Celebrities Who Have a Problem With Personal Hygiene

The world is full of celebrities, and these famous faces seem to have it all, right? They have fame, they have fortune, and most of the time they’re also annoyingly beautiful in every way. Because they are constantly making their way to red carpet events or posing for million-dollar campaigns, it’s easy to assume that these celebrities are some of the cleanest people this world has to offer. After all, they have giant bathtubs to bathe in, and they quite literally have people to dress them and make them smell nice. It’s a given that they’re just sweet and soapy at all times, isn’t it?

Well, it seems as though that isn’t the case. According to those who work closely with some of the biggest names in the business, some of these famous faces are actually pretty dirty. It seems as though their personal hygiene habits need to be knocked up a level because they often smell, they don’t look after themselves the way they should, and they don’t wear deodorant when they really should.

Bradley Cooper

You might be surprised to see Bradley Cooper on this list. He looks like one of the cleanest men in the world, right? Of course, many people who agree with us are probably just a little biased because he’s also considered to be one of the most handsome celebs in Hollywood, but he does also look as though he scrubs up pretty well in both senses of the world.

According to the actor, he does scrub himself pretty well, because he regularly takes two or three showers a day. He starts and ends his day with a trip to the shower, and if he works out, he also showers again after a trip to the gym. However, it seems as though there’s a reason for all of this showering because Cooper outright refuses to wear deodorant.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has had a rather difficult life in the limelight, but we have to commend her from dusting herself up and making her way back from rock bottom to build up her career once again. After all, Britney is pretty awesome. While many people try to focus on her music nowadays, it seems as though some people just can’t focus on anything when she’s around.

That’s because her hygiene habits are supposedly less than desirable, and one bodyguard even went as far as to sue the singer for her stench and her poor washing habits. According to reports, Britney struggles to keep up with her shower schedule and doesn’t really like to wear deodorant. On top of that, she also likes to walk through public areas without any shoes or socks on!

Matthew McConaughey

With his soothing voice, his beautiful curls, and his new job as a college professor, there’s no doubt about the fact that Matthew McConaughey is one of the most desirable men in Hollywood. Many would think that there’s just nothing bad to say about this man, but those who actually know him might say differently.

As someone who often ditches his mansions to live in a static AirStream trailer with a shower attached to the side of it, it seems as though Matthew isn’t too hot on the ol’ personal hygiene. Yes, this man is pretty stubborn, and he hasn’t worn deodorant for two decades because he apparently doesn’t like the fact that it makes people smell the same. He much prefers his natural musk, but many of his co-stars have complained about it in the past.

Kristen Stewart

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that Kristen Stewart is a hugely talented actress, it seems as though some people just can’t get over the fact that she doesn’t crack a smile very often. Because of this, many find it hard to take to her – and we have a feeling that it’s going to get even worse now that this news is out. That’s because it’s been suggested that Kristen Stewart also has a thing about showers – in that she doesn’t like to use them very often.

While filming Twilight, Kristen reportedly only washed her hair every few weeks, and then only used to brush her teeth once a day. Apparently, it got so bad that her co-star Robert Pattinson had to say something on the matter, but you’ll soon realize that he didn’t have a leg to stand on…

Naya Rivera

When you look at Naya Rivera, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of Glee. After all, we’re used to seeing her in her “Cheerios” outfit as she sings and dances with the Glee Club. This isn’t the only show that Naya has worked on, though, and she is still a big name in the world of television. Because of this, she has often made her way onto the couches of many talk shows – including The View.

The actress appeared on this show in 2015, but her appearance wasn’t without criticism. That’s because the topic of conversation soon made its way into the realm of personal hygiene, and Naya noted that she would go several weeks without showering. This didn’t seem to go down very well with her fans, who thought this was pretty shocking.

Uma Thurman

While she may not be as active as she once was, it’s fair to say that Uma Thurman is still a big deal in the world of Hollywood. Her reputation precedes her, and her movies have gone down in history as some of the best to ever make their way into our lives. Thanks to her life in the limelight, Uma has been able to rack up an impressive net worth that would give her the ability to buy anything she wanted – including a new outfit every single day.

However, it seems as though Uma isn’t about that life, and one stylist who has worked with her in the past has noted that the actress often wears clothes that are covered in crusty food! On one particular occasion, the stylist had to peel a two-week-old shrimp off her back.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been in the limelight for a while now, so you would have thought that he would have used his fame and fortune to buy a huge house with a big shower and a huge amount of deodorant that would keep him smelling fresh and clean forever. However, it seems as though that isn’t the case.

Those who are fans of the modern-day Zac rather than the High School Musical Zac will know that his new muscles didn’t come without some seriously hard work, and because of this, the actor spends a huge amount of time in the gym or outside exercising. He gets pretty hot and sweaty, so he must shower a lot, right? Not particularly. He’s known to go weeks without showers, and if he does need to have a little freshen up, he uses baby wipes.


As someone who has a dollar sign in their name, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that Ke$ha has been seen as one of the many wild characters within the music world. Her music has often been wacky and out-there, but it seems as though the apple doesn’t fall too far from the truth in terms of her personality and beliefs.

That’s because Ke$ha has been known to do some pretty weird and strange things for the sake of her health – and one of those things included drinking her own waste. It’s believed that Ke$ha started drinking this because she was told that it was incredibly good for her and her body, but she soon realized that it was actually just making her smell. In her own words, she supposedly smelled “like a shrimp on a diaper.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

If you’re familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow, you might not be surprised to learn that the actress is on this list. After all, Gwyneth is now famous for her lifestyle brand, which involves some rather strange tips, tricks, and products. As someone who is constantly trying to better her wellbeing, Gwyneth often finds herself trying out new products and allowing her body to decide whether they’re good or not.

It just so happens that the actress tried out a new deodorant when she went to the Met Gala – but her fellow celebs didn’t appreciate this trial. For this event, Gwyneth strayed away from an aluminum-based deodorant because she believes it to be harmful to the body. With numerous people around her and the hot blazing lights in the venue to contend, her fellow celebs were seen wafting away her stench.

Orlando Bloom

Although we know that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are the cutest couple in the world, many people still remember the days that he was married to Miranda Kerr. According to sources, Miranda just couldn’t stand living with her husband because of his issues with personal hygiene. He would reportedly wear clothes for weeks on end without washing them, and they soon became smelly and gross.

In fact, he would reportedly wear the likes of socks and shirts for weeks on end before eventually putting them in the washer. With oodles of cash to his name, we can’t understand why Bloom wouldn’t get someone else to do his washing for him, or just wear some of the other expensive clothes he has in his closet. Let’s hope Katy can deal with this dirty side to him.

Leonardo DiCaprio

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous men in the world. His acting career spans decades, and his resume includes some of the biggest movie titles of all time, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a one-trick-pony. In recent years, Leo has put a lot of time and effort into climate campaigning, and he has actively made changes in his own life to reduce his carbon footprint and his negative impact on the environment.

One of those changes involves deodorant. Like many of the other celebs on this list, Leo doesn’t believe that deodorant is something that anyone should put on their bodies – so he doesn’t! Alongside this, he only has one or two showers a week because he doesn’t want to waste water unnecessarily.

Julia Roberts

When you look at Julia Roberts, you probably see a prim and proper lady who certainly knows how to look after herself. After all, she’s always got a perfect smile on her face, her hair is always long and flowing, and her skin is bright and glowing every single time we set eyes on her. You would probably also assume that she smells of baked goods and roses, right?

Well, think again. Although we love the fact that Julia Roberts is a wonderful actress and a great advocate for climate change, it seems as though her eco-friendly ways have made her pretty smelly. She rarely takes showers or baths because she doesn’t want to use too much water, and she doesn’t want to wear deodorant because it’s “never been my thing.” We might steer clear of you then, Julia.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is the kind of woman who can do anything. She can sing, she can act, and she can even pull off some seriously short shorts and cowboy boots. However, it seems as though one thing that Jessica Simpson can’t pull off is the ability to brush her teeth regularly. Although Jessica has beautifully white teeth that are also extremely straight, Jessica tries not to brush her teeth because she just doesn’t like doing it.

She believes that her teeth don’t need cleaning because her breath doesn’t smell, and they stay so white no matter what she eats or drinks – so she avoids her toothbrush at all costs. Despite the fact that Jessica knows it’s strange that she doesn’t brush her teeth, it seems as though this knowledge isn’t enough to push her in the direction of the toothpaste.

Russell Crowe

There’s a high chance that you’re pretty familiar with Russell Crowe because this man has been in the acting world for so long we can’t remember a time when he wasn’t in our lives. While there are very few people out there who can fault his talent, it seems as though there are some people who can fault his personal hygiene.

It’s been noted that the actor has a bit of a problem with body odor – and we don’t know if that’s just because he sweats more than the average person or just because he doesn’t like to use deodorant. However, it’s been noted that many of his co-stars and celebs who have attended events with him have had to stand downwind when in the presence of this legend. That’s one way to avoid a bad smell.

Robert Pattinson

Let’s be honest; the world is pretty divided when it comes to Robert Pattinson. While there are many people out there who love his mysterious personality and that floppy bit of hair that just seems to hang in front of his eyes, there are others who just can’t get over the fact that he was in Twilight. Nevertheless, it seems as though people from both categories have come together in the past to slam the actor for his hygiene habits.

That’s because Robert has confessed that he rarely showers – and it’s even rarer for him to wash his hair when he does shower. When he was in the midst of his filming schedule for Twilight, he didn’t shower for weeks on end, and there was a stint where he didn’t wash his hair for a whopping six weeks.

Brad Pitt

It’s no secret that some of the biggest names in Hollywood have a pretty busy schedule to contend with. When they’re not working on huge blockbuster movies, they’re attending A-list parties, appearing on talk shows, promoting their work, and then trying to fit in family time as well. With so much to do, we don’t blame these celebs for skipping a shower or two.

Yet, there comes a time where the stench becomes a little too much, and a shower is something that seriously needs to be on the cards. Those who have worked with Brad Pitt before have noted that he’s one of the busy ones who showers only when he gets the time – which isn’t a lot. Like Zac Efron, Brad seems to have adopted the baby wipe tactic to stay fresh instead.

Kourtney Kardashian

There’s no doubt about the fact that Kourtney Kardashian has oodles of cash to her name. Keeping up with her life is pretty easy because she flaunts much of her life on social media for the world to see – and that’s especially true when it comes to her home. Yes, everyone knows that she has a huge house and a huge bathroom, so why would she be on this list?

If most people had a giant bathroom made of marble, they would probably use it every day to bathe or shower, but not Kourtney Kardashian, apparently. In recent years, Kourtney has steered clear of deodorant because she believes that it is bad for your health. While she thought this was a good idea, her kids supposedly didn’t like the fact that their mommy smelled funky.

Harry Styles

When it comes to the One Direction band members, Harry Styles has certainly come out on top. His solo music career seems to have taken off, he’s appeared in a Hollywood movie, and he seems to have a huge number of famous friends in high places. Yes, everyone loves Harry Styles – but those who are close to him don’t seem to love his personal hygiene habits.

His former bandmates have certainly had things to say on this matter, and they didn’t hold back. Zayn Malik noted that Harry’s feet would get pretty smelly as the days went by, Louis Tomlinson noted that his bottom burps were as awful as could be, and even his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift spoke up about his bad breath! So, it sounds as though he’s pretty dirty.

Courteney Cox

Although Courteney Cox has appeared in many different films and television shows over the course of her career, there’s no doubt about the fact that most people will always remember her as Monica Gellar in Friends. As a character who just loved to clean every inch of her apartment and as someone loved everything to make sure that everything was just so, it might surprise you to learn that she’s not the greatest in terms of her own personal hygiene.

According to her ex-husband, David Arquette, Courteney didn’t pay too much attention to the way that she smelled. It’s believed that she ditched deodorant a few years ago, and this left her smelling “like a truck driver.” Of course, there might be someone out there who loves the smell of truck drivers…

Cameron Diaz

When she first made her entrance into the world of Hollywood, Cameron Diaz was an American sweetheart with a dazzling smile and the luscious blonde locks. Now that she’s married to a rockstar, her sweet image has added some grunge into the mix – but her hygiene habits have still taken us by surprise.

While many would assume that Cameron Diaz smells just as lovely as she looks, this famous face actually does everything she can to avoid deodorant. In her eyes, antiperspirant does the opposite of what most people think, and she believes that it actually keeps your smell close to your body rather than masking it. Because of this, she lets her body do her own thing, and this has led many people to note that she sometimes smells pretty bad. Who would have thought it?

Miley Cyrus

Although many people remember Miley Cyrus as the young and innocent Hannah Montana, there’s no doubt about the fact that she has since grown up. In fact, she’s now considered to be one of the wildest women in the music industry, with her personality and her performances showcasing a quirky side to her. Fans of the singer will also know that she has a deep love for nature and the environment, so it might not surprise you to learn that she’s on this list.

Miley doesn’t like to wear deodorant unless it’s organic and vegan, and her decision to stick her tongue out at every event she attended a few years ago led many people to question her oral hygiene as well. In fact, some experts said that it looked as though she had fungus growing on her tongue!

Megan Fox

To many people, Megan Fox is a perfect specimen of a human. She’s often considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she has countless fans across the world. However, we can’t help but wonder whether people would feel the same if they knew that her personal hygiene wasn’t quite up to scratch.

While you’ll be happy to know that she does shower and uses deodorant on a regular basis, you might not be quite as happy to know that sometimes her bad memory can make things pretty awkward. That’s because those who are close to her have noted that Megan often forgets to flush when she uses the restroom. This means that many of them have come across a sight they rather wish they hadn’t seen…

Mel Gibson

Although there are many things about Mel Gibson’s acting talent, personality, and appearance – especially with that beard in tow – it seems as though there is something about this actor that is pretty undesirable. That’s because Mel Gibson has been criticized in the past for being pretty smelly, and apparently, his smell is one of the worst around.

According to those who have worked with him in the past, Mel’s smell is a mixture of both “body odor and cigarettes.” That can’t be nice for anyone to smell, but it’s been suggested that Mel doesn’t do anything about this smell either. He doesn’t wear deodorant, and he only showers once every few days. As a busy man with a hectic schedule, we bet he gets pretty sweaty as the days go by.

Post Malone

Post Malone is one of those people that you either love or hate. While there are some people who love his look and think that his music is extremely powerful, there are others who just can’t get past his messy hair, his face tattoos, his ragged beard, and his eclectic style. Because of his aesthetic and the way that he presents himself, many people believe that Post Malone is one of the dirtiest celebs they have ever seen in their lives.

However, he has always noted that he’s not as bad as everyone thinks. While he doesn’t wear deodorant because he doesn’t really like putting it on, he has noted that his natural musk isn’t for everyone. You either like it, or you don’t, but he’s not gonna change for anyone.

Shailene Woodley

If you’re familiar with Shailene Woodley, you’ll know that this leading lady has not only starred in some of the greatest movies of all time but that she also uses her platform to campaign against climate change and other social issues that matter to her. There’s no doubt about the fact that this A-lister does follow much more of a hippy lifestyle compared to some of the other celebrities on this list, and it seems as though she just can’t get enough of essential oils.

These oils can be used for all kinds of purposes, and it’s been reported that Shailene uses a huge number of them on a regular basis. This combination isn’t exactly desirable, and most designers are reluctant to let her borrow their clothes for red carpet events because they come back stinking…

Johnny Depp

When it comes down to it, Johnny Depp has had a really tough life in the limelight. Although he was once one of the most famous men in Hollywood, circumstances surrounding his personal life have left him a little high and dry, and he has since struggled to maintain his fame. However, there’s no doubt about the fact that people still remember the Johnny with his long hair and his rugged looks, and the fact that he was once one of the most desirable men in Hollywood.

His recent lapse in fame might have something to do with the fact that his personal hygiene habits have gone downhill. It’s been reported that Johnny will often go days and sometimes even weeks without washing himself or his hair. Apparently, his former partners have complained about it in the past.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a huge name in the world of acting, right? Although we still can’t get over the fact that she’s in her 50s, what’s more surprising is the fact that she can be found on this list. After all, Jennifer Aniston isn’t dirty, is she? Well, it seems as though she is, and many of her co-stars have complained about her stench over the years.

That’s because Jen’s breath permanently smells of coffee, and it seems as though she just can’t get enough of this drink throughout the day. This makes kissing scenes pretty difficult – but that’s just part of her life, isn’t it? Jennifer’s character used to work at Central Perk on Friends, so she probably can’t imagine her life without coffee in it. Of course, we do know that stale coffee is less than desirable.

Anderson Cooper

When you see Anderson Cooper on your screens, you probably see him looking as fresh as a daisy. His signature white hair is normally side-swept to perfection, his suit is crinkle-free and form-fitting, and his face just looks pretty clean. Yet, it seems as though things are a little different when he comes off the air and gets into his own clothes.

Anderson loves to wear jeans when he’s not working, but his hygiene habits have sparked a mass debate over how often you should wash your jeans. Anderson noted on his show that he only washes his jeans about three or four times a year, despite the fact that he wears the same pair every single day. This led many people to say that this habit was pretty disgusting and gross.

Alicia Silverstone

When you think of Alicia Silverstone, you probably immediately think of Clueless. Her role as Cher Horowitz is still her most famous role to date, and her rich character certainly would have had some seriously impressive personal hygiene habits. However, it seems as though Alicia didn’t learn much about them while she was on set because she’s now known for some seriously weird habits and the fact that a bad smell seems to follow her around.

In recent years, Alicia has come under fire for feeding her child like a bird – after she filmed herself chewing up food in her own mouth before passing it down into her child’s mouth. Alongside this, Alicia also steers clear of any form of deodorant. Those who have met her in the past have noted that this is pretty apparent.

Shia LaBeouf

Let’s be honest; Shia LaBeouf is a wild one. Although he started off as a rather innocent – yet irritating – young actor in children’s shows and movies, he has since made his way into the big, bad world of Hollywood. This has allowed him to spread his wings and really find out who he is, and it seems as though the person he really is can be pretty stinky sometimes.

That’s because Shia loves to take method acting to the next level, and he did just that for his role in Fury. Not only did he cut his own face to make his scars look more authentic, but he also refused to shower for a few weeks because he knew that the character that he was playing wouldn’t have the pleasure of washing himself.

Viggo Mortensen

Everyone has seen Lord of the Rings, right? Those who have will know that Viggo Mortensen is kind of a big deal. He’s known for his incredible work as an actor and his ability to take on any character that is thrown his way, but it seems as though he might go a little too far sometimes. That’s because he often sacrifices his personal hygiene for the sake of these roles – and that’s not good for anyone who surrounds him and has to smell the effects.

In preparation for his role in Lord of the Rings, Viggo actually took himself away from his Hollywood lifestyle and his giant bathroom and opted to head into the woods and live on the land instead. Because of this, he came back smelling pretty fresh…


If you’re familiar with Snooki, you’ll know that she’s most famous for appearing on the reality television show, Jersey Shore. This show sees young men and women stay out for all hours of the night as they party hard and dance the night away – so her position on this list might not take you by surprise too much.

Although she has since left this lifestyle behind her, it seems as though Snooki still knows that her personal hygiene isn’t perhaps as up to scratch as it could be. In fact, she has confessed that she often uses cat litter to exfoliate her face, and we can’t imagine that this smells too nice. Alongside this, she’s also noted that she has bad breath and that she doesn’t brush her teeth as often as she should. At least she’s honest?

Christina Aguilera

We all know that Christina Aguilera likes to get “Dirty,” but we don’t think that was really what she meant when she wrote that iconic song. Over the course of her career, Christina Aguilera has put her name to countless different ventures into the world of fame. She’s a singer, she’s an actress, and she’s even got her own scents in the form of a perfume line.

However, not everyone is taken by her choice in perfumes, and one reporter reportedly noted that the singer smelled too sweet and like a 12-year-old girl’s bedroom. It doesn’t end there, though. Christina’s friends have also noted that the singer smells like a certain type of food. What food is that? Hot dogs, of course. We don’t really know if that’s a positive or negative.

Vanessa Paradis

Although many of Johnny Depp’s previous partners have complained about his smell and his personal hygiene over the years, it seems as though that’s a bit hypocritical coming from Vanessa Paradis. It seemed as though they were a match made in smelly heaven when they were together because Vanessa had a few of the same habits that her partner had.

It’s been reported that the former model and actress rarely showers herself, and this often leaves her smelling a little too fresh. In the past, many of her friends and fellow celebrities have had to give her a wide berth because they just couldn’t deal with the fact that she was smelling so bad. We wonder who was the bad influence on who? Perhaps they were just as bad as each other.

Angelina Jolie

It seems as though Brad Pitt wasn’t the only member of Brangelina to forget about their personal hygiene, because many sources have suggested that his ex-wife is just as bad. Of course, with a huge number of kids under her roof, we can let her off slightly, but there’s still no excuse for the fact that she often goes a whole week without washing her body or her hair.

A source close to the family has also noted that Brad and Angelina’s bad hygiene has also been passed down to their children – and Angelina has not pushed the subject with them. She doesn’t force them to shower or clean their teeth, which means that they often don’t do it at all. We bet they all live in one smelly house if that really is the case.