The Bundesliga Was the First Soccer Competition to Come Back and This Is How It’s Going

The Bundesliga Was the First Soccer Competition to Come Back and This Is How It’s Going

You probably don’t need us to tell you that the world is a strange place at the moment. The destructive force of coronavirus is raging war across the world, and it’s affecting everyone in so many different ways. The sports world has been affected massively by the restrictions put in place by governments across the globe, and for many weeks and months now, the sporting world has effectively been canceled. However, as countries are trying to get back into the rhythm of a “new normal,” Germany has decided to bring back the Bundesliga.

Lifting lockdown measures

Although the coronavirus war is not over, Germany’s response to the virus has been praised by many across the globe. Because of this, Chancellor Angela Merkel has lifted many restrictions. Stores have been opened again, many schools have started accepting students back within their halls, and restaurants are back open – as long as customers and staff adhere to social distancing rules. Alongside this, Merkel also decided that it was time for her citizens to have some entertainment back in their lives, so she allowed the Bundesliga soccer league to be started once again.

Welcoming it back

It should come as no surprise to learn that this announcement was a welcome one for soccer fans across Germany – and for those who follow the league across the pond. The league had been suspended for two months in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and many were missing the suspense and the healthy competition that came with the games. However, it’s important to realize that the Bundesliga didn’t just come back without any changes or alterations. We’ve already seen one weekend of the league, and it wasn’t quite what many people were expecting.

A change in play

Merkel noted that the only way the Bundesliga could come back into play was if there were serious measures in place – and this made a huge difference to the whole experience. For many, it was strange watching the players exchange elbow taps rather than hugs or high fives, and it was even weirder to watch a match on television that didn’t have a cheering crowd in the background. For now, that’s the way it will stay. Players will try to keep their distance from each other as much as they possibly can, and spectators won’t be allowed for potentially months on end. This is to keep everyone safe and to prevent any further fatalities. Of course, it wasn’t all bad. Once the players got into the swing of things, it was almost as though nothing had changed, and the world was back to normal.

The fact that the Bundesliga is back could cause a chain reaction within the world of sport. Other leagues and sports across the globe are looking to this league and wondering how they can bring theirs back with these special measures in place – and this could see us cheering on our favorite teams in no time.