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The Craziest Moments Ever Caught On Dash Cam

Although some days pass by without anything untoward or unusual happening, there’s no doubt about the fact that some days are downright bizarre. The world is a weird and wonderful place, and your everyday existence can often put you in a prime position to see strange things happen with your very eyes. Many people find that these memorable experiences happen when they’re driving in the car from A to B, but it’s hard for people to believe you when you say that you saw someone chasing a tire down the road…

Thankfully, the invention of dash cams has allowed these bizarre experiences to be filmed in real time, so your friends have no choice but to believe the strange events that occurred in your life. Dash cams normally just film the road in front and behind your car, but it’s fair to say that they sometimes film crazy events that you just couldn’t make up if you tried.

Just hanging out

Everyone has their own way of passing the time. There are some people who like to watch television, there are others who like to play sports, and there are even some who apparently like to grab themselves a shopping trolley and hang out in the middle of the road. It’s not something that others should really do if they want to keep their limbs intact, but this guy actually seems pretty content with his new hobby.

Thankfully, he does seem to be staying in his lane and isn’t disrupting any of the other lanes of traffic, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not annoying the person behind him. All this car wants to do is make its way under the bridge, but it seems as though this man just isn’t letting it happen. We’re all for having fun, but this just seems ridiculous.

A close call

There are many people in this world who are scared of flying, and while that’s completely understandable, there are very few reasons for people to be scared. After all, flying is pretty safe nowadays. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few incidents every now and then. When this plane ran into trouble, the pilot managed to expertly fly it onto the water – just a whisker away from a busy bridge and highway.

This was a close call for the people driving along the road, as they were able to see what a jumbo jet looked like from below. We have a feeling that this would have been incredibly scary for those onboard the plane and those on the ground, so we’re glad that this wasn’t worse than it was.

Given the cold shoulder

Although most people know that the hard shoulder is only to be used in emergencies, it seems as though some people decide to ignore this rule. When there is traffic to contend with, there are some drivers who use the hard shoulder to bypass traffic and get a head start. While we won’t give this driver and their dash cam credit for doing this – we do have to give them a round of applause for being in a prime position to catch this flying car.

Whoever was driving this silver car obviously didn’t have any patience that day, so they opted to make their way around the dash cam car and attempt to go around the traffic. Unfortunately, their plan didn’t exactly work in their favor, as they didn’t quite realize that there was a giant ditch to contend with. That’s some serious air.

End of the world

We’ve been told that the world is coming to an end countless times over the course of history, but we’re still standing, so we don’t really take much notice of them anymore. However, when we see dash cam footage like this, we can’t help but wonder whether the end really is nigh. This footage was taken from one of the many cars who were trying to evacuate California in the midst of their catastrophic wildfires.

With hot weather and dry plants to contend with, it didn’t take long for these fires to spread and for the night sky to become red with flames. This footage looks as though they are driving through the gates of hell, and shows the world the true intensity of the natural disaster. We hope they managed to get away from the flames.

Getting pulled over

We all know that if a cop wants you to pull over, you just have to pull over, right? After all, they are the law. When this cop attempted to pull over the silver car, they thought that everything was going swimmingly. The car stopped, and the cop even made his way to the window… until it all went wrong.

Whoever was in the silver car decided that they didn’t want to have a chat with the officer that day, so they pulled off and pulled the cop with them at the same time. This fall actually broke the police officer’s arm, and while he did make a full recovery, we bet he probably doesn’t appreciate his colleagues whipping this dash cam footage out of the bag every time they wanted to embarrass him.

Not too baaad

When you’re driving along a busy highway, there’s a very small chance that you’ll come across any animals that might endanger your driving skills. However, when you’re driving down much smaller roads, it can be hard to know whether there are any animals around that feel like running into the road. You know, like these sheep.

While this car thought that these sheep were simply hanging out by the side of the road, they were spooked by the car in front and decided to run right into the path of the oncoming vehicle. We really hope that the person driving the car with the dash cam managed to make their way along the road without squashing some sheep into the process because that would have been baaad. You just have to be wary of any animals that might interrupt your path.

Standing to attention

Although there are an estimated 1.2 billion drivers across the globe, there’s nothing that can prepare you for each journey that you take. Drivers do everything they can to ensure that they are staying safe at all times, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain hazards on the road that you just can’t see. On this occasion, this car immediately stands to attention after being caught in some kind of telephone wire, and that’s pretty scary!

It looks as though this car has just been caught by some invisible force, but last time we checked, Thor was busy hanging out with his pals in Isengard, so we’re not sure why or how this really happened. Let’s just hope that the person or people inside the car were wearing their seatbelts… and don’t suffer from vertigo.

Hitting back

It’s pretty normal to get a bit of road rage here and there, right? After all, there are some bad drivers on the roads, and it can often be irritating to see them swerve their way in and out of lanes, driving erratically, not follow the rules, and ultimately endanger the lives of others in the process. While most people simply curse under their breath or shout with some serious hand movements from the comfort of their own car, there are others who deal with their road rage a little differently.

When this man got a little too annoyed with the person in this car, he decided to let his rage out with his fist for help. We can’t imagine the person in this car was too impressed to have a broken window when it was snowing outside, but at least they managed to get the whole thing on camera.

The craziest crash

Dash cam footage often comes in useful if you have witnessed a crash, and it helps the authorities and the insurance companies paint a better picture of what really happened and who – if anyone – was at fault. While most of these crashes are fairly simple in their makeup, there are others that are a little more complicated, and this was certainly one of them.

We’re not quite sure how this car managed to fly above the concrete wall and hit the car that was safely making their way from A to B, but it’s clear to see who was at fault. In fact, we bet the little car at the bottom didn’t even have any time to react before a flying car was making their way over the barrier and straight into them.

Keep holding on

When you first look at this scene, it looks like a totally normal picture. This dash cam footage seems to show a regular ol’ crossroads that features traffic lights, cars, and some sidewalks. However, if you look at the oncoming car with a closer eye, you may notice that there’s something not quite right. In fact, there’s a human holding onto the hood for dear life!

While we don’t know whether this person decided to hold onto this thing because they wanted a free ride or whether they were hit by the car and it didn’t stop, it’s certainly a sight to see. This dash cam footage managed to record the whole thing, and we have a feeling that this would have come in useful if this person was actually run over. The insurance company would probably want to see this.

Can’t bear it

Most people hope that they will never come across a bear because they aren’t considered to be the friendliest of animals in the world. However, it seems as though you just can’t judge when you’re going to come across a bear – because they just do their own thing! If you don’t believe us, then just check out this dash cam footage. While this just looks like any old residential area, this driver saw something out of the corner of their eye, and they knew that it wasn’t a stray dog.

This bear was just running down the street as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening, and it seems as though it was running right towards an oncoming car. We’re not sure what happened next in this situation, but we’d love to find out…

Open sesame

It’s no secret that there are some pretty awful roads out there. Many of them are littered with potholes, others don’t even come with a flat surface, and there are some that break apart without even touching them. It’s not every day you come across a road that seems to split open for no reason, but it seems as though that’s exactly what happened on this occasion.

The car turning the corner on this road had a lucky escape as they moved out of the way just in time for the road to open sesame, and the car driving up to the hole also had a lucky escape. Let’s just hope that this car managed to move out of the way of the exploding earth before the oncoming traffic got in their way.

An extra push

If you have ever ridden a pushbike on a main road, you’ll know that it can be pretty scary. One of the main reasons for this is because these bicycles are slow, and the other vehicles around you are going pretty fast. In order to make things fairer, it seems as though this rider decided to give himself an extra push.

So, he attached a fan to his back and hoped that it would propel him even further and faster along the road. Either that or he was just really hot. This dash cam footage picked up the whole thing, and it seems as though the driver of this car even had a conversation with the man and his fan. We wonder what he had to say for himself?

The Batmobile

Cops pull people over on the roads every single day, and that’s not something that’s too new. After all, if the cops feel as though a traffic law has been violated, they will pull over the car and talk to the driver about the situation. This cop probably had no idea that they would be talking to Batman when they decided to flash their lights at this guy, despite the fact that he was driving the Batmobile.

There are many people in this world who have bought replicas of this car, and it’s not uncommon to see people driving their own versions. What is uncommon is seeing the person also dressed up as Batman. This seems a bit backward, really. Normally Batman is stopping the bad guy in their tracks.

Get out the way

While there’s no doubt about the fact that dash cams are popular in every single country in the world, they are especially popular in Russia. One of the main reasons for this is because the roads are often cold and icy, and it seems as though accidents are even more prevalent than normal. Don’t believe us? Well, just check out this dash cam footage.

We can’t even imagine what would have been going through the head of the person driving this car, because we don’t think anyone could prepare themselves for the incoming force of a truck at full speed. The fact that this dash cam footage still exists makes up think (and hope) that the people in this car and the car itself managed to survive the ordeal. That’s a drive you’ll probably want to forget.

When you see it…

What do you see when you look at this video? Do you see a truck accidentally rolling down the hill? That’s something that most truck drivers often have nightmares about, but that’s not actually what’s going on here. Yes, take a closer look. If you really pay attention, you might be able to see that there is actually a person pushing the cargo bed down the hill. While we have no idea what on Earth is going on right now, it’s fair to say that this scene is like something out of a cartoon.

The person’s legs are moving way too fast for them to keep up with, it seems as though there’s smoke coming up from underneath their feet, and the truck is quickly making its way even further down the hill. Thank goodness this camera caught the whole thing so we can ponder it for hours.

Stay in your lane

When you buy a car, you buy it in the hope that it will stay upright over the course of your driving experience, and that it will drive along the road safely and securely. However, it’s not always possible for this to happen, and numerous cars have been known to roll upside down for various reasons. On this occasion, it seems as though this car flipped upside down and then slid into the other lanes on the highway, leaving sparks in its wake.

While we don’t know how this happened, we do know that it looks pretty dangerous. Of course, it’s not just dangerous for the people in the car. It could also prove fatal for the cars in the other lanes, and even the car filming on the dash cam. One wrong move and a whole lane of traffic could drive straight into this upside-down car.

Watch your head

While most people get in their car and drive without any form of drama, there are others who jump in their car and watch a meteor fly right over the heads. Of course, it wouldn’t have been pretty hard to see, because the brightness of this thing would have blinded anyone who looked at it. This meteor showered across Russia in 2013, and what was so remarkable about this thing was that it actually burned a whopping 30 times brighter than the sun!

The meteor ultimately exploded and caused a huge amount of damage to the houses, which had to deal with the shrapnel, but it also made for some serious dash cam footage. Just look at that! It looks totally out of this world, and we bet seeing this was both frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

Move along

Although accidents do happen quite often, most people know that they should always stop in the event of an accident. This is to make sure that everyone involved is accounted for, and to make sure that the person at fault can claim responsibility and for everyone to exchange details. However, just because everyone knows that they should stop in the event of an accident, that doesn’t mean that everyone does.

This truck was obviously not in the mood for taking time out of their day when they crashed into this car, so they decided just to keep going instead. As you can see, there’s someone in this car, and all they can do is hope that the truck driver will soon see sense and stop so that they can let themselves out.

Lads on tour

If you’ve ever played in a band, you’ll know that there’s always a lot of kit to contend with. Not only do you have the actual instruments themselves, but you then have speakers, microphones, and, if you’re the kind of big-time band that has oodles of fans, you might even have some merchandise. Bands signed to big record labels and with a huge amount of money under their belts often have the chance to travel on tour buses, but not everyone has that kind of cash.

These guys obviously decided to improvise when it came to their band’s tour, and they decided to create their own version of a tour bus. This moving platform has everything they could possibly need on it, and they can even play their music at the same time! What a great way to drum up some extra fans.

Hot under the collar

Has anything ever happened to you that you just couldn’t explain? Perhaps because you didn’t see what happened in the run-up to the event? Well, that’s where dash cams come in to play. These filming devices keep rolling all of the time, and this allows people to piece together incidents’ when they just don’t know what happened. Of course, this must have been a scary experience for everyone involved in this fire.

One second this worker was minding their own business and going about their job, and the next minute a giant fireball was erupting behind them. As you can see from the footage, this accident was actually caused by a falling power cable, and that caused a serious electrical fault. Let’s hope that everyone was okay after this incident took place.

Another windy day

If you have ever driven in the wind and the rain, you’ll know that it’s pretty scary. Most of the time, your wipers just can’t keep up with the amount of water hitting the windscreen, and that’s before you have to deal with the fact that the wind is making you swerve all over the place. Of course, this dash cam footage is showing something that doesn’t look like your average rain or wind storm.

There are houses and shops being ripped apart, people are having to hold onto lamp posts to stay on the ground, and this car looks like it’s being pushed with all of its might. Extreme weather can cause all kinds of problems, but at least this car owner has some footage to show the insurance company that they weren’t lying about the hurricane…

Feeling hot

Most of the time, drivers simply go about their business without a care in the world. They drive from A to B without any real struggle, and nothing unusual ever really happens in the process. However, it seems as though some people aren’t as lucky. This driver was going about their business when the car in front of them suddenly sprouted large and intense flames that quickly spread out on the road in front of them.

It’s not every day you come across something like this, so we can’t even imagine what the person driving this car with the dash cam thought. Was there a dragon on the back seat of the car in front? Had something gone wrong? Was the car about to blow up? This is one gif you don’t want to experience for yourself.

Deer in the headlights

Let’s be honest; overtaking is something that needs to be done with caution. You need to make sure that you have full visibility in front of you, and that there are no oncoming cars to contend with. While most people do this, it seems as though there are others who decide to be a little more careless with their overtaking skills. When this white car decided to overtake the bus, they forgot to take into account the oncoming car that was coming straight towards them.

Thankfully, the person driving the other car managed to work with the situation that they were faced with, and the dash cam picked up the whole thing. The car turned from a deer in the headlights into something that pulled off the impossible. That was a seriously close call.

Hiding in the bushes

Driving along small country lanes that aren’t really designed for two cars can be dangerous, which is why most people know that they should travel extra carefully and extra slowly. This is especially true when you head around a corner or a blind bend – because you just don’t know what you’re going to come across. When this car was traveling slowly around the bend of this country road, they assumed that any oncoming traffic would do the same.

However, it seems as though they were wrong. Instead of doing this, the blue car continued roaming forward at speed, and the smoke coming from their tires will tell you that the brakes had a hard time stopping on this occasion. We bet that must have been pretty scary for everyone involved.

A real spark

Have you ever come across a driver who was driving so erratically and so fast that they were throwing sparks up into the air? Well, you probably haven’t, because this isn’t the way that most people go about their driving adventures. However, this person saw that happen in front of their very eyes, and it’s a good thing this dash cam footage picked it up – because we have a feeling that their friends wouldn’t have believed them if they told them.

While it seems as though there may have been something wrong with this car, we can’t help but wonder if this car actually belongs to Doc Brown. Is this the DeLorean? Why else would there be sparks flying? Unless the car is really just in love with that bus, of course.

Take it or leave it

Many drivers have to deal with animals on a regular basis. It may be that birds do their business on their windscreen, or it may be that animals try to weave themselves in and out of the traffic. However, it seems as though this driver had a very different interaction with this particular animal. When this monkey sniffed out some food on the dashboard of this bus, they decided to take their chance and try and steal it.

Their mission was successful, but we have a feeling that the driver wasn’t too happy to watch his lunch being stolen by a monkey. Hilariously, the whole thing was caught on dash cam, which means that he can look back on this day and remember to store his lunch somewhere else when there are cheeky monkeys around.

Hay, what’s up?

Hay is the kind of product that many people need in their lives. They might have horses that need new hay bales on a regular basis, they might have pet birds that love to use the hay to make their very own nest, or they might use the hay for their own DIY ventures. Of course, most people always make sure that they have a way to transport this hay before heading to the hay store – but we have a feeling that this driver didn’t do that.

Sure, they had their small little car, but was it really going to be able to carry all of the hay they needed to try? Apparently, they wouldn’t take no for an answer, so this happened. While it’s not uncommon to see people driving with things on their roofs, these items don’t normally cover the windscreen as well.

Jumping feet first

While most people on this planet wouldn’t purposefully throw themselves in front of a car, it seems as though this is actually pretty common in Russia. Insurance fraudsters attempt to do this in a way to drum up some extra cash, but what they don’t realize is that most cars are now fitted with dash cams. This means that they rarely get away with their plan. In fact, they just make themselves look pretty stupid.

While this man obviously wanted to make a few extra coins for himself in this situation, the dash cam footage shows that he didn’t get run over at all. Instead, he simply launched himself onto the hood of the car in an attempt to fool the insurance companies. We bet he wasn’t too impressed when the driver hit back with their very own footage.

The running man

There’s nothing worse than getting a flat while driving alongside a busy road, as this can be pretty scary. With the prospect of oncoming traffic to contend with, you have to make sure that you can park your car somewhere safe and secure so that you can change the tire in peace. Of course, even if you do that, you may find yourself struggling with a stray tire.

While this man obviously wanted to quickly change his tire and get on his way, we have a feeling that he didn’t imagine a scene where he would have to run after the tire that’s running right into the path of four-lane traffic. Amazingly, this whole thing was caught on dash cam, and we really do hope that this man can laugh about the situation now. After all, he’s still in one piece.

Taking a day off

If your family forced you to go to church when you were younger, you probably did everything you could to ensure that you could get out of it. This young driver did just that. Yes, as you can probably tell by this cop car dash cam footage, this is not your average driver. Instead, it’s a young child who decided to steal his parents’ car in order to get out of going to church.

The cops were alerted to their driving experience when they noticed the car driving erratically and swerving in and out of the traffic. Before they could fully pull the car over, the young kid jumped out of the car and tried to run away from the law. They later caught up with him and his family and made sure that he never did it again.

Falling slowly

Have you ever fallen over? If you have, you may have felt as though you were actually falling in slow motion rather than all at once. That’s certainly the case for this cement mixer because we can’t believe something so heavy would fall so slowly! The only explanation we could possibly have is that some kind of giant sinkhole opened up on this road and swallowed up the cement mixer. How else would this have happened?

It’s not every day you come across a cement mixer that just collapses in on itself, and it seems as though it’s just too big and bulky to lift itself off the ground. It seems as though the sinkhole is the only option, so that’s what we’re going to go with. Watch out for the sinkholes, kids.

Can’t catch me

There are some awful people in this world, and while most people tend not to think about these individuals, sometimes it’s impossible to forget that they exist. This is certainly the case for this running man, who attempted to kidnap a young child from a park. He can be seen running away from the park in this footage – but you can also see that he’s not going anywhere without a fight.

The sister of the young boy raced after the kidnapper and screamed for people to stop the man and catch him before he took off without a trace. Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait before more people joined the chase, and he was pinned down before he could take her brother. Let’s hope that they took part in the biggest family hug ever after this scary experience.

The bear necessities

Although dash cams are normally put on car dashboards, many people also use similar cameras for when they’re going on adventures. These cyclists decided to do just that as they were cycling through the woods, and all seemed perfectly normal. They were just going about their business and catching some speed when they noticed something running towards them.

While the cyclists didn’t really see what it was while they were going at full speed, they soon realized what the thing was when they stopped and looked back at the footage. Yes, that really is a bear! It’s not every day you can say that you were chased by a bear, so that’s both impressive and terrifying at the same time. Thankfully, they weren’t harmed in the midst of this bike ride through the woods.

We all fall down

When airplanes come crashing down to the ground, the pilots try and steer them to a place that will impact human life as little as possible – and it seems as though this pilot did a great job of that. When this cargo plane came crashing down in Afghanistan in 2013 because of a military vehicle that wasn’t strapped into the plane properly, the pilot managed to steer it just a stone’s throw away from the road, and this bus!

The end result was not pretty, and the plane ultimately erupted into a great fireball that seemed pretty awful. However, the persistence of the pilot paid off, because the people on the roads nearby were spared their lives, something that this dash cam footage was able to pick up. We bet that was a sad day for the aviation world.