These Soccer Records Will Likely Never Be Broken

These Soccer Records Will Likely Never Be Broken

Soccer is loved around the world, and it’s one of the most competitive sports out there. Despite being so competitive, some people make it look easy, and we think these soccer records will likely never be broken again.

Biggest Win In An International Match

International soccer is great for bringing teams around the planet together at the World Cup. Qualifying games for the World Cup, in particular, can put some mismatched teams on the field, and often it results in a one-sided scoreline.

When Australia played American Samoa in 2001, there really wasn’t anything resembling competitive soccer. Australia won the match 31-0 on their way to qualifying for the 2002 World Cup. The scoreline was the largest margin of victory ever recorded in international soccer, and we don’t think anyone will come close to beating that again.

Most Goals In A Single World Cup Tournament

The World Cup brings the best soccer nations from all corners of the planet together to battle it out for the right to be world champions. There have only been eight different teams to lift the World Cup over 21 tournaments, proving it’s not so easy to win.

The best players are on display, and it takes someone pretty special to be declared to top scorer, also known as the Golden Boot winner.

While it’s not uncommon for Golden Boot winners to score around six goals to take the crown, in 1958, Just Fontaine took things to a new level. The French star scored a miraculous 13 goals in the tournament, made all the more impressive by achieving the feat in just six games.

The Fastest Hat-Trick Ever

A hat-trick in soccer is scoring three goals in a single game. They aren’t that common, and speedy hat-tricks are even rarer. Former striker Tommy Ross scored a hat-trick in just 90 seconds while playing for Ross County in 1964. Considering how difficult it is to even score two goals in such a short period, three in 90 seconds is something that will surely never be witnessed again.

Most World Cup Winners Medals

Brazilian soccer legend Pele is known around the world, and for many decades was the face of the sport. Pele was the face of soccer for a good reason; he is one of the best ever players to lace up their cleats and take to the field. He made his World Cup debut as a teenager, and over his career, Pele won a total of three World Cups with Brazil.

Considering the tournament is only held every four years, that means a player has to be at their peak for at least 12 years to match what Pele did. That’s also assuming they can lead their country to victory in three straight World Cups, which even Pele didn’t manage.

Soccer is a universal sport, but there are some records that will simply never be broken. Of course, records are there to be broken, and if anyone tops these, they will rightly be remembered as a legend forever.