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These Fishermen Had To Think Fast To Save Mama Bear And Her Cubs

Bears. They are one of the most beautiful and sizable animals on the planet, and when a man noticed this mama bear and her cubs were in trouble, he and his team of fishermen decided to go the extra mile in order to save them. The mom’s reaction is simply heartwarming.

A fight to survive

Love comes in all kinds of forms. Whether it’s the bond you feel to your family or your favorite flavor of ice cream, there are all kinds of ways that we can show our love. They say there is no greater bond than the one shared between a mother and her children, but could that really be true?

Sometimes, we have to fight to survive – even if that means leaving someone behind. While many of us are surrounded by a support system and people to help raise our little ones, animals out in the wild have a lot more on their plates.

It turned out that one mama bear wasn’t about to risk her life for the sake of her cubs, even if it meant they could end up losing their lives.

Setting the scene

Bears live all across the world. There are eight species who have all adapted to make sure they have everything they need to survive. From pinpoint hearing to great strength, sometimes it feels as though nothing can stand in their way.

Lake Vygozero is a freshwater lake found in northern Russia. Being so far north means temperatures here regularly hit 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Everything here has to brace for the cold if it stands a chance of surviving.

The waters can often be even colder than the air temperatures, making it far too cold for humans. However, that doesn’t stop other animals from taking to the water. Bears are one of the many animals that live in the area. Raising cubs in the freezing temperatures is yet another hurdle for mama bears here.

Looking for a shortcut

Hiking across the wilderness can be tough enough on its own already. Add in factors such as other animals trying to stand in the way or chase you off and having to hunt and search for your own food and water, and it might not be long before a simple hike becomes a major task.

As if that wasn’t enough already, the freezing temperatures in northern Russia means the entire landscape is often engulfed in snow. This makes it even more tiring for animals as they try to battle their way through the cold stuff.

Perhaps that’s why one mother bear decided to swim across the land instead? The water was cold, but there were fewer dangers, and it might be easier than walking across the snow. Sadly, she never realized how dangerous the water could be.

Getting into issues

The mother bear got to the edge of the water and knew there was no easy way to make it across. Have you ever had one of those moments when your standing at the edge of a swimming pool and you want to jump in, but you know the water will be cold?

This was one of those moments. There was no way around it other than to dive straight in and start swimming. While the bear’s thick coat helped to protect her from the elements, it would also get pretty heavy pretty quickly in the water.

To top it off, the bear also had her two cubs on her back. It wasn’t long into her swim that the cubs had issues. They couldn’t hold onto their mom for much longer, and they were too small to keep up.

Option number three

It looked as though the bear had some tough decisions. She could head back and try to find another way around the lake, but that could take too long and they might run out of food or shelter in that time.

She could also try to grab her cubs and get them back onto her back, but she would have to slow down and run the risk of freezing in the water. Amazingly, the mother chose a third option. She abandoned her cubs.

Yes, the bear started to get further and further away, leaving the two cubs to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, they were too small to make the distance. No one knew if the cold or their tiredness would claim them first. While many thought the mother bear would protect her cubs, it seemed she had no choice

The flip side

Of course, there are always two sides to every story, and it looked as though the mama bear wasn’t being as selfish as it first seemed. She really did want to help her cubs. The bear had loaded them onto her back and thought they would all make it.

Believe it or not, but lakes can still have pretty strong currents. They have been enough to see many people lose their lives over the years if they aren’t prepared for the currents. Plus, strong winds can see huge waves form in the water.

The bear got caught in one of the currents, which soon separated her from her cubs. She really was left with no choice but to keep swimming across the lake and hope that her cubs would catch up if any of them stood a chance at surviving.

Trying their hardest

Many animals in nature learn how to adapt pretty quickly. After all, they have to if they stand a chance of surviving. Some little ones cling onto their mothers for the first few months of their lives until they are strong enough to take on the world on their own.

Others are forced to learn how to walk and run within just a few minutes. The bear cubs had never learned how to swim, but they picked it up. Although they were trying their best, there was no way that they could keep up with their mother.

The water was cold, meaning their energy was quickly disappearing. Plus, the current was pushing them all over the place. If they didn’t find help soon, then it looked as though the bear cubs were about to have their first and last swim.

Feeling the fear

It can be tough to know how the little bear cubs were feeling as they were trying to make their way across the lake. It’s likely they were terrified for their lives. After all, they were stranded with no way to turn, and their mother, the one they relied on for help all their lives, was disappearing into the distance.

Plus, it looked as though she wouldn’t be turning back anytime soon. It can be tough to know whether animals know they are in danger. They might not have known the true extent of their risk until the shock started to set in, and their bodies became heavier and heavier in the cold.

Thankfully, our brains often release a ton of adrenaline in these situations to try and help make it out the other side.

Help is on the way

Time was up. The bears were slipping away, but then, help arrived. It turned out that a boat had seen the entire thing, and now, the crew wanted to step in and help before it was too late. There was no way they could sit back and watch the two bear cubs lose their lives.

The cubs had no way to call out for help. Instead, the people on the boat needed to keep a close eye on where they were, so they could spring into action as soon as possible. Thankfully, the crew knew just where they were heading.

Amazingly, the bear cubs seemed to understand the boat was there to help them out of the water. They started to swim across the lake to try and reach the crew. It was their last hope.

A fresh catch

There was a good reason the boat had been on the water. They were fishermen who arrived at the freshwater lake in the hopes of going home with a fresh haul. Little did they know that they would get caught up in a rescue mission.

They had to think on their feet if they were going to get the bears to safety. However, as the boat got closer, they realized that the cubs were already using the last of their energy to try and keep themselves above water.

Hopefully, the bears would be able to dig deep and find that final push to survive. The fishermen never expected to be heading home with a catch quite like this, but they knew if they didn’t step in to help, then the bears would have quickly lost their lives to the water.

A new problem

Although the fishermen wanted to help, there was another issue: mama bear was still pretty close. It was clear that she was swimming as hard as she could to get to land. However, there was still a chance that she could turn around and head back to the cubs.

It seemed as though she hoped her little ones would follow her to land. So what if she saw that humans were trying to get them out of the eater? She was a lot bigger and a lot stronger. Mama bear might have the energy not only to try and protect her cubs but also to fight off the humans who tried to grab them in the first place.

The fishermen were left with a new issue. They had to wait until the cubs’ mother was far enough away before they intervened.

Move first, think later

Waiting for mama bear to swim far enough away wasn’t ideal, but it was a chance for the fishermen to think about how they were going to get the cubs to safety. The water was freezing. There was no way they could climb in to help them out of the water that way.

Plus, they might have been cubs, but they were still huge. The bears had sharp claws and even sharper teeth. One wrong move and the fishermen could soon find themselves in a lot of danger. There was no more time to think.

All the fishermen knew was they had to find a way to get the cubs onto the boat and then decide what they would do with them. At least the bears would be out of the water. There was no time to waste.

Capturing the moment

The fishermen knew they were about to become the heroes of the moment. It really was a rescue mission like no other, and one they probably wouldn’t encounter again. While they were worried about the safety of the cubs, they also wanted to show the rest of the world what was happening.

After all, it’s not every day that you’re that close to baby bears. Would anyone ever believe their story without some proof? One of them decided to start filming the entire thing on their phone.

After just a few moments, one of the bear cubs swam up to the boat. They were close enough that the fishermen could lean over and help. However, they might not have to as the bear reached up and grabbed onto the boat with one of its paws.

A quick solution

It appeared the bear cub knew the fishermen were there to help, but they were so cold and desperate to get out of the water that they had taken the rescue mission into their own paws. Sadly, they were just too small and too tired to pull themselves into the vessel.

To top it off, the boat as caught up in the current, meaning the bear cub was still getting dragged from side to side. The fishermen looked around for anything they could find to help. One of them grabbed some fishing equipment and hoped it would be enough for the cub to grab onto.

Sadly, it was too good to be true. The bear tried to grab onto the lifeline. However, it wasn’t enough. Plus, the cub was still too far away from the boat to get lifted in.

Thinking with their teeth

Bears have all kinds of strengths at their disposal. Their claws are for more than hunting. They also help them to climb trees, grip onto things, and dig into the ground when they’re looking for food or running.

Their great strength means they can take down many things that stand in their way or get themselves to safety. Their teeth are also incredibly sharp. This helps bears to defend themselves as well as chow down on their meals.

The cub might not have learned all about the world just yet, but they already knew their teeth were pretty impressive. It was then that the cub took their life into their own hands and started to bite down onto the boat. It seemed to be doing the trick as the cub was going nowhere.

Nothing was enough

It seemed as though nothing was enough. The equipment wasn’t strong enough to get the bear into the boat. The cub was too small to pull themselves aboard. Their teeth weren’t enough to grip onto the boat. Nothing was working.

However, the fishermen later said they just couldn’t “look the other way” when they saw the bear cubs. They had to do anything they could to help the bears out of the water. As if that wasn’t enough, this was just the first bear.

There was still another cub in the water who needed their help, and every moment they spent trying to think of a plan was one they weren’t using to help the other bear cub. The fishermen put their heads together. There had to be something else they could do to help.

Building trust

Everyone was frightened about what could happen next. However, it wasn’t just the fishermen who were frightened; the cub was just as afraid. The people on the boat were worried about the danger they could be in if they pulled the cub onboard. After all, they were still a wild animal.

However, the cub wasn’t used to people – let alone sailing on a boat. The event could all be too much for the little one, and it might start to panic. The bear cub and the fishermen needed to learn to trust each other if they were all going to make it off the lake with their lives.

They didn’t have long to build a bond. The fishermen decided to push their worries to one side. They just had to hope the bear felt the same way.

A pleading look

It was almost like the bear realized they needed the fishermen to know they trusted them with their lives – literally. The person recording the entire encounter captured the moment where the cub looked up into their eyes.

It was almost as though they finally understood the severity of the situation. The fisherman realized just why they were risking their lives. They were the only people that stood between these cubs living to see another day and them losing their lives to the icy grip of the lake.

It was a decision they never thought they would have to make. While many of us love bears, not all of us expect to get so close to the wild animals. It was certainly a story that would make the fishermen the talk of the town when they made it back to shore.

A sudden idea

The fishermen agreed they needed to find a new plan. After all, they had come this far. There was no way they could turn their boat around and pretend as though they had never seen a thing. They wouldn’t be able to live with themselves.

It was only then that the fishermen realized there was something else they could use to get the cub on board the boat. What do fishermen use when their catch is too large? A net! The fisherman ran over to grab the net and leaned over the side of the boat.

All they had to do was to scoop up the cub and hope that it would get enough of a grip on the other ropes and the side of the vessel to pull itself aboard.

Plenty of concerns

While using the fishing net might have seemed like a good idea at first, the plan didn’t come without its downfalls. The net was designed to lift large fish out of the water – not bear cubs.

The bear weighed a lot more.This might have been enough for the net to rip and send the cub plummeting back into the icy water below. However, this was the best idea the fishermen could think of.

Hopefully, if they moved fast enough and the bear worked with them – not against them – then they would be able to get it into the boat without having its full weight in the net. The fisherman leaned over the edge of the boat and used the net on a pole to try and scoop the first bear into the boat. Their plan seemed to be working.

Slow and steady

The cub was still clinging on to the edge of the boat. Hopefully, this would make it easier to get it into the boat. After all, it was already halfway there. All the fishermen needed to do was get it up and over the edge of the boat.

They got the cub into the net and used all their strength to heave the bear aboard. However, they had to be careful not to move to quickly or hurt the bear. This was likely to be the first time they had ever been in a net before.

There was a chance that the bears could think they were being captured and start to panic. If they did, the fishermen might have no choice other than to leave the bears. They could be putting themselves in too much danger.

Invading their space

The fishermen knew more about fish than they did about bear cubs, but they knew they were wild animals that had just been abandoned in the middle of a freezing cold lake. There was a chance that the bear cubs could become aggressive if they realized they were away from their mother and forced to defend themselves.

Believe it or not, but bears are more predictable than many people realize. They are ordinarily shy as they prefer to keep away from people. Their first line of defense? Usually, it’s to hide. That is unless you enter a bear’s critical space.

Unfortunately, most bears start to feel as though they need to defend themselves at this point. The fishermen were about to push the cubs’ critical space to the extreme by bringing them onto the boat.

Quite the weight

Would you believe that fully grown bears can weigh around 1,300 pounds? In the fall, bears can eat up to 90 pounds of food each day as they try to make sure they have enough energy and food supply to make it through the winter.

Some bears end up weighing more than double their standard weight by the time they head off for hibernation. Mothers will need to make sure they have even more food in the tank, so they have all the energy they need to care for their cubs.

While the bear cubs might not have weighed as much as an adult bear, they were still pretty heavy. Plus, their fur was drenched from the lake, meaning they were even heavier than usual. The fisherman worried the weight of the bears could drag them into the water.

One final pull

The fishermen knew they needed to work together if they were going to be strong enough to pull the bears into the boat. All the while, the cub was looking into the boat, almost willing themselves to be rescued.

They worked slowly and carefully until the first cub was nearly brought to safety. It had taken longer than they thought, but the fishermen knew they just had to be patient. They would save the second cub no matter what it took.

They still couldn’t shake the overwhelming nervousness that gripped them as they watched the bear cub get closer and closer to the inside of the boat. There were mere moments standing between the cub being in the water and them being trapped on the boat with frightened fishermen. It was almost over.

Onto the next one

Their hard work had paid off as the first of the bear cubs was finally safe on the boat. Although there was still another cub in need of their help, the fishermen felt confident that they could rescue the bear’s sibling and save the day.

The best bit? They now knew what they needed to do to get the other bear cub out of the water. They just had to hope that the other bear was as placid and willing to work with them as the first. Sadly, things weren’t looking good for the second rescue.

The cub was swimming further and further away from the boat, almost as though they were scared of the fishermen. Plus, the bear had been in the water for a lot longer. They were probably more exhausted than their sibling.

Second time lucky

The fishermen were now facing a brand new challenge. Not only did they have to try and rescue a second bear cub who was even more tired than the first, but they now had one onboard their boat. They would have to keep a close eye on their new passenger to make sure the bear didn’t put them all in more danger.

It was straight to the net for this rescue mission. The fishermen started by moving the boat as close as possible to the cub while making sure they didn’t get hurt.

Then, they threw the net over the edge of the boat until they caught the bear. The final stage of the mission was to pull the bear in slowly and steadily while trying to keep them as calm as possible.

Becoming the heroes

While the first rescue helped the fishermen to learn about how to rescue a bear cub from the water, it had also been pretty tiring. The adrenaline of coming face to face with a wild bear while having to find all their strength and courage to lift them up onto the boat had taken all their energy.

Now, they needed to do it all over again to save the second bear. It seemed like an impossible task. However, the fishermen knew they were the bears’ last hope. There was no way they were going to leave them in the water.

They heaved and they hoed until the second bear was reunited with their sibling. Now, there was a problem: what were they supposed to do with two bear cubs? After all, they were in the middle of a lake.

Double the heroes

If anyone had passed by the boat, they probably would have wondered why there were two bear cubs on a fishing boat in the middle of a lake. Little would they know that the fishermen had just saved their lives.

Sadly, they would have to work quickly if they wanted to make sure that everyone still escaped with their lives. Some people believe that everything happens for a reason. While some may argue that the bears were destined to get lost in the water, others might state that the fishermen were in the right place at the right time.

Not all of us ever get to learn what it’s like to save someone’s life. They didn’t; they got to learn what it was like to save two bears’ lives instead. It was almost unthinkable.

Shaking all over

Although the cubs were out of the water, they weren’t out of the woods just yet. The fishermen were worried that they could have caught hypothermia thanks to their extended time in the water. Both of the bears were cold and shivering.

However, the fishermen worried there could have been another reason for their shaking. The bears were somewhere they had never been before. What if they were simply shaking in fear? There wasn’t much the fishermen could do to put their minds at rest.

They just had to keep as calm as possible and hope that it would be enough. Plus, the sooner the thought of what to do with the cubs, the sooner they would be free from the strange vessel that had just pulled them out of the water.

Returning to the woods

The fishermen wanted to do whatever they could to make sure the bear cubs were as safe as possible. They might not have been together for very long, and they hadn’t met under the best circumstances, but the bear cubs now held a special place in the fishermen’s hearts.

Seeing them so cold and scared by the ordeal meant the fishermen were even more determined to put things right. They soon decided the best thing to do for the cubs was to put them back in their natural habitats.

Although they were on a lake, they were surrounded by woods. The bears’ mother hadn’t been too far ahead of them in the lake. Hopefully, the fishermen would be able to track her down. Only then would the family of bears be reunited at last.

Starting with the last place

The lake was surrounded by woods. The fishermen knew they had a huge task ahead of them as they needed to try and find where the mother bear had gone. It wasn’t going to be easy, but they knew they had to push on if the bear cubs stood a chance.

Plus, the longer they kept them on the boat, the more stressed the bears would be. To top it off, taking too long to reunite the cubs with their mom could confuse mama bear. She might think her babies were gone for good and head off into the wild.

However, the fishermen were confident that she would want to be reunited with them. The fisherman took their boat to the last place they had seen the bear before they focused all of their attention on the rescue mission.

Searching for mama

The fishermen slowly approached the shore. They didn’t want to sneak up on mama bear and scare her. After all, she might decide to run and abandon her cubs, or she may feel threatened and start to attack the fishermen.

While bears are large, they can easily blend into the environment. They have adapted to blend in with their surroundings, and the bear could easily be waiting for the boat to get too close. However, there was no sign of the mother bear.

Had she already run away from her cubs? The fishermen were stuck in a tough dilemma. The closer they got, the more they realized that the bear appeared to have gone. Now, they were stuck with two bear cubs on a boat in the middle of a freezing cold lake.

Hoping for the best

What were they supposed to do? The fishermen didn’t want to abandon the cubs, but they also didn’t know what they should two with the two youngsters. They decided to wait it out to see if their mom reappeared.

However, they were out of luck. She was nowhere in sight. The fishermen were left with no choice but to leave the cubs in the woods. This was the best chance they had at surviving, and there was a chance that their mom could reappear as soon as she saw the fishermen were gone.

By now, the cubs were tired and cold. They had no energy left to fight anymore. The fishermen carefully picked them up and carried them out of the boat and to the shore. Here, they left them where they could easily be found by their mom.

Returning to safety

After they had safely left the cubs in the woods, the fishermen returned to their boat. They couldn’t believe what has just happened. They thought they were going to spend the day fishing on the boat. Little did they know that they would become heroes.

Thankfully, they had managed to capture the entire thing on film. Without the video, even the fishermen wouldn’t have believed what just happened. They couldn’t wait to get back and show the clip to their friends and family.

After all, it’s not every day that you get to step in and help two cubs out of a sticky situation. Now, the fishermen needed to return home and warm up after getting closer to Mother Nature than they ever believed. They were in for a well-earned rest.

Risking their lives

The fishermen risked their lives to save the two cubs. However, there was no way they wanted to leave them in the middle of the lake. They wouldn’t have been able to continue their lives knowing they had been so close to stepping in.

It wasn’t just the fishermen who were in danger. The cubs knew they had no way to get out of the lake. Without the brave actions of the men on the boat, they wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale. Amazingly, the fishermen aren’t the only ones who have risked their lives to save bears.

It turns out that some people have gone where no one else dared to make sure that huge bears have made it back to safety before it’s too late. Some people know the animals have no other hope.

Running to help

One man stood back and watched as a 400-pound bear struggled to keep itself above the water. The bear had somehow found itself in the ocean, but they had no idea how to get out. The bear was in Alligator Point in Florida when the man spotted them in danger.

It turned out that the bear had wandered into a residential area, meaning the locals were forced to call for help. The professionals arrived to try and remove the animal. They sedated the bear, but something happened that meant the bear didn’t stop running.

The bear eventually ended up running into the water. Sadly, the sedation started to kick in, and the bear struggled to fight it any longer. One man saw the entire thing unfold and felt that he had no choice but to follow the bear.

All turned around

One small boy was another hero who stepped in when he saw a dog in the middle of a road. Many of us are taught to keep safe around roads, but this boy couldn’t wait. He needed to run in and save the day. Somehow, the dog had wandered into the middle of the busy street.

However, all the noise from the cars as they whizzed past was enough to leave the dog in a spin. It was petrified and had no idea how to make it back to safety. That’s when the boy stepped in. He bravely ran into the street and grabbed the dog.

Then, it took all of his strength to carry the dog out of the road and back to safety. The boy wasn’t worried about his safety – only about making sure the dog was protected.

Caught in a flood

Flash floods often take many of us by surprise. After all, feet of water can soon rush through the area, destroying everything in its path. If you don’t get out in time, then there’s a chance you could find yourself caught up in the water with nowhere to go.

One deer was unlucky enough to find themselves caught in the middle of the water. However, one man wasn’t about to sit back and watch the unthinkable happen. He swam out to find the deer and grabbed the little one.

Then, he was forced to hold his breath as he swam with the deer above the water. It took everything he had to make it back to the shore. Thankfully, both the man and the deer made it to safety before it was too late.

Keeping everyone safe

Getting caught in a flood can leave many of us in a panic. After all, what do we grab before we try and make it to safety? As the water continues to rise, some people are left with no choice but to sit back and watch as everything they once loved disappeared before their very eyes.

However, most people won’t leave until they know that all members of the family are safe – even the four-legged ones. One little boy was struggling to keep his head above the water.

He was left with no choice when he knew his puppy relied on him to keep going. Thankfully, he managed to find a bowl to use as a basket for his puppy. All he had to do was keep him out of the water until the pair found higher ground.

Pig on the roof

Vojskova, a village in Bosnia, was one of the villages hit by the worst flooding in over 120 years in 2014 as three months of rain fell in just a few days. The area was gripped by floodwater that claimed the lives of at least 40 people.

Many people living in the area worked as farmers and were forced to leave their livestock behind. It was only when the rain stopped falling that people were able to go in and rescue those who had been stranded in the flood.

Two men discovered a pig who had become stranded on the roof of a building after searching for safety in the middle of the rainfall. They weren’t about to leave the pig in need. Instead, they scaled the roof to encourage the farm animal to safety.

The middle of nowhere

A Russian fishing vessel was sailing across the water when the crew noticed something strange. They looked over to a lump of ice floating in the sea and noticed there was something clinging on for their life. It wasn’t a seal.

In fact, it wasn’t any animal that should have been in the middle of the water. It wasn’t until the animal let out a bark that they knew it was a stranded dog. Amazingly, the water in the area can reach as low as -11 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dog had been on the iceberg for so long that they had icicles hanging from their snout. One brave fisherman jumped into the water and held onto the ice while the rest of the crew winched them back to safety. The dog was eventually lifted to warmth on the boat.

Clinging on for safety

Some animals know when they are in danger. While cats have earned themselves a reputation for being a little standoffish every now and then, they know when they need help – and this cat appears to be no exception.

The firefighters were busy tackling a blaze when they learned about another individual who needed to be saved. It was none other than the family cat. The firefighters managed to find the feline before they brought them to safety.

It seems the cat was so frightened for their life that they couldn’t help but cling onto the person who rescued them from the blaze. They say no two days are the same for people in the services, and it appears that thanks comes in many forms too, even when it’s from another species.

Leave no one behind

Firefighters have been known to risk their lives to save anyone in need of help – even when it means running headfirst into a blaze. Ray Spellmyer has become famous in his local town for rescuing some of the most vulnerable people who find themselves caught in the middle of fires.

Perhaps it’s no wonder that Ray was the one to save a little poodle named Joseph? The team were busy trying to get the flames under control as a fire dominated a residential area. They had to wait until things were safe enough to enter the building, but Ray was determined to bring the dog to safety.

Amazingly, the poodle was able to walk away from the trauma, all thanks to the brave actions of the firefighter who came to his rescue.

Something in the water

The world was gripped back in 2016 as we got to watch a dog get pulled to safety. A group of friends were walking along a reservoir when they spotted something in the water. It was a dog!

They all knew they couldn’t stand back and watch the dog get sucked under the water, but it was flowing toward a weir, and the current was too strong for the dog to escape. One of the group dived in to try and pull the dog to safety.

Sadly, the sides were too steep for either of them to get out. That’s when the rest of the group banded together to help. They all formed a human chain and lent down into the reservoir to grab the pair. Thankfully, they were able to pull them both to safety.

Swim free

Many of us head to the beach every day. Naude Dreyer was working his usual shift as a tour guide at Pelican Point Kayaking in Namibia. That was until Naude spotted something unusual on the beach. As the group got closer, they realized that it was a baby Benguela dolphin.

Thankfully, he was still alive but in need of some help. Naude figured the animal must have got himself beached and couldn’t get back to the water. He bravely picked up the dolphin in his arms and carried him back to the sea.

Naude worried that the dolphin had been stranded for too long. However, he says the dolphin took off as soon as he realized that he was back in the water. Naude even drove past later in the day to check the dolphin hadn’t reappeared.

Among the trash

Amdog found themselves in the wrong place at the right time. A group was helping to search Bosnia after floods hit the area. The river was full of garbage, and the extra rainfall meant it was highly polluted. However, there was something else in the water.

It was a dog. It looked as though it had been in the river for a while as the dog was tired and was now struggling to swim against the trash. Thankfully, they were able to use the last of their energy to get as close to the edge as possible.

This was enough for the group to lean down and grab the dog by the scruff of the neck. It took a lot of strength and teamwork, but they were finally able to pull the pooch to safety.

Stuck in the rubble

Sometimes, the smallest animals get caught up in danger. They can be left with no choice but to sit and wait until someone finds them and pulls them to safety. It appears as though this dog was no exception. They found themselves trapped in an abandoned building.

The area was dangerous as the team had no idea if the rubble would take their weight or if there were more dangers lying in wait. However, they knew they had to search to see if anyone was stuck inside.

Thankfully, it was the team’s determination that meant they found the trapped dog. It might have been a dangerous task, but it was one that was totally worth it. It almost seems as though the dog is so grateful to their rescuers that they want to give them a huge hug.

Carrying everyone to safety

Hurricane Katrina gripped the world back in 2005. It dominated thousands of people’s lives and was eventually named as one of the most dangerous storms in US history thanks to the amount of devastation and destruction it left in its wake.

It took hundreds of people’s lives and left people with no choice but to leave their animals behind or try to ride out the storm with their pets by their side. It wasn’t long before many animal charities stepped in to get as many pets to safety as they could find.

While some were later reunited with their families, others were adopted into new, loving homes. One man knew that he couldn’t leave his beloved dog behind and opted to carry his pet on his back to make sure they were both rescued.

Every animal matters

The damage left in the wake of the flooding across Serbia and Bosnia was unbelievable. Entire towns had been washed away in just a few days, and it took hundreds of volunteers and rescuers to try and get everyone out of the area and to safety.

Many people wanted to return to look for their pets or farm animals. However, they weren’t the only ones who were in danger. The local wildlife was also trapped in the floodwater with nowhere to go. They weren’t about to get left behind.

Whether they were pets or wild animals, rescuers wanted to make sure that all the animals were safe. One team found a deer who was stranded and confused. Thankfully, they were able to step in and bring the animal to higher ground away from the water.

Broken promises

Many people made it their mission to make sure that all the animals were rescued after Hurricane Katrina. Many people were told they could leave their pets and return a few days later to collect them and make sure they were safe.

Tragically, this wasn’t the case. The hurricane caused such devastation that many animals were stranded with no one to keep them safe. The food soon ran out, and there was no one coming back.

That was until rescue teams arrived with boats and cages to bring them all to safety after the most terrifying ordeal of their lives. Amazingly, it turns out that some people boarded up their houses and left signs that they had pets and weren’t going anywhere until all of them could be rescued at once.

Following her nose

It’s one thing to find yourself stranded in the water. It’s another when you are completely blind. Inge, was 11 years old when her owner, Jim Argo, was waiting in a line of cars at a ferry dock. He decided to let his dog use the bathroom.

Sadly, Inge took a wrong turn and stepped off the edge of the dock rather than returning back to her owner. She tumbled into the water but was soon too far away for the people to reach her with a pole and hook.

Firefighters arrived, thinking there was a person in the water that needed rescuing. Little did they know the person in need was actually a dog. Inge was too heavy to carry up the ladder, so the team opted to use a rope and hoist the dog and firefighter to safety instead.

Calling for help

While storm drains are great for making sure the rainwater flows away rather than flooding the area, they can also be pretty dangerous for animals that find themselves caught in the drains. Many animals have been rescued from them over the years.

It’s not just pets. One fire crew once worked hard to save what they believed to be puppies only to discover later they were actually fox cubs. However, it was a quiet meow that alerted people to this rescue case.

It wasn’t until the fire crew looked a little closer that they realized a small kitten found themselves trapped with no way to make it to safety. Thankfully, no rescue is too small for this crew, who soon brought the kitten back up to safety. Hopefully, they were a little more careful around drains.

A look of trust

Some of us are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to capture a moment like no other in the world. One firefighter was doing his job when he rescued a cat from the blaze.

Sadly, the smoke inhalation meant the cat needed a little help to breathe as soon as they were both out in the open. However, it only took a few moments of oxygen before the cat was able to process what just happened.

It was then that it appeared the firefighter and cat had a special moment of thanks. Believe it or not, but it turns out that cats can remember who saved them. By looking into the firefighter’s face, it’s likely this cat was memorizing his features to make sure they can help them in the future.

A famous face

While Russia has become famous for its freezing temperatures and intense winters, there are still plenty of fires – and pets that need to be saved from the blaze. One team of firefighters was working hard when they saw a feline friend that needed to be brought to safety.

Thankfully, it seems as though they were able to quickly grab the cat and get them outside to safety. It wasn’t long before the internet fell for the feline, and many had plenty to say about the look on the cat’s face.

Many believe it was the cat that was behind the fire, while others think the cat was enjoying the warmth from the flames compared to the sub-zero temperatures outside. Whatever the case, the firefighter’s heroic rescue mission has gone on to become one of the most iconic rescues on the internet.

Finding a new family

For two months, Chuck Lister and his family living in South Carolina watched as a female owl visited their house. She was collecting things to make a nest across the lake from their home. The owl laid three eggs, and the family were excited to see them grow up.

Tragically, the mother owl was struck by a car and lost her life. That’s where Chuck stepped in. He searched for someone to rescue the owlets and found Mike and Linda Hoskinson. They have been rescuing animals for years and stepped in to help the babies.

The group met Billy McCullough, a firefighter, who scaled the tree to bring one of the owlets to safety. The Hoskinsons had already found one, and they all hoped to find the third. Without Chuck, the owlets would have been completely abandoned.

Becoming the hero

A series of floods swept through Australia in 2010 and 2011. Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, and more than 30 people lost their lives. Police officers and volunteers rushed to help people as they tried to make it out of their homes while others searched the area for anyone who had been left around.

However, many people missed a kangaroo hop off a bridge and into the flowing floodwaters below. It was soon swept away in the current, but one man wasn’t about to let the kangaroo get into any more harm.

The man dived into the water and swam after the kangaroo. He eventually caught up with the animal before he carried them to safety. The kangaroo was finally greeted with a warm towel and plenty of love from others while a photographer captured the moment.

Using his strength

Cathal Pendred is used to putting his strength and power to good use thanks to his career as a mixed martial artist. In fact, Cathal has even fought to in The Ultimate Fighter competition, but it turns out that he has a soft spot when he’s out the ring.

A crowd of people had gathered on the beach as onlookers tried to help a baby dolphin who found themselves stranded on the beach. The waves were too strong, and they kept getting washed onto the shore.

Sadly, the dolphin was soon stuck in a rocky area of the beach. That’s when Cathal stepped in. The martial artist simply picked up the dolphin and carried them past the strong waves out into the calmer water. Here, he finally released the dolphin back to the wild.

Saving the family

India has been plagued by many floods over the years. As if that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of stray animals living across the nation who often find themselves caught up in it all. That is until kind strangers run to their side to help.One man decided to step in and save a litter of kittens and their mom from the rising waters.

All he needed was a basket, and the determination to make it through the water. He loaded the kittens into the basket and balanced them on his head above the water before making his way back across the debris and flowing water.

The best bit? Mama cat was swimming beside the man as she wanted to follow her little ones to safety. The entire family was eventually safe, thanks to one man’s kind actions.

Carried to safety

Back in 2013, Tropical Storm Trami bought heavy rains all across East China and Taiwan. The Philippines was one of the many areas that were flooded by the constant rain. It wasn’t long before water as high as 62 feet collected throughout the region.

The military and other officials were bought in to try and contain the water while the people grabbed what they could and tried to save their loved ones. One boy was determined that all of them were making it out of danger in one piece – including his pet dog.

His snap soon took over the internet as he carried his dog on his back to keep him out of the water. The determination on his face seems to show just how far some people will go to make sure their animals are safe.

Work with what’s available

Sometimes, we have to work with what we have. It looks as though this pup was struggling to get out of the water. After all, they are pretty small, and the dog might be tired from trying to get out as well as swim through the water.

It wasn’t until two youngsters appeared to be in the right place at the right time that this dog was finally about to get out of the water. Sadly, they weren’t tall enough to reach into the water. That was a mere inconvenience.

All they needed to do was think on their feet to help the dog get to safety. They each grabbed one side of the backpack and reached into the water to grab the dog. Amazingly, it seems as though the puppy knows they are there to rescue them.

Keeping everyone hydrated

The Battle of Okinawa might have only lasted 82 days, but thousands of people lost their lives as a result. It was the largest amphibious assault as Japan went head to head with the likes of Australia and New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the US.

The battle is also named as the “typhoon of steel” thanks to the sheer number of weapons and attacks that took place throughout the entire fight. While they might have spent their days fighting with others on the battlefield, one group of marines took a much-needed break to care for a baby goat.

Here, they are seen giving the little one some water. It’s believed that the snap was taken by J.R. Eyerman, who worked as a photojournalist and photographer throughout her life until she passed away in 1985.

A symbol of hope

Sam the Koala took the world by storm in 2009 after photos of her and firefighter David Tree hit the internet. Sam was caught up in the Black Saturday bushfires that caused widespread devastation across the country.

David said that Sam initially tried to run away from the group as they checked that all the flames had been extinguished in the area. However, David believes that Sam realized she was weak and had no fight left to give.

Only then did he bend down and offer the koala a drink. Sam reached up and grabbed the firefighter’s hand – an image that later became a symbol of hope for Australia. Thankfully, Sam was taken to a wildlife center where she was treated for burns on her paws and united with another koala, Bob, who had been rescued a few days before.

Tears of joy

Raju first moved the world back in 2014 when he was rescued and taken to safety by Wildlife SOS. Before his new life of freedom, Raju had been confined to chains with his former owner, who used the elephant while begging for 50 years.

As if that wasn’t enough, Raju’s body was covered in scars thanks to the sharp chains he wore for years. However, that all changed when he was taken to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Churmura, India.

Here, not only does Raju get to enjoy access to plenty of food, but he also has access to a pool and round-the-clock medical care. He might have spent years by himself, but Raju now gets to spend his retirement doing whatever he likes and surrounded by people that love him.

A one-man mission

The Edina Fire Department had their hands full when they were called to a fire. The team worked to try and get the blaze under control, but there was someone else on the scene: the owner of the building. It turned out that his dogs were inside.

The owner was risking his life to run back inside and rescue as many dogs as he could before it was too late. While he was on his own rescue mission, the firefighters had to work quickly to try and cool the temperature of the building.

The fire was melting the siding thanks to the high temperatures. Plus, there was a live electrical wire that had fallen from the building. If it wasn’t for the owner’s quick-thinking, the dogs could have lost their lives while they waited for help to arrive.

A returning hero

There is a good reason that Naoto Matsumura is known as the Guardian of Fukushima. He is the only human known to live within the exclusion zone following the nuclear disaster that took place in 2011.

While everyone else left, Naoto stayed to care for all the animals who had been left behind. Initially, Naoto fled the area, but he later returned to care for his animals. It wasn’t long before he realized there were plenty of other animals that needed his care, too.

Naoto knows he is at risk thanks to the nuclear disaster. However, doctors told Naoto that he probably won’t get sick for 30 or 40 years, and at 59 years old, Naoto believes he will be gone by the time they start to take effect. The hero now relies on donations to feed the animals.

Saving the dogs

Marc Ching has spent his life trying to build a better world for animals, and it seems as though he will do anything to make sure every animal is safe. He founded the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation to try and help dogs who have found themselves in tough situations over the years.

One of Marc’s biggest campaigns has been to stop the trading of dogs for food across Asia. Marc has been undercover at many dog markets over the years, where he and a team of volunteers have worked to rescue as many dogs as they can.

So far, Marc and his team have saved thousands of dogs in need and even opened a shelter in China to provide medical care for dogs in the area. Here, they are either transported to California or adopted to local forever homes.

All shapes and sizes

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. One crew of firefighters never expected to find such a tiny family in need of their help. They were called to a fire at a mobile home where they soon set about tackling the blaze. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before they extinguished the flames.

However, when the firefighters stepped inside, they found a family of hamsters in the living room. The adults. Madonna and Oreo, were accompanied by their three babies. Tragically, one of the babies lost their life. The best bit?

The other two were nursed back to health thanks to the firefighter’s quick-thinking as they used tiny oxygen pipes to help the hamsters in need. The department confessed the firefighters have been specially trained to deal with pets and are equipped with everything they need to help pets of all sizes.

Braving the ice

Some people go the extra mile to make sure animals make it back to safety. This man is no exception. It turned out that his dog had wandered out onto the frozen river only to fall through the ice and find themselves stranded in the water.

The man couldn’t sit back and wait for help to arrive. Instead, he stripped down and started to edge across the ice. He made it al the way to his dog until the ice suddenly gave way, and the man crashed through the ice.

He quickly grabbed his dog and pushed them up onto the ice before clambering back onto land himself. Thankfully, they both walked away unharmed. The owner’s heroic actions were caught by two fellow dog walkers who didn’t know how to help in the situation.

Working as a team

Serbia was the worst hit by the storms back in 2014. Although much of Europe found itself underwater, Obrenovac in Serbia was 90% underwater thanks to one night of rain. A local river, Kolubara, burst its banks. This sent several feet of water flowing across the city and took most of the residents by surprise.

People didn’t have much time to get their things and get out before they found themselves underwater. As if that wasn’t enough, all the extra water meant that many surrounding towns and villages suffered mudslides, just to add to the confusion.

One man knew that he couldn’t leave his dog to fend for themselves. He was captured wading through the incredible flood water as he gripped onto his rescued dog, who was swimming right by his side. Nobody was getting left behind.

No concern for himself

Diego Andres Davila Jimenez was in the right place as he looked over to see his neighbor’s dog, Luna, hanging from the balcony. It appears as though the neighbor was out, but Diego couldn’t wait for her to get home.

Apparently, neighbors on the surrounding floors had tried to push the dog back inside, but they just couldn’t reach. That’s where Diego stepped in. He was 13 stories up. Diego clambered out of his window and hung onto the building as he edged his way over to his neighbor’s balcony.

Once he was there, Diego was finally able to the dog and himself to safety. It turns out that neighbors were so worried, they had dragged a mattress onto the grass below just in case he fell. However, Diego says that he wasn’t worried about himself, only saving Luna.

Dog on the roof

Many of us have heard about the cat on a hot tin roof, but what about when a dog wants to take center stage? Firefighters in New York had a strange call when they were called out to rescue a dog in just this position.

The dog, Rosie, was being looked after by the family’s son when neighbors noticed that she was on the roof. They called for the emergency services who soon arrived to get Rosie back to safety.

Tom Komoroski edged his way up onto the roof, where he stretched out his hand to calm the dog before grabbing her collar and pulling Rosie into safety. Apparently, Rosie was on the second floor when she jumped out of the window and ran onto the roof. Thankfully, Rosie made it back to the ground in one piece.

Hitching a ride

There have been plenty of hurricanes over the years, each causing widespread devastation and destruction in their path. Hurricane Harvey gripped Texas in 2017. However, it wasn’t just the locals that needed help; they’re four-legged friends needed saving, too.

Plenty of clips soon took over the internet as people were doing everything they could to get the animals to safety. Local horse owners rode to release penned-in animals while others were traveling across the state to release animals that had been tethered and abandoned.

Thankfully, one dog never had to leave their owner’s side. Naomi Coto carried her dog on her back as she and thousands of others evacuated their homes with their pets right by their side. Others, who weren’t strong enough to carry their animals, were helped by kind strangers as they all escaped to safety.

Braving the cold

Have you ever found yourself happily watching nature? That’s what Lars Jørun Langøien was doing with the rest of a sports academy group while they were on vacation in Norway. Apparently, the duck had been walking across the ice before they spotted a hole and dived underwater.

The team watched, but there was no sign of the duck. Lars was worried and started to look for the bird. It was only then that he spotted the duck under the ice. It had dived under but lost the hole to get out. Now, the duck had given up.

Lars immediately broke the ice and jumped into the water. He smashed the ice until he could get the duck to safety. Some mouth-to-mouth and a warm towel later, and the duck lived to see another day.

A makeshift ark

In August 2016, Louisiana found itself underwater as the state was hit by one of the worst floods in the history of the state. Thousands of homes and businesses were so flooded that you could only see their roofs.

While many had no choice but to leave, some stayed behind to help the animals that had been abandoned in the chaos. One man made a makeshift ark out of a boat and some wire to transport sheep across the floods where they could be taken to safety.

Other local animal shelters had to open their cages and let the dogs swim to the roof, where they were later taken in by locals who didn’t have to evacuate their homes. Larger animals, such as cows, were rounded up onto trucks so they could all get out to safety.

In a flap

Many people rely on geese to guard their homes. Sure, you could get a dog, but there is a reason that guard geese are so popular. They are loud, territorial, and can often frighten a lot of intruders and cause a lot of damage to anyone trying to break in. However, not all geese are aggressive.

Some are loving pets who can make great additions to the home. They just need a little love and care to learn who to trust. Sadly, it looked as though one goose found itself caught up in an accident.

Thankfully, the firefighters on the scene appear to know what they’re doing as they help give the goose some much-needed oxygen. It can be vital to make sure that animals get the medical attention they need before professionals are on the scene.

Frozen in place

Roscoe, the dog, was missing for 24 hours before he was found by the family’s 13-year-old daughter. Apparently, their other dog led her down to the edge of the North Saskatchewan River, where she spotted the dog on the ice.

The family had been worried about where Roscoe could have gone and immediately knew they needed help. Neighbors called for the fire service, who believed it was the teenager who was stuck on the ice. Apparently, the dog was so cold that his tail had frozen to the ice.

His family were amazed that he had survived at all. Although Roscoe had been through a lot, the firefighters were confident that the dog would make a full recovery. He was taken to the local emergency veterinary clinic, where Roscoe was treated after spending so long out there in the cold.

In bog trouble

One horse in the UK found herself in a lot of trouble when she was trapped in an icy quagmire at her farm. It’s thought the mare was in her field when she slipped into the bog during the night. She was likely there for hours before people spotted the distressed horse in the morning.

By the time local firefighters arrived at the scene, the horse was up to her neck in the freezing mud. They said that if the horse were there for any longer, then she would have slipped under the surface entirely or passed away from hypothermia.

The four crews worked together to get straps underneath the mare before they carefully hauled her to safety. Amazingly, the horse was completely unharmed and was later returned to her anxious owner.

A look of terror

A fire broke out in a house in Denmark. Firefighters were quick to arrive at the scene where they learned that two men had already been able to tackle a lot of the blaze. It turned out the stovetop had caught fire before it spread to the hood.

Although they were able to help extinguish most of the fire, the two men had to be taken to the local hospital where they were treated for smoke inhalation. However, there were others that needed to be rescued from the building.

There were also a number of cats that had been in the home at the time. The crew put out the rest of the fire and rescued the cats, who looked scarred by their time near the fire. Thankfully, they were also treated for smoke inhalation and returned to their owners.

Back from the edge

Firefighters pulled a lifeless dog from a blaze at a home in California. That was until Andrew Klein stepped forward to save the little one’s life. The dog, named Nalu, is said to have been overcome from the heat and smoke before he passed out.

The crew couldn’t find a pulse, so Andrew put his life-saving skills to the test. He performed CPR on Nalu before using a special dog-shaped oxygen mask until the dog started to breathe on his own again.

The firefighters were then seen gently petting and waking Nalu until he opened his eyes. Amazingly, he went on to make a full recovery, even though it took 20 minutes of CPR to bring him back to life. Nalu’s family were on the scene to welcome their dog back to life.

A moment for a drink

As if being trapped in a blazing home wasn’t enough, one dog was all alone when their house went up in flames. The dog had made their way to a bedroom on the second floor, where they were trapped in the burning home. That was until help came their way.

John Fusco was one of the many firefighters working to tackle the blaze when they realized the four-legged victim was trapped inside. It took all their knowledge and skills to get the fire under control, but they eventually got it extinguished.

As soon as John had a moment to sit down with the dog, he grabbed some water and gave it to the little one. The dog was later taken in by an animal control officer where they received medical treatment.

A helping paw

Back in 2008, the Great Sichuan Earthquake took over China as well as sending shockwaves out to surrounding countries. The aftershocks continued to hit the area for many months to come, meaning the devastation just got worse and worse.

There were around 200,000 landslides alone. More than 69,000 people lost their lives to the quake, but some of them were lucky enough to survive it all. Rescuers were able to find a handful of animals who had been lost amongst the chaos.

However, they also relied on dogs to help them find any people who were trapped and in need of help. Some of the dogs worked for more than 30 hours straight before they collapsed from exhaustion. Their dedication meant that thousands of people were rescued and brought to safety.

The last survivor

It was all thanks to one brave teenager that a puppy was rescued from what could have been the end. The city of Odessa in Ukraine was hit by flash floods. While the water soon settled, there was plenty of floodwater throughout the town.

It was only when Vladimir Maksimov was walking with his mother and friends that they spotted something in the water. It was a dog and her puppies. Vladimir immediately knew that he needed to help.

He jumped into the water, even though it was filled with garbage and debris. Sadly, the mom and her puppies lost their lives before Vladimir reached them – apart from one. Vladimir grabbed the puppy and held onto a branch to float back to the edge. The puppy was later treated, and Vladimir decided to keep him and named the pup Lucky.

Back into the flames

Steep terrain teamed with brisk winds made it seem as though firefighters were fighting a losing battle as they tried to extinguish wildfires across Los Angeles in 2017. Firefighters were forced to work all around the clock as they tried to get a grip on the situation.

More than 200,000 people were told to evacuate their homes, but one man had a job to do first. The man was driving out of the city when he suddenly pulled the car over and started running back toward the flames.

His goal? To grab a wild rabbit who was hopping straight into the face of danger. Unbelievably, he managed to grab the bunny before the man ran back to his car and carried on driving. Although he gained thousands of fans, no one ever came forward as the man.

Lots of lives as stake

While many people worry about their pets when a flood dominates the area, others have more animals to worry about. Farmers have the pressure of trying to find a way to get all their livestock to safety. This is usually a lot more of a challenge than traveling with smaller animals.

Plus, shelters need to try and make sure they get all the animals in their care to safety. As most of them live in pens, this can be pretty difficult. Some have no choice but to open the pens and hope the animals make it to safety while others rapidly get the animals into crates and move them to a safer location.

Whatever the case, natural disasters often means that shelters are overwhelmed with new arrivals as humans and pets get separated among the commotion.

Clearing the area

Bali has been through its fair share of natural disasters over the years. Back in 2017, the nation was in a state of panic as several earthquakes disrupted a rumbling volcano. Thousands of people evacuated their homes, but not everyone was willing to leave.

Groups of volunteers returned to the red zone every day to try and rescue as many animals as they could find, including pets that had been left behind and wild animals. However, some farmers would sleep at local shelters before returning to tend to their animals the next day.

Several shelters were set up to try and house the animals during the panic. There were eventually five eruptions in November 2017 alone, and eruptions have happened relatively regularly ever since. The most recent eruption was in June 2019 and lasted nearly 10 minutes.

Searching for help

It wasn’t long after the floodwater dominated Houston that Hurricane Harvey was named as one of the worst storms to ever hit the US. It caused so much destruction and caused many people to question the safety standards and regulations put in place to make sure cities are built to specific standards.

While others were fleeing for their lives, some were taking things more slowly as they had others that needed their help. Joe Garcia wasn’t ready to leave his dog, Heidi, behind. Instead, he carried her through the water until help finally arrived.

Thankfully, a boat turned up and got both Joe and Heidi to safety. Others walked through the water with their dogs while many were picked up by volunteers who all arrived to try and get as many people – and their pets – to safety as possible.

Floating to safety

Did you know, pets can often pick up on storms or natural disasters before we even know they are on the way? That’s right; some animals are more likely to run away during stressful times, including when they feel as though they could be in danger.

Some pets even pick up on their owner’s behavior. If we are stressed about the storm on the way, then our animals might start to act out of character. Hurricane Harvey was no ordinary storm. In fact, it saw 50 inches of rain over four days in some areas of Texas.

One man knew that he needed to get out and suddenly thought of a genius way to keep everyone safe. He grabbed an air mattress and loaded his pets and a few belongings on board. Now, he could float them all to safety.

Never giving up

No one could believe it when they heard a dog calling for help. They were next to a frozen lake when the people finally found the dog who was making all the noise. It was a yellow labrador who was stuck in the frozen water.

The group then set about saving the trapped pooch, but they had to be careful. They had no idea how long he had been in the water, and they were worried that one of them could fall in and get trapped, too.

One of the team tied a rope around themselves and carefully made their way to the dog. Sadly, he was too tired to move, meaning the team needed to drag them in by the rope. Although the dog passed out from hypothermia, the team worked to bring Charlie back from the edge.

Back to the wild

John Owens was checking his traps when he noticed they had accidentally caught something unexpected: a wolf. John soon realized that it was a gray wolf – one of the largest species of wolf. However, John and his team were supposed to be catching coyotes.

It turned out they had designed the trap themselves, which is specially made to be more humane and safer to release, just in case they catch the wrong animal. John approached the wolf with a plank of wood to make sure they couldn’t reach him.

The team had to be patient as the wolf was nervous and even snapped at the board a few times during the rescue. As soon as it was free, the wolf ran off into the distance without looking back. John says they shouldn’t have been injured thanks to the trap’s modifications.

Breaking all the rules

Believe it or not, but one heroic rescue took place back in 1990. Rick Swope was one of the many at Detroit Zoo. He was at the ape enclosure when a fight broke out between Jo-Jo and another chimp.

Sadly, as Jo-Jo tried to make it to freedom, he tumbled and fell into the deep moat that surrounded his enclosure. Rick stood at the edge where zookeepers were shouting for everyone to stay back, but there was a catch: chimps can’t swim.

Rick ignored all the warnings and dived right in. He quickly grabbed the chimp and dragged him to safety before he made his way out of the enclosure. When experts asked Rick why he ignored the warnings, he confessed that he locked eyes with the chimp and felt as though he was asking for help.

Rushing to the water

Erik and Torvald were two teens in Norway when they spotted an animal in need of help. Apparently, Erik was closer to the water when he started to shout for his friend. It was only as they got closer that they realized there was a sheep in the river.

The water was rushing over the rocks, and the sheep was soon being dragged further and further away from the pair. That is until they decided to head it off. The pair ran downstream, where they formed a chain to grab the sheep.

Thankfully, their plan was a success as they pulled her out to safety. Erik admitted that it was tough to grab onto her wool. Plus, without the adrenaline, they might not have been able to pull her to safety as the soaked wool made the sheep pretty heavy.