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Clever Ways To Earn More Airline Miles

Air miles are great for making those special trips all the more special. It’s not always easy to clock them up just by flying though, and these clever methods will help you get more air miles for your money.

Get an airline credit card

One of the best ways to earn air miles without having to book a flight once per week is to get an airline credit card. These cards can be the best way to earn air miles as every dollar you spend can add an extra mile to your stash. Then, if you spend through approved retailers, you can gain bonus air miles plus referring a friend will often give you a boost too.

Seeing a Broadway show

What could be better than earning air miles while being entertained? Audience Rewards is working with two airlines that allow frequent fliers to earn extra miles through booking a Broadway show. If you book a flight to New York and then a show on Broadway, you can double up your reward points in no time at all.

Take a survey

Why not earn extra air miles by giving your opinion to companies that are willing to pay you for your thoughts? Companies want to be as connected to their customers as possible and are very keen on creating surveys to get your opinion. Programs such as e-Rewards and eMiles allow users to exchange air miles for answering various surveys.

Send flowers

Doing something nice for someone like sending them flowers can also help boost the number of air miles you have. Many of the major American airlines have partnered with national florist companies such as 1-800-Flowers and Teleflora, to bring you extra air miles. All you have to do is send flowers to someone you love, and you can reap the benefits of being a great person, and enjoy your air miles.

Book a rental through a preferred partner

When you fly to your destination you might need to rent a car, but it’s best to book one in advance. Once you have booked your flight through your airline’s website, you can use their link to get either a discount or extra miles. If you are going to be using a rental car anyway, then you might as well save money or get those extra miles using your airline’s website.

Use other preferred partners

Your airline will likely have more preferred partners than just a car rental company. Things like renewing your energy provider, buying gifts, or even selling your home, can all benefit your air miles balance.

The best thing to do is to research which preferred partners your airline is associated with and try to switch to using them as much as possible. Each purchase you make is going to add more miles to your balance, and they will eventually all add up.

Airline miles are the best way to save money on flights, and these clever ways of earning them will help you save sooner rather than later.