to stop people from throwing their trash on the floor and dirtying the place up. Yet, how was he going to do that? As a man who liked getting his hands dirty, Walt decided to do his own research. He followed guests around the park, and he looked into their habits.

Flickr/Courtney “Coco” Mault

It was here that he realized that people would hold their trash for around 30 feet before then throwing it on the ground. Because of this, he knew exactly what he had to do. Today, you will never be more than 30 feet away from the nearest trash can, which means that you can dispose of your trash easily and without much effort.

Skull and crossbones

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is one of the favorites of countless people across the globe, and it’s fair to say that a lot of effort has been made to make it look as authentic as possible. In fact, that also includes going as far as introducing real skeletons into the mix. When the ride was in the development stages, those in charge struggled to find fake skeletons that would look as realistic and as creepy as they wanted them to.


They knew that the fake skeletons just didn’t give them what they wanted, so they made their way to the UCLA Medical School instead. It just so happened that the medics had some skeletons going spare. For a few years, many of the skeletons along this ride were actually real, but most of them have since been replaced by fake ones. Rumor has it there is just one real skull and crossbones left.

Keeping it safe

It’s estimated that around 440,000 people make their way through the gates to the California Disneyland every single day, and while most of these people aim to have the best day of their lives, there are others who cause a ruckus. It’s not uncommon to find huge numbers of security patrolling popular attractions – but do you have any idea how many security members this park employs? A whopping 300 security people!

Flickr/Joe Penniston

These people make sure that the park runs smoothly and that nothing untoward happens, and they also help with various other tasks, such as lost children and crowd control. While this is a huge number, it’s hard to know just how huge it is without putting it into perspective. The city of Anaheim – which is where Disneyland is located – has just 285 police officers on its force for the whole city. Disneyland has more than that for a theme park.

Not going quietly

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that Disneyland is a hive of activity during the day, you might have wondered what it’s like in the evenings. Do all of the rides shut down? Does the park become eerily quiet? Is it super creepy for the security guards and cleaners who work through the night to get the park ready for another day? Well, according to reports, the answer to that last question is a resounding “yes.”


The rumor goes that it’s actually cheaper for Disneyland to keep the music around the parks and on the rides going throughout the night, rather than turning them off and on again every single day. This means that, although the parks could be completely empty and dark, the giggles of rides and the cheerily upbeat music being blasted through the park speakers continue to blow.

The window mentions

Main Street USA is one of the most iconic aspects of Disneyland, and it’s the place where many guests feel the biggest connection to Walt Disney himself. After all, we all know that Mr. Disney based this street on his old hometown, but there are also a few other touches to bring us closer to the iconic animator. That’s because the windows of Main Street aren’t just any old windows. Many of these windows are actually dedicated to the people who had an impact on Walt’s life, and they appear within whimsical shop names and businesses.

Walt dedicated a window to himself as part of the Disneyland Casting Agency, he dedicated a window to his father, Elias Disney, and various other people who were in his life. Window dedications have been given out to people since Walt’s passing, but they have to pass three requirements before their window becomes a reality.

The ultimate test

Walt Disney had extremely big dreams when he was in the planning process for Disneyland, and he knew that he wanted everything to be perfect – down to the last brick. Quite literally, in fact. With a huge amount of money under his belt, Walt was able to play around with the construction of Disneyland to ensure that it fit his specifications and his vision perfectly. In fact, if you have walked down Main Street USA and seen a water fountain on a rather strange looking wall, you would have seen this for yourself.


The brick wall that holds this water fountain is one of the most bizarre things in the park. Rather than being perfectly formed, it actually features bricks that come in all shapes and sizes. That’s because Walt used this as a test wall. He wanted to see which size and shape brick he preferred, so he built a wall featuring all of the options.

The easter egg

While most people simply put the name of Disneyland into their GPS system and let the satellites take them to the happiest place on earth, those who have actually looked at the address of this park might have realized something. That’s because this address is actually a little easter egg. Disney movies are known for being full of easter eggs, and it’s not uncommon for movies to feature certain characters from other productions.


This is something that sets their films apart from the rest of the world, and something that increases the excitement around this franchise. In fact, it seems as though Walt Disney loved an easter egg because he chose the address of his park perfectly. Located at 1313 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, there’s something about the number 13 that means more than you would think. The 13th letter of the alphabet is “M,” which means that 1313 Disneyland Drive actually translates to MM Disneyland Drive – or Mickey Mouse Disneyland Drive.

A real tragedy

With so many people in one place and high-octane thrill rides aplenty, the Disneyland parks are bound to have a few accidents here and there. The medical team often have to deal with scraped knees and exhaustion, but a real tragedy shook Disney World in 2004. While a 38-year-old cast member dressed up as Pluto was making their way along the streets of the park as part of the Share A Dream Come True Parade, they were sadly run over by one of the floats.

Flickr/Eat My Disney Dust

The collision and the impact were enough to cause a fatal accident, and Pluto sadly passed away. It’s believed that the collision itself happened away from the prying and innocent young eyes of the public, but it was enough to start a full-blown investigation. Now, cast members have to follow strict rules when it comes to walking beside or in front of the floats during the parade.

Hurricane season

Located in Florida, Disney World is one of the most popular Disney parks. However, it’s safe to say that it’s location does cause a few problems. Known for having turbulent weather, lightning storms can often cause rides to shut down temporarily – but they are normally up and running again after a short while. However, hurricanes are a whole different story. This area of the country is often battered by hurricanes, and this can cause the parks to go into shutdown.


When this happens, there is normally enough warning for the parks to be completely evacuated and for the guests to make their way to safety away from all of the machinery and large rides that could come tumbling down. However, it’s not so easy for those staying in Disney resorts. As their hotels lie just a short distance away from the park, they have nowhere else to go. On the rare occasion that this happens, the cast members do their best to entertain the guests on lockdown, and they even get free arcade tokens to keep them busy!

A horror movie

Although most people go by the notion that Disneyland is the happiest place in the world, there are others who have negative associations with this place due to their experiences. This was the case for Randy Moore, a filmmaker who has horrible memories of visiting the park when he was younger with his alcoholic father. While his issues were with his father rather than the park itself, Randy knew that he wanted to do something to turn his memories into art.


So, he decided to make a horror film about Disneyland. To do this, he made his way into the park for a whole year to create a film that would show the happiest place in the world as the worst place in the world, and he did it without any permission. He had to sneak in his cameras and his actors, and he successfully did it. However, we probably don’t need to tell you that park officials weren’t happy.

Along the track

The Liberty Belle – more commonly known as the Mark Twain Riverboat – is one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland. It gives guests the chance to take a ride on this incredible steamboat, and it gives them the chance to get a proper look at Tom Sawyer Island. Most people believe that they really are floating on the water when they go out on this river – but we’re here to burst that bubble.


None of the boats at Disneyland actually float in the way that normal boats do, as this would be too much of a safety concern. Instead, all of them move along tracks underneath the water that are concealed using a pretty nifty trick. To maintain the illusion that the Liberty Belle really is cruising along the river, it only really needs around 18 inches of water to do so. The water is then dyed with brown and green colors to keep the illusion alive.

An unruly ghost

There are countless reports of ghosts at the Disney parks, but it seems as though people swear by the ghost of the Tomorrowland People Mover. This ride is a popular attraction for those who just want to sit down and let the futuristic world go by for a little while, but over the years, it’s garnered a bit of a reputation for shutting down and coming to a halt.

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While most people would put this down to a mechanical or engineering error, many of the cast members at Disney World believe that the Orlando shut-down is because of a ghost. It’s been noted that a young boy passed away many years ago after he decided to jump from cart to cart. He fell to the ground and didn’t survive the fall, but it’s now said that his ghost haunts the People Mover and forcibly shuts it down to mess with the guests.

Constantly building

If you have ever been to a theme park, you’ll know that you could go a few times and then never go back. After all, most of the time, the rides stay the same, and nothing much changes. However, that isn’t the case for the Disney parks, and they find that a huge number of their parks see visitors that have been there time and time again. One of the main reasons for that is because they are constantly building.


While Walt Disney and his team broke ground on Disneyland on July 16, 1954, the park officially opened its gates on July 17, 1955, after a whopping $17 million bill. Yet, that didn’t mean that construction ended. Walt wanted his theme parks to be constantly moving with the times and moving to incorporate new animations and new movies. It’s safe to say that it has since done that, and new worlds and lands are opening up every single year.

The only one

Although Walt Disney was over the moon to see that so many people loved his first theme park, he wasn’t content with just one park. So, he soon put the plans together to create Walt Disney World, but he sadly passed away before he could see the final park. Because of this, he actually only completed one park over the course of his lifetime, and he only ever saw Disneyland come to fruition.

We have a feeling that he would be pretty proud of the fact that there are now 12 parks across the globe. Six of those parks are in his home country of the United States, while another six are scattered across the globe in the likes of Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. You never know, Walt might be able to see these parks for himself one day. If the rumors are true and he really is frozen in ice, we might be seeing him sooner rather than later.