NHL Franchises With The Most Regular Season Wins Of All-time

NHL Franchises With The Most Regular Season Wins Of All-time

Since the NHL began to take off in the 1917-18 season, there have been many teams to leave it all out on the ice. Some teams only make it to the top for a short time, while other organizations tend to be in the Stanley Cup conversation more often than not. Over the years, the victories of every single NHL franchise have been added up, and these are the still-active teams with the most regular season wins ever.

New York Rangers – 2,856

The New York Rangers entered the NHL in 1926, and just two years later, the franchise won its first Stanley Cup. The Rangers last won the Stanley Cup in 1994, but they still remain a successful franchise in the NHL. In total, the Rangers have won 2,856 regular season games in its history, putting it in fifth on the all-time list.

Toronto Maple Leafs – 2,965

Depending on how the next NHL season pans out, the Toronto Maple Leafs might be able to move into second place on this list. For now, the Maple Leafs have 2,965 victories in its all-time record, having been in the NHL since 1917. The Canadian team is the second-most successful NHL franchise in Stanley Cup history, with 13 victories, but their last came in 1967.

Detroit Red Wings – 2,970

The Detroit Red Wings have one of the proudest histories in the NHL, and the franchise has won a total of 11 Stanley Cups over the years. The team had a particularly successful time during the 1950s, when the Red Wings won four Stanley Cups during the decade.

Since Detroit entered the NHL in 1926, they have continued to rack up the wins, and with 2,970, the franchise is third in the all-time victories list. The Gordie Howe era was a distant memory for Red Wings fans until the franchise secured historic back-to-back Stanley Cup successes in 1997 and 1998.

Boston Bruins – 3,208

We’re sure that it won’t be long before the Boston Bruins manage to take the top spot on this list, but for now, they remain second. Boston’s all-time wins record stands at 3,208, and Bruins fans don’t have to look back too far to remember their team’s last Stanley Cup win.

The Bruins are another team with a great history in the NHL, having lifted the Stanley Cup a total of six times. However, the Boston team has played in the Stanley Cup series a total of 20 times, losing on 14 occasions, which is a record no team wants.

Montreal Canadiens – 3,449

It won’t be a huge surprise to many hockey fans of older generations to learn that the Montreal Canadiens have the most regular season wins of all time. The team from Canada has won the Stanley Cup more than any other franchise in NHL history with 24 separate victories.

It also helps that the franchise has been in the league from the very beginning and since 1917 has amassed a total of 3,449 wins. Despite the past success of the Canadiens in the NHL, the once great franchise hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1993.