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Gisele Bundchen Talks About Co-Parenting With Tom Brady’s Ex

Giselle Bϋndchen and Tom Brady are one of the most famous couples in the world, but there’s no doubt about the fact that their family has struggled. This is how they have overcome their trials and tribulations to co-parent their children.

The woman before

While most people know Tom Brady for his marriage to Gisele, that’s not to say that he hasn’t been linked to various other women over the years. After all, nobody can resist the star quarterback. One particular woman who stole his heart was Bridget Moynahan, who most people remember from the iconic movie, Coyote Ugly.

Bridget made her all-star debut in this film, and it didn’t take her long to make a name for herself and continue her reign in the limelight. Before we knew it she was starring in the likes of SATC, Six Degrees, and Blue Bloods.

She quickly became a well-known name in the celebrity circuit, and it was this fame and fortune that allowed her to attend the hottest celebrity parties and the most exclusive events. It was this that ultimately led her into the arms of Tom Brady.

Hitting it off

When Tom and Bridget first laid eyes on each other, the initial attraction was there, and sparks were flying before they had even had the chance to speak to each other. When they finally got the chance to talk to each other and have some one-on-one time, they soon realized that their lives were hugely similar.

They have similar values, they worked in similar industries, and their humor was almost identical. Their first date was one of many before they decided to make things official, and this relationship eventually lasted three years – an amazing feat in the celebrity world.

While fans soon fell in love with this pairing, nobody really knew what was going on behind closed doors. Little did we know that the couple were struggling to make it work, and they eventually called time on their love in 2006.

Feeling heartbroken

Despite the fact that their breakup was relatively mutual, that didn’t stop Tom Brady from feeling brokenhearted. He had shared three years with Bridget, and it felt strange to be without her. In fact, it felt strange to be without anyone by his side. The NFL star knew that he didn’t want to play the field and date numerous women to get over his lovesickness.

Why? Well, because that just wasn’t his style. Instead, he wanted to find one woman that would pick him back up and sweep him off his feet.

His family and friends made it their mission to find that woman for him and soon gave him the opportunity to go on a blind date. Although he was skeptical, he decided that he had nothing to lose. He agreed to the date with the unknown woman – who he later discovered was Gisele.

Back in time

What most people forget, however, is the fact that Tom and Gisele already had history, and he didn’t even know it. A few years before the two superstars were set up on their blind date, Gisele was asked by a reporter what she thought of the star football player.

The model knew that her words could be spun if she didn’t say them precisely and coherently, so she noted that while she found the quarterback incredibly handsome, she would never be interested in another woman’s man.

She noted that he would never be desirable to her while he had a girlfriend, so she brushed off the idea that she would ever be paired with the sports star. This interview is now probably a funny little story to bring up at Brady/Bündchen family functions.

Looking for love

Although Tom Brady was looking for love again when he agreed to the blind date, he wasn’t the only one. Despite the fact that Gisele had become one of the most famous models in the world, she was also struggling to find the perfect man after going through a breakup herself.

After calling quits on her six-year relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele was searching for the person who would remind her what love is and someone she could grow old with. Like Tom’s friends, the model’s friends also decided to set her up with people they thought would float her boat.

However, after going on a couple of blind dates, she was beginning to lose hope. Her blind date with Tom was going to be her last chance at love before she gave up searching for a while.

Not looking forward to it

In fact, Gisele wasn’t really looking forward to her blind date. She didn’t think her date would be any better than the ones she had already been set up with, and she couldn’t imagine that anyone would tick all of her boxes.

So, she was pretty surprised when she turned up to the date location and saw the quarterback she had seen on television so many times. While she had always thought that he was attractive, she had never realized just how big his heart was and just how sweet his eyes were.

As the date continued, she knew that the man sitting in front of her was sincere and honest, and she immediately fell in love with him. He was different from the other men she had dated, but it was these differences that put him ahead of the rest.

Keeping it private

Thankfully, Tom Brady felt exactly the same. He was pleasantly surprised when Gisele turned up to the date location, and he couldn’t believe that he had the chance to date one of the highest-paid supermodels in the world. However, she was so much more than that.

They had connected on a deeper level, and they both knew that they wanted to keep their relationship going. While they hoped to keep their relationship private as it entered the early stages, their secret soon made its way out into the open.

During this time, Gisele remembers thinking to herself that her new relationship and her unending happiness was just too good to be true. Little did she know that a spanner would soon be thrown into the works, and their relationship would contend with a huge test.

Getting a phone call

It seemed as though nothing could go wrong for Gisele and Tom, and their relationship was going from strength to strength as the weeks went by. However, Tom soon got a phone call that would turn their lives upside down.

Although he had moved on from his ex, Bridget Moynahan, it seemed as though he wasn’t going to be able to move on from her completely. That’s because she broke the news to him that she was expecting a child, and that he was the father.

The news left Tom’s jaw on the ground, and he just couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was over the moon to hear that he was going to be a father, but he knew that the timing was all wrong. What would he say to Gisele?

Tough to swallow

When Tom discovered that he was going to have a child, he had been dating Gisele for just under two months. He knew this would be a huge turning point for their relationship, and while he wanted her to stay on board and continue being the love of his life, he also understood that this would be a tough piece of information for her to swallow.

When asked about how she felt when she first heard the news, Gisele confessed that she struggled to digest what her boyfriend was really telling her.

It was bad enough that she was told the life-changing news, but what made it even harder was the fact that the whole world also knew what was going on. The press was pressuring her for comments and decisions, but she just didn’t know what to say. She just didn’t know what to do.

A difficult situation

Of course, this situation wasn’t just difficult for Tom and Gisele. While they had each other to discuss their options and to really think through what they were going to do, Bridget didn’t have that option. She knew that she wasn’t going to give up the baby, but she also knew that motherhood wouldn’t be as she had dreamed about as a youngster.

After all, she was no longer with the father and would have to cope with being a single mother while also trying to maintain her place in the limelight.

As soon as she gave birth and welcomed her child into the world, she burst out into tears as this reality hit her. She knew that Tom was in love with Gisele and she didn’t want to raise her child with him by her side, but she didn’t know whether she could do it alone.

Stepping up

In the end, Gisele knew that she couldn’t leave Tom due to changes in his personal life, and she began to think of his son Jack as a blessing to their relationship. She loved him as though he were her own – but this didn’t always go down well with Bridget. While the actress appreciated the models’ help, she didn’t appreciate some of the comments that she was making to the media.

In one particular article with Vanity Fair, Gisele noted that she understood Jack had a mom in the form of Bridget, but that “To me, it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child.”

Many people began to question whether Gisele was going too far and overstepping her boundaries as a step-mother, and it’s believed that Bridget thought something similar.

Treating him the same

Despite the fact that the media has tried to push a wedge between the women, it seems as though they have worked out a way that works for them in terms of their family life. While Gisele and Tom have since welcomed two of their own children, the model has always noted that she doesn’t treat Jack any differently.

She knows that Jack will always be her husband’s first and eldest child, and she has even confessed that she sees him as the “Bonus child” that she didn’t give birth to herself.

In her 2018 book about her life, Gisele stated that she couldn’t be happier with having Jack in her life and that he taught her a whole new meaning of love that she had never experienced before. In fact, looking after Jack made her more inclined to be a mother.

Shutting them down

Many people have questioned how Bridget feels about her ex’s wife looking after her child, and there has been much speculation about rising tensions between the two women. However, Bridget has been quick to shut down any rumors that suggest that her son is being brought up in a negative environment.

She has regularly slated any media outlets that try to shame her family and has confessed that she speaks to both Tom and Gisele on a daily basis to ensure that their extended family is working to the best of its abilities.

In one particular statement, Bridget noted that her son has two parents who love him and an extended family who work together to ensure that he is as happy as can be. Although it has been tough on her over the years, they know how to make it work.

Including them all

Of course, it takes a lot of work to ensure that an extended family works perfectly, and Tom, Gisele, and Bridget need to put in a lot of effort to ensure that none of their children feel left out. So, Tom always makes sure to include all of his children when venturing out as a family and even attending his football games.

Tom loves taking jack to the Super Bowl, and he loves nothing more than hanging out with his eldest son and the rest of his kids when he has time off from his work.

It seems as though all of his children also love the fact that their dad is a serious name in the world of sport, as this means that they get the chance to sit on the sidelines and cheer on their favorite sports star.

Leaked emails

The celebrity world is often full of scandal, and many famous faces often get their pictures leaked from personal devices, or they have to give up their information due to ongoing legal cases. This is exactly what Tom had to do when he was caught up in NFL drama. Due to the nature of the case, Tom had to give the court all of his personal information, including cell phone records and emails.

The rest of the world soon learned of what was in these emails, and they were over the moon to see that Tom really was a great father to his children – especially Jack.

One particular email featured a conversation between himself and his ex-girlfriend, and the former couple wrote about the fact that their son was doing extremely well in school. Psychologists were quick to dissect this email exchange…

An ideal exchange

Because people have been so caught up in the potential drama between Tom, his wife, and the mother of his child, these people were also eager to learn what psychologists thought of these emails. Did they confirm that Tom and Bridget really do have a strained relationship? Or did they prove that the extended family is simply getting on with their lives?

Well, it seemed as though psychologists believe the latter. The mature and adult theme of the email exchange showed that both Bridget and Tom were putting their differences aside to do what’s best for their son.

They showed signs of ideal co-parenting, and they focused on how well their son was doing rather than their overall relationship as two people who used to date. This is what they should be doing, according to psychologists.

A healthy lifestyle

If you know anything about models, you’ll know that most of them are known for their slim figures and their impressive physiques. Of course, that doesn’t come about without hard work and determination, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Gisele lives an incredibly healthy lifestyle.

She has since gone about her days without coffee, sugar, or any fast food for many years now, and she has since implemented these same rules within her children’s’ lives. Yes, Jack and her two other children all eat exactly what she does, and these meals normally consist of around 80% fruits and vegetables.

We can’t imagine that’s very fun for kids who probably want handy, but it seems as though those are the rules in the Brady/Bündchen household, so the kids go along with it.

Cooking up a storm

However, it seems as though life is a little different for Jack in his mother’s house. If you have ever watched Blue Bloods, you’ll know that the characters on this show – including Bridget – are always eating tasty food that really does look good enough to eat. Thanks to the fame and the fortune from this show, Bridget took the plunge and decided to venture into a new realm of her career.

She is now the proud writer of her own Blue Bloods cookbook, and all of the meals in this cookbook are ones that have been inspired by the drama itself.

Because of this, we can only assume that Jack gets to eat food that’s much more substantial and homely when he goes to stay with his mom. We bet he’s tasted all of the recipes from his mom’s cookbook.

An impressive kitchen

Because they are two of the most famous – and the busiest – stars in the world, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have bought numerous properties over the years. They have moved across the country for their work and their kids, and this New York City apartment is just one more property to add to their roster.

It’s been noted that they reportedly shelled out a whopping $14 million on this epic apartment, and one of the reasons for this is because they really wanted an amazing kitchen that they could cook up their healthy meals in.

This kitchen is certainly something special, and while it offers some breathtaking views over the city, this open-plan space also gives them the chance to keep an eye on their children while they’re rustling up something for dinner.

Life partners

Over the years, Tom has been hugely complimentary of his wife – and it’s not hard to see why. Only a small portion of people would stick around while their other half has a baby with someone else, and an even smaller portion would continue to raise that child as if they were their own.

Because of this, Tom hasn’t been able to keep in his loving words of encouragement for his wife, and he has regularly spoken about her at the end of his games.

After one particular Super Bowl game, Tom noted that he was lucky enough to marry his “life partner” and someone who is “one of the most caring, nurturing people in the world.” He also noted that she has sacrificed a lot of her dreams for their family and for him.

Behind closed doors

To the outside world, it seems as though Tom, Gisele, and Bridget have got the perfect scenario going on. They seem to have worked out what works for them, and they are thriving with their children in tow. However, many have also been quick to wonder whether this is all for show. Are things a little different behind closed doors?

Friends and family members have all confirmed the fact that what you see is what you get with this extended family, and that they are no different when they are alone and away from the cameras.

While Gisele and Bridget will never be the best of friends, the actress trusts the model to look after her son when it’s Tom’s turn to look after him, and that’s all that really matters in that situation.

Amazing parents

There’s no doubt about the fact that Tom Brady has dealt with his difficult situation with courage and sensibility, and it seems as though he’s an amazing father to all of his children. He has often been credited for his incredible displays of fatherhood over the years, but he’s quick to shut down these compliments.

He credits all of his traits to his amazing parents, who taught him how to be a good person, how to be a good role model, and how children should really be treated.

Tom is extremely close to his parents, and they chiseled him into the father that he is today. Hopefully, one day, his own children will be saying the same thing about him and thanking him for being a great father to all of them.

Through thick and thin

Tom has also learned a lot about love and relationships through his parents. His mother and father have been together for decades, and they have proved throughout the course of their marriage that they will be there for each other through thick and thin. This became apparent when Tom’s mother was sadly diagnosed with cancer.

Although she struggled with the disease and the treatment that came with it, his father’s love for his mother never faltered. He continued to stand by her side, he continued to love her dearly, and he continued to help her during her time of need.

Knowing that his parents will always love each other no matter what has helped him realize what it takes to be a good husband. He hopes that he has since been able to embody some of his father’s traits within his own marriage.

Facing the worst

While Gisele has never suffered any real physical health concerns, she has struggled with her mental health over the years. After making her debut at a young age and feeling the eyes of millions of people on her throughout much of her career, Gisele developed severe anxiety that has affected her immensely over the years.

Because of this, she has struggled with various everyday tasks that most people don’t even think about. She is afraid to fly, she doesn’t like riding in elevators, and she once even considered taking her own life because of the anxious thoughts that were running around in her mind.

Although she doesn’t struggle as much as she once did, she credits much of this to her loving husband, who has supported her along the way. They have faced the worst together, and they have overcome it.

A mid-life crisis

Although there are some amazing celebrities in this world, it’s not uncommon for these famous faces to have midlife crises in front of the cameras and in front of the rest of the world. Because of this, many people have been waiting for Tom Brady to go through his own crisis.

He’s now well into his fourth decade, he’s still going strong in the sports world and being pushed to his limits every single day, and he’s got a lot of pressure on his shoulders. For that reason, many interviewers have asked the star quarterback whether he thinks that a midlife crisis will ever be on the cards.

Brady is always taken aback when people ask him this question, and it shocks him to know that people are waiting for him to fail, waiting for him to quit football and waiting for him to find a new wife. He insists that’s just not on the cards.

Not so cool

While there are thousands of Tom Brady out there who think that he’s the coolest football star to ever roam this earth, he would say that he’s not so cool when he’s off the field. In fact, he has noted that he’s the typical dad who doesn’t know anything about the things that his kids like or what they think is popular.

He rarely knows what clothes are good to wear, and he hasn’t heard of the music artists that his children love to listen to. However, that doesn’t stop him from being a good dad.

While he may not be aware of the changing trends and tides of the world, he is more than willing to let his children teach him about them. He loves nothing more than talking to them and spending time with them, and this is the perfect chance to bump up his cool points.

A new husband

Of course, if you’re wondering whether Bridget is at home living the single life while her child’s father sets up shop with a new woman, you’ll be happy to know that just isn’t the case. Although she spent the first few years of her son’s life as a single mother, that didn’t last too long.

By the time 2015 came around, Bridget had found herself a man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and she soon walked down the aisle and exchanged her vows with Andrew Hampton.

While their wedding was not a huge spectacle, Bridget didn’t want anything that would overpower the love that they shared with each other. She just wanted a simple wedding with good food, good friends, and good family around her.

Feeling jealous

Because of the extra addition of her husband’s ex-girlfriend in her life, many people assume that Gisele is often jealous of the relationship that he still has with Bridget. However, various other sources suggest that it’s actually the other way around.

While everyone knows that the supermodel is now married to the superstar quarterback, many fans also fondly recall the six-year relationship that Gisele had with Leonardo DiCaprio. As arguably the most famous and most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, there’s no doubt about the fact that Leo is a big deal.

When they broke up after an on-and-off relationship, people urged Gisele and Leo to get back together, and it seems as though Tom caught wind of this and wasn’t too happy about it. After all, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Brady are two completely different people.

Growing together

While Gisele has fond memories of her relationship with the Hollywood icon, it seems as though she has found a much better match in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s believed that while Gisele loved the man that she was once besotted with, he didn’t allow her to grow as a person.

She felt as though she couldn’t open up about her anxieties with him, and she felt as though she was constantly staying the same and living up to her supermodel image. With Tom, she has been able to morph into who she really wants to be.

Since marrying Brady she has become incredibly health-conscious and vowed to make some serious changes in her life, she has battled her anxieties, and she has taken on new challenges that have pushed her as a person and professional.

Positive energy

Not only does Gisele feel more supported herself now, but she also feels as though she can support her husband to the best of her ability. She does just that when game day comes around, and she has developed her own little way of cheering him on and sending him off onto the pitch with good luck.

Before each game, Gisele will create an altar in their house that’s full to the brim with pictures of him in the midst of a game and pictures of their children and other members of their family.

She wants to ensure that her husband is only ever surrounded by positive energy before each game, and she wants to make sure that she is abiding by all the superstitions she believes in. While Brady might not believe them as much as his wife, he still loves the fact that she puts in so much effort.

Reaching for the stars

While it’s hard to imagine the world without Gisele Bündchen in it, that could have been the case. That’s because Gisele never wanted to be a model, and she never had any dreams of being rich and famous. Instead, she was pushed by those around her, and she was simply taken on a journey that led her to the path of stardom.

Her mother was the one who encouraged Gisele to venture into the world of modeling after she was spotted in her local mall when she was just 14 years old.

Gisele wasn’t convinced that she was going down the right path, but with her mother’s encouragement behind her, she began her whirlwind career. Since then, she has become the apple of her family’s eye, and her sisters love the fact that she is in the limelight.

Searching for stardom

While Gisele never wanted to be in the limelight, the same can’t be said for her husband. Tom Brady is now one of the most famous men in the world, and it seems as though this has allowed for all of his dreams to come true.

When he was at school, Brady dreamed that he would be able to make a name for himself, and he even wrote an essay about the fact that he often felt as though he was invisible and that he was constantly dragging his heels behind his sisters.

He wanted to be recognized for his talent and his personality, rather than the fact that he was just another member of the Brady family who slid into the shadows. Amazingly, it didn’t take him long to break into the world of fame and fortune and obtain everything he had ever desired.

Missing out

Although he has achieved so many incredible professional goals, it seems as though that has come at a cost. Many parents across the globe feel as though they are missing out on their child’s’ life when they have to go off to work, but it seems as though being an NFL father makes this even more difficult.

Not only does Tom Brady have to work incredibly long hours, but he also travels a lot and often for weeks at a time. This makes it hard for him to fit in family time, and he often wishes that he could be around more to see their milestones.

Although he knows that Gisele and Bridget are there to look after his children, he also makes sure that he can get right back to his family as soon as the football season is over.

Giving it up

Gisele was at the top of her modeling game during the ‘90s and ‘00s, and those who are familiar with her career knows that she has since taken a backseat over the years. While she picks up the odd modeling job here and there now, she is now mainly focusing on her family and celebrity appearances to hold her down.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that people still know her as one of the most famous women in the celebrity world, it seems as though she has given most of it up for the sake of her husband and her children.

Her priorities have changed over the years, and she just feels like she doesn’t have the time to continue the strenuous task of being a model. She much prefers to be around for her children and to support her husband through his own career.

Visualizing success

In fact, Gisele has become somewhat of a career coach over the course of her marriage, and she has always given her husband advice and guidance on where to go and what moves to take in the sporting world.

She is a firm believer in positive energy and positive light, and she hopes that by being there for her husband, she will be able to not only help him but also help his team. One of the many ways in which she tries to do this is to get him to visualize success.

Before every game, she sits down with him and tells him to close his eyes. They then repeat their favorite mantras over and over again, and she encourages Brady to visualize his team winning the game. While some people question her methods, it seems to work!

Going on vacation

As one of the most sought-after players within the NFL, there’s no doubt about the fact that Tom Brady is pushed to his limits over the course of the football season. Not only is this tough on his own body, but it’s also tough on his family who rarely sees him during this period.

Because of this, the Brady/Bündchen family always makes sure that they head off on vacation as soon as the season is over. This gives them a chance to really spend time with each other, and it gives them time to regroup after periods of absence.

Most of the time, they head off to exotic locations and use their hard-earned money to visit far-off places. They regularly venture onto yachts and stay in 5-star hotels, and they make the most of their time together.

Life in Costa Rica

In fact, after Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots dominated the competition at the 2019 Super Bowl, the family decided that they were in serious need of some vitamin sea. So, the family made sure that they booked a vacation destination that would give them the chance to unwind while also having a bit of fun at the same time.

They ultimately decided to choose Costa Rica as their destination of choice, and they made sure to share photos of their adventure with their fans across the world.

During this trip, the couple and their children reconnected as a family – but Gisele made sure to fit in some time to surf, too. This candid shot shows the model in action, and you can see that she hasn’t lost her modeling style.

Keeping busy

Despite the fact that Gisele doesn’t model as much as she used to, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t keep busy. Alongside keeping track of her children and her husband, this woman also heads up the retail empire that she is building with Tom Brady.

The couple knows that their modeling careers and their sporting careers won’t last them a lifetime, so they have made sure that they have a constant stream of income no matter where their professional lives take them.

Over the past few years, the couple have made it their mission to become the ultimate celebrity landlords, and they have forked out a huge amount of money to add to their real estate portfolio. They have bought numerous apartments across the country, and they rent these out to those who are willing to splash the cash.

Asking him something

It’s clear to see that Gisele fully supports her husband’s career and is also incredibly proud of how far he has come over the course of his life. However, she has also been concerned about Tom over the past few years.

She sees how tired he is after practice, and she can see just how it’s changing his body as time goes by. As someone who prides herself on living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining her body as best she can, this was something she just didn’t like to see.

Because of this, she decided that it was time to ask her husband a question that would determine the rest of their lives and affect their family as a whole. Yes, she asked Tom Brady to retire from the world of football and to finally give his body a rest after all those years.

Finding a balance

It’s no secret that Tom Brady loves football and the thrill of taking part in games and scoring for his team, which is why it should come as no surprise to learn that he’s not quite ready to give it all up just because his wife asked him too.

However, he does understand where she is coming from. Brady knows that he’s not as young as he used to be, and he knows that he needs to take a break at some point. While he won’t be quitting football altogether, he will be taking a step back as the months go by and trying to find a balance between his work life and his personal life.

He knows that for the sake of his family, he will need to stop working so hard, but it can be difficult when you are working so hard to provide for your family.

On the rocks

Over the course of their relationship and marriage, Tom and Gisele have become relationship goals for many people around the world, and it seems as though fans just can’t get enough of them. This has spurred their relationship even further into the spotlight, but as we all know, this fame and fortune can also garner some negative press.

Their relationship has often been torn apart by critics and members of the press over the years, and many have shared rumors that the couple is on the rocks. These stories suggest that their marriage is struggling and that there may be a split on the horizon, but Brady has always been quick to shut down these rumors.

When one particular rumor suggested that Brady was going to leave his wife, he posted a loving picture of her on social media and wrote, “I only have eyes for you.”

For the greater good

Because she is no longer modeling as much, Gisele now has more time in her life to focus on things that really matter to her, and things that she is passionate about. In recent years, Gisele has put a huge amount of time and effort into advocating for the world around us and the environment that we live in.

Her husband has been able to cheer her on every step of the way, but he’s not the only one who has acknowledged this talent. This leading lady has been celebrated by numerous charities and institutions over the years because her love for the natural world has not gone unnoticed.

Over the years, she has been gifted with awards such as the Best Green International Celebrity Award and the Global Environmental Citizen Award from Harvard Medical School.

Staying fit

Alongside making sure that the planet is fit and healthy, Gisele also makes sure that her body is fit and healthy. While she no longer needs to maintain an impressive physique for the sake of her career, she likes to eat well and exercise for her own mental health and her own growth.

Although she regularly makes her way to the gym to pump some iron and run on the treadmill, there’s one particular exercise that she loves more than most, and that’s kickboxing.

Gisele trains with a personal trainer between five and seven times a week, and he regularly gets her in the ring to practice her kickboxing skills. This love of exercise and working out is something that Gisele and Tom have in common and something that makes them both tick.

Helping her out

One of the main reasons why Gisele loves working out so much is because it’s a great way to scrub the symptoms of her anxiety. Alongside the fact that she enjoys working up a sweat and the endorphins that spread around her body as she gets her heart pumping, Gisele has noticed a significant decrease in her anxiety since taking on workouts and exercises that she actually enjoys.

When she was at the height of her fame, Gisele’s anxiety would be worse when she flew in an airplane – something she had to do regularly for her work.

On the way to one particular shoot, Gisele remembers “shaking like a leaf” because her anxiety was just that bad. Her symptoms are nowhere near as bad as they once were, and that’s all thanks to her own coping mechanisms and the fact that she has her husband by her side.

Renting it out

Over the course of their marriage, Gisele and Tom have moved more times than we can count. They move when they find something better, they move when they get bored of their old house, and they move when they realize that they need more space.

Instead of selling these houses, they sometimes decided to keep them on their real estate portfolio, but rent them out to willing tenants in the meantime. When the family moved from New York City to Boston, they did just that with their epic apartment in the Big Apple.

It’s still available to rent today, but you need some serious cash to do so. Rocking in at a whopping $40,000 a month, only those with oodles of money to their names would be able to live here.

The ultimate downtime

Of course, that’s not the only property they have in New York City. Alongside the giant open-plan kitchen area in their $40 million apartment, they also have an amazing bathroom that once again features the view that people would pay good money for.

This high-rise apartment must be a nightmare when it comes to cleaning the windows, and we’re gonna go ahead and guess that the family needs to make sure they’re not using the amazing bath while those windows are being cleaned.

As someone who works up a sweat and comes home from practice with aches and pains, we have no doubt about the fact that Tom gets good use out of this French bath. If he doesn’t fancy sitting down for a while, then he’s also got the option of jumping in their giant shower.

What’s next?

However, he might not need to shower too often for much longer. If Tom takes his wife’s advice and decides to say goodbye to his football career, there’s a high chance that he won’t be working up such a sweat every time he leaves the house.

Yet, many of his fans have begun to speculate what this man will do with his time if his football career does come to an end. Will he continue in the sports world? Will he take a step back and become a father? Or what about something else?

Rumors suggest that Tom is looking to make his mark in the movie world, and talks are reportedly already in place to have him in the next Space Jam film. As someone who is used to being on camera, this dip into the world of Hollywood might not be too difficult for him.

Time for themselves

After working together to raise their children and maintain their own careers, it’s fair to say that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have kept themselves pretty busy over the years. They spend their days looking after each other’s health and wellbeing and making sure that they are working as the perfect extended family, but what about their love?

These two lovebirds have often spoken about the importance of a “date night” within any relationship, and they believe that this is the key to a successful marriage.

By taking themselves away from their home, away from their children, and away from their careers for just one evening, they are able to reconnect with each other and remember why they fell in love in the first place. After all, they still love each other dearly.

The perfect pairing

Just like avocado and toast, Gisele and Tom are the perfect pairing, and it’s amazing to see just how far they have come over the years. After falling in love on their first blind date to overcoming obstacles with step-children and ex-girlfriends, this family has truly come out the other side.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that their lives must be pretty hectic, it seems as though they have managed to overcome everything that has stood in their way.

They have built an amazing life together, they have continued their epic careers, and they have even ventured down other pathways. These two are not only awesome as a couple, but they are also awesome as parents, and it’s fair to say that their children are extremely lucky to have them.