Different Ball Game, Same Goals

Different Ball Game, Same Goals

We are missing life with live football. “We are living in strange times, but have to stay positive”, the most used cliché to describe the current situation. Things we always took for granted are unthought-of right now. Sport exemplifies this fact, waking up on a Sunday morning to go with your mates to the stadium seems very far away. It’s been the toughest and most insecure period in the sports entertainment industry in modern times. Let’s discuss the current situation and a possible solution to serve the high demand for live football.

Football, the biggest and most loved sport in the world is standing still. The pitches are empty, the grass is growing and so are the insecurities. Clubs around the globe are losing almost all the sources of revenue. Broadcasters are withholding TV money, ticketing, catering, and hospitality incomes are gone and sponsors are terminating contracts. How are we going to solve this financial crisis in the football industry? When reading the sports bulletin in the newspaper we are faced with many speculations surrounding this question. What is going to happen with the league in the upcoming months? Are the clubs getting the millions of dollars’ worth of TV and sponsorship incomes? Are the local sports associations and national governments going to help out financially?

What makes the situation even more challenging is the fact that every country is attacking the virus in their way, and they are all at a different stage in doing so. Specific localized regulations and rules are implemented, resulting in the inability of the FIFA and UEFA to standardize the procedures.

While the speculation is going on and on, we are entertained in a few ways. First of all, old matches are broadcasted, that special rainy night where your team won against all odds. Or the last time 30 years ago when they won a trophy. The awkward thing with these games is that we already know the outcome.

Secondly, we are bombarded with repetitive challenges and social media content from the players. Clubs are paying millions to their most valuable employees, however, at the moment they are not getting much in return. Kicking some rolls of toilet paper and posting videos of ridicule dances with their kids and Wags is their main occupation. One more challenge or dance and I am seriously considering deleting my social media.

Let’s talk business, we want live football back in our lives.

In the upcoming months, we are gradually going back to normal, let’s discuss an alternative to tide over this period. Obviously when the circumstances allow it, and when governments give the green light. Clubs should utilize their players once they can, get them off their sofas back to the pitch where they belong.

The 3 vs 3 football competition, held between the clubs in the highest division who are willing to participate. Every side will choose 3 players and a sub to compete against their colleges in the 30 minutes (2X15) long game. Smaller teams, smaller pitches, and smaller goals. The matches will be held on the different training facilities behind closed doors and will be filmed. This will allow sponsorship deals, broadcasting possibilities, and most importantly entertain the fans. Imagine watching your favorite players competing against the rival team, in the same way, you are playing in the local parks against your mates. Let’s stay positive and play 3 vs 3, while we gradually work towards the regular league structure and normal life.

Which club is with me?