The 5 Highest Scoring NHL Games Of All Time

The 5 Highest Scoring NHL Games Of All Time

Sometimes in ice hockey, it can seem almost impossible to score as the goalie just becomes a wall that nothing will get past. Then there are other games where the floodgates are opened, and the goals just keep on flowing. We’ve looked back through the most exciting games in NHL history and brought you the five highest-scoring games of all time.

5 – Edmonton Oilers 13 – 0 Vancouver Canucks

This game will go down as one of the most emphatic wins in the history of ice hockey. The Oilers enjoyed near-total domination over the Canucks and scored a franchise-record margin of victory in this 1985 NHL game. In fact, the Oilers were so dominant the Canucks couldn’t even take advantage of five power plays to register a single goal.

4 – Detroit Red Wings 15 – 0 New York Rangers

The Detroit Red Wings team of 1944 was a force to be reckoned with, and in the previous season, they had won the Stanley Cup. The Rangers were looking at a tough night at the office in 1944 but had no idea how badly they were going to get beaten.

Detroit was relentless in pursuing more and more goals, and the only mercy the Rangers were shown was by the referee, who finally signaled the end of the game. In the final third, the Red Wings scored eight points, to take the final score to 15 – 0.

3 – Winnipeg Jets 9 – 8 Philadelphia Flyers

In 2011 the Winnipeg Jet showed fans what they had been missing as the franchise made a return to the NHL after it relocated to Arizona. Although the Jets were not having a spectacular season, this game would live long in the memory of hockey fans.

It saw the troubled Jets outscore the Flyers by nine points to eight, making it the third-highest scoring NHL game in history. The game went to the wire, and miraculously, each point scored by the Jets was scored by a different player.

2 – Montreal Canadiens 16 – 3 Quebec Bulldogs

The Montreal Canadiens secured the record for most points scored by a team in a single game when they registered 16 against the Quebec Bulldogs in 1920. This was also the record for the most number of goals scored by both teams in a single game, so at least the Bulldogs had something positive from this game. This result had stood the test of time until the next game broke the record.

1 – Edmonton Oilers 12-9 Chicago Blackhawks

In 1985 the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks made sure to put on a show for the fans in the arena. Their heroics will also be remembered in history as the highest-scoring NHL game of the modern era. The Oilers had the legendary Wayne Gretzky on the ice that day, and it’s clear they were on fire as they couldn’t stop scoring.

This game felt more like a basketball game as the Blackhawks put up huge scoring numbers too. Even though Gretzky was on the ice in this game, he didn’t actually score a goal, but he did get seven assists. The Oilers were the reigning champs and proved they had the firepower to outscore anyone in this spectacular game.