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10 Best Jobs That Can Allow You to Travel the World

Traveling is like no other a passion. It’s one of the only activities that can fully enhance both your mental state and spiritual life. By traveling, you tend to explore corners of the world that you just might belong in. However, your day job is often an obstacle. It doesn’t have to be, though. There are many jobs that you can work without being “tied” to your office desk from 9-5. Let’s see the top 10. Maybe one of them is your future career.

1. Fitness trainer

Getting a certificate for fitness training is not so difficult. The IFBB and the WBFF offer certified courses that can allow you to get valid credentials to do your job. If you’re abroad, you can speak to local gym owners and put up ads online.

This is the best thing about fitness: There will always be people who want to get in shape. The more areas of fitness you specialize in, the higher your chances of getting hired.

2. Content writer

How many times a year do we see robots pull off some amazing language-related feat? Every time something like this happens, there are warnings about how human writers will be replaced. However, nothing will ever replace human ingenuity and the ability to improvise.

Therefore, you should get a job as a content writer. Many agencies allow you to work from the comfort of your laptop and grant flexible working hours. Whether you want a long-term contract or a freelancing role is up to you.

3. Translator

Translating is also a job that will always be done by humans. Knowing how to convert phases and recognize the right context is a formidable task indeed. Many sites offer long-term contracts and love to collaborate with up-and-coming writers.

The only things you’ll need are your laptop and a certificate in the language you’re translating. Flexible work hours, interesting subject matter and not being confined to an office all day are big advantages.

4. Freelance writer

For this to work, you need to have a profile on sites like Freelancer, Upwork or People per Hour. These sites in particular offer a chance to establish connections with employers or work on a one-time basis. The best thing about this method of work is that there will always be customers. Work is always there — you just have to know how to navigate all the ads.

Knowing foreign languages is a bonus here, as you will be able to work on many different fronts. In many cases, freelancing can lead to a long-term contract if you’re good enough.

5. Web designer

The internet is the only thing you need. Of course, having a personal laptop would surely help. Web designing doesn’t require much space since you only need your knowledge. Another good thing about this profession is that you can learn it all by yourself. Even big companies don’t want to put all their faith in certificates and fat CVs.

You will most likely be tested with a problem that has to be solved or some other enigma. That way, the employer will determine if you’re able to traverse the challenge or not. Sites like Code Camp are great places to start learning how to code.

6. Producer

More and more music genres depend on producers to provide the backbone. Instrumentals are needed more than ever due to an increasing number of people getting into rap and similar genres. If you like music and have free time, why not make beats and put them up for sale?

There are many sites and forums where you can promote your work. A three-minute instrumental can easily go for $300-plus. If you’re interested in making a career in music and traveling the world, use your creativity to fill your pockets.

7. Digital marketer

With every passing month, more startups and young companies are looking for marketing experts. By giving you the reins to its marketing sector, the company is looking to make strides. By receiving those reins, you will have a job that allows you unfathomable freedom. Every campaign and idea will be yours to build.

You only need to know the current trends, principles and other facets of the industry. It’s not hard and you don’t need an imposing CV.

8. Bookkeeper

Auditors and bookkeepers can work from home nowadays, as minimal contact with your employer is needed. For those infected by the virus of wanderlust, it’s an ideal job because it doesn’t require much movement or any different actions. Knowing the basic software as well as accountancy will get you far in this field of work.

And the best part is surely the fact that there are times of the year when there is more work. Trimester reports, six-month reports and yearly sums are particularly tricky. If you do your job regularly and diligently, you can use the time when you’re not as busy to travel more.

9. Policeman or policewoman

Believe it or not, being a police officer is one of the best jobs if you want to travel throughout your life. How is one of the most dangerous jobs able to provide you with that luxury? Firstly, police officers often work on a 12-hour shift system that includes four busy days followed by four days off. This allows you to take amazing short trips.

Secondly, law enforcement workers have their working days and hours counted at an increased rate due to the inherent risk of the job. That way, you can retire early and travel.

10. Flight attendant

Flight attendants have one of the most amazing work environments in the whole world — the whole world! Although they have to stay vigilant during the flight, they often get to stay in the city they landed in for a few days.

This is basically being paid to travel. One other advantage is that, oftentimes, you won’t even have time to spend your paycheck. You can also retire early, buy properties and rent them to finance further traveling.