How Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Helped Launch A Worldwide Inclusive School

How Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Helped Launch A Worldwide Inclusive School

The Brazilian soccer star Neymar is one of the most famous athletes in the world. Soccer is loved across the planet, and Neymar is one of its biggest stars. Who better, then, to help launch a worldwide inclusive school than the man himself?

A star from a young age

Neymar has been hotly tipped to be one of the best players in the world for many years. Even when he was a teenager, he was already the next great hope for Brazilian soccer, with many drawing the comparison between him and Pele. Neymar was already starring in the men’s Brazilian national team at the age of 17, and soon after that, he joined one of the world’s biggest clubs.

At Barcelona, Neymar showed he was a winner and is now the face of Paris Saint Germain. A star of his status doesn’t have to do anything for anybody if he doesn’t want to, but that’s not how Neymar sees things. Instead, he is passionate about helping as many people as possible, and his association with Handicap International goes to show as much.

Great expectations

Neymar has had to deal with the weight of the world on his shoulders since he was a teenager. Soccer is a hugely important sport in Brazil, and the star is expected to deliver a World Cup for his adoring fans. So far that hasn’t happened, but the people of Brazil won’t give up hope on Neymar leading their nation to victory once more.

The pressure to perform is huge, but Neymar is able to put things in perspective as he focuses on the bigger picture. Sure soccer is more than just a sport in Brazil, but the star knows there are more important things in the world. That’s why he’s able to use his stardom as one of the greatest players in the world to draw attention to causes that he cares about.

An inclusive school

In 2018 Neymar shared a post on Twitter that helped put the “world’s biggest inclusive school” on the map. Handicap International launched an initiative that was aimed at raising awareness of the lack of education opportunities many disabled children have. This online school being launched was called Teacher Kids, and it allows children from across the globe to share videos of themselves to teach other people.

Examples shown in Neymar’s social media post included a boy with down syndrome teaching people how to meditate. Other children in the video included a blind girl who taught Neymar how to make an origami heart, and an amputee showing the soccer star some dance moves. This proposal allows these children with disabilities to teach people and show they are just as capable of learning as others.

The idea behind Neymar’s campaign was to raise awareness of the lack of education opportunities for disabled children. The soccer star wrote that 32 million disabled children don’t have access to school, yet they have so much to teach us. Neymar’s hopes were to raise money to create a change in how children are educated around the world.