The MLS Has Launched a Digital Training Portal for Soccer Players of All Ages and Abilities

The MLS Has Launched a Digital Training Portal for Soccer Players of All Ages and Abilities

If you’re currently in lockdown and missing the thrill of watching your favorite soccer teams work their magic, then we may have the perfect solution for you. The MLS has recently launched the ultimate boredom reducer in the form of a digital training portal that will allow soccer fans across the globe to hone in their own abilities and maybe even make their way to the big leagues. The best part? This portal is suitable for all ages and abilities, which means that you could be a beginner who has never touched a ball before, or you could be someone on the cusp of going pro. What could be better than that?

Bored in the house

With more and more people staying at home and having free time on their hands, whether that be free time from work or school, there’s no doubt about the fact that all of those extra hours can get pretty boring. While it’s easy to sit down and watch Netflix for hours on end, there are many people in this world who prefer to stay active and get their heart racing. It seems as though Major League Soccer knows that – and they also know that people are missing their favorite players and their favorite teams working their magic on the pitch.

Training at home

To combat this, the MLS has come up with a new idea and a new creation that can not only bring fans closer to the game but also closer to their own soccer goals. The “Train With MLS” digital experience is something that you’ll definitely want to get behind, whether you’re simply bored in the house or whether you are wanting to make that jump from recreational soccer to something much more intense. That’s because this platform features everything you could possibly need to hone in your soccer skills. The library of videos is updated on a weekly basis with everything from coaching tips to soccer drills, and they are all of seriously high quality.

Working your way through

MLS wanted to make sure that their young players, coaches, and adult fans could stay “connected to the game” during this time. They have noted that “This is a challenging time for us all, yet we refuse to let it stop the positive impact the League has always made with aspiring athletes and coaches.” To make things easier for those who want to use the digital platform, all of the resources have been split into three different categories depending on the difficulty level required. They offer workouts and videos for fundamental, intermediate, and advanced groups, which means that you can tailor your own experience within the platform as a whole. We have a feeling that it’s going to be extremely popular.

So, if you’re looking for something to do while you’re dealing with the ongoing pandemic, why not try out the new MLS training platform? You know you want to.