The Kits That Are Turning Heads in the 2020-21 Premier League Season

The Kits That Are Turning Heads in the 2020-21 Premier League Season

The English Premier League is back, and once again, the action on the field has people tuning in from all around the world. This season it’s not just about the amazing soccer being played as these are the kits that are turning heads in the 2020-21 Premier League Season.

Chelsea Third

Chelsea has invested a ton of money into their playing roster, and it seems the London club wants its stars to look good when they play. The club has given a nod to one of their classic jerseys with this third uniform, which combines bold blue and orange stripes. Fans will hope the new jersey can inspire their new team to greatness, all while looking great doing it.

Arsenal Away

Arsenal must have direct access to Adidas’s chief designers because the London team regularly brings out amazing uniforms. This season is no different, and the marble-effect is there by design, not by accident. The marble pattern is a tribute to the marble halls of their former home, Highbury. We think it also looks like drops of blood, possibly with the hope of intimidating the opposition before a ball is even kicked.

Southampton Third

Whenever any club channels the great Peru uniform, it’s a winner in our book. Southampton will be taking to the field in their Peru-inspired third jersey, and it has already inspired the team to victory this season. It’s simple, chic, and elegant, and the players are already winners before they step onto the field while wearing these uniforms.

Liverpool Away

Liverpool teaming up with Nike for the first time in the club’s history was big news. These two iconic franchises worked together on this creation, which as fans split. Some love the jersey inspired by the city of Liverpool, while others simply cannot stand it. No matter what the fans think, there is no denying it’s one of the more head-turning uniforms of the 2020-21 Premier League season.

West Bromwich Albion Third

Not every outfit worn by Premier League soccer players this season is going to be so fondly remembered. West Bromwich Albion have used the same ‘barcode’ template for all of their uniforms this season, with the only changes being the colors used. This is West Brom’s third uniform, and it has us instantly thinking of McDonald’s. We’re sure that’s not the look the team was going for, but the ketchup and mustard look is probably one that’s best left to fast food restaurants rather than sports teams.

Manchester United Third

Premier League uniform manufacturers must have been told to go bold by their supporting teams. Manchester United don’t typically take many risks when it comes to their kit design, but this season they are stepping out of their comfort zone. This black and white uniform is going to make the United players stand out, although we’re sure it’s going to divide opinion among fans.

These bold jerseys won’t be a hit with every fan, but we’re sure if their team wins while wearing them, they will become instant classics.