NHL Players Have Put Their Final Paychecks of the Season on Hold

NHL Players Have Put Their Final Paychecks of the Season on Hold

The sporting world has countless questions hanging over it at the moment, and that’s all due to the ongoing questions surrounding coronavirus. The virus has stopped play for most sports across the globe, and it’s no different for teams within the NHL. It’s not known when things will get back to normal or whether they even will go back to normal for a few years, but top bosses are working hard behind the scenes to strike up contingency plans. However, a lot of these plans revolve around money, and it seems as though NHL players have now put their final paychecks of the season on hold.

Being paid their dues

Being a professional ice hockey player is just like any job, and these players wouldn’t do it for free – no matter how much they love the game. However, there’s no doubt about the fact that these sports stars receive a huge amount of money from their appearances, and aren’t short of their month’s rent. Because of this, players within the NHL decided to put their final paychecks of the season – due on April 15, 2020 – on hold, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This was seen as a heroic move by the players, and something that hasn’t been seen too much elsewhere in the sporting world. Players and coaches have taken pay cuts, but very few have foregone their whole paycheck.

Extending it further

However, it seems as though these paychecks could be delayed even further. The NHL Players’ Association will be voting this weekend to determine whether they should extend this deadline and whether they should keep the money within the NHL for a little longer. While there’s no doubt about the fact that this could be seen as a good thing – as it suggests that there is a strong line of communication between the players and officials – it also means that the players will go without their money for much longer. While they do have a lot of money to their names as it is, it’s important to understand that an astronomical amount is being kept behind by the NHL. In fact, the unpaid final paychecks amount to around $120 million.

Working with the shortfall

One of the reasons why the players have agreed to withhold their final paychecks is because the NHL is currently dealing with a serious shortfall. Because the season was cut short, the organization is around $1.1 billion away from where they should be in terms of their numbers. They hope that by continuing with their playoffs in a new, covid-safe format, they will be able to scrape back some of this money through its sponsorship and TV money. For the moment, though, it seems as though the players will be footing the bill for a while. Thankfully, they seem happy with that fact.

The NHL is dealing with strange circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have plans in place to get things back to normal.home