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Common Mistakes People Make When Packing A Suitcase

Packing a suitcase is usually one of the worser parts of going on vacation. For some reason, there never seems to be enough space for everything you need, making the effort of packing that much greater. Of course, this activity may often be a headache because you’re making a mistake somewhere. There are plenty of places where people commonly go wrong with this job.

Not keeping a list

You might think that a list isn’t necessary when packing. You know everything you need, so writing a list will only take up more time and effort. However, it’s not uncommon for people to forget something and only discover later that they failed to pack it. To avoid that issue, quickly note down what you need and then tick things off as they go into the suitcase. With any luck, this will ensure nothing gets left out.

Delaying the packing

If you don’t use a list when packing, then hopefully, you don’t also leave this job until the last minute. That’s basically just asking to forget something. By giving yourself so little time, you increase the risk of packing too much or forgetting essential items that you won’t have access to while you’re away. Plus, you make the experience far more stressful, which isn’t how you want your vacation to start, right? At the very least, set aside everything a few days beforehand so you can just put what’s in the pile into a suitcase later.

Folding instead of rolling

Folding clothes ensures they take up less space, so that’s surely the best method for packing them, right? Well, not necessarily. You might be better off rolling everything up instead of folding them. That way, they should take up less storage space while also reducing the likelihood of creases and wrinkles. If you have some rubber bands handy, consider using these to make your rolled-up clothes even more compact too.

Not leaving space for vacation purchases

If you’re struggling to close your suitcase before you’ve even gone on vacation, how do you think you’re going to manage when it’s time to come home? People often buy souvenirs and treats when they’re away, all of which need to go somewhere on the journey back. If you don’t plan ahead and make space for these things on the way out, you’ll only make things harder for yourself later down the line.

Taking too many shoes

You want to pack footwear that’s going to match the activities you want to do on vacation. Depending on where you’re traveling to and what you have planned, this might mean taking several pairs of shoes with you. However, you should try not to go overboard with this. It’s hard to make footwear more compact, so the less of it you have to pack, the better. Believe us when we say you probably won’t wear all the shoes you take anyway.

The best way to get your vacation off to a good start is to ensure that packing is relatively stress-free. Avoiding these common mistakes should certainly help.