Which Teams Will Feel The Salary Cap Pinch In 2021?

Which Teams Will Feel The Salary Cap Pinch In 2021?

The good news for football fans is that the NFL and players are committed to the 2020 season. However, the bad news is the salary cap in 2021 is going to be cut. That means some teams will feel the pinch as they desperately try to meet the cap.

Tightening The Purse Strings

The level of money in football seems to keep getting larger, but things are about to change. The global situation has hit businesses hard, and there just isn’t as much spending as there once was. All industries are affected, and the NFL is taking measures to ensure franchises don’t spend beyond their means through a proposed salary cap reduction in 2021.

The cap is understood to be dropping no lower than $175 million. That’s a far cry from the $215 million cap that was expected when teams negotiated deals with players years ago. There is a $40 million difference that must be accounted for in the budget, which is a Pro Bowl level QB.

Of course, the cap might not shrink that much, but teams must prepare for it by putting their affairs in order before then.

The Teams That Need To Be Worried

Some teams are understandably going to be concerned about their long-term futures as things stand, and will be hoping the cap doesn’t hit the minimum. If it does, there are eight teams already over the 2021 $175 million cap before even signing a single free agent.

The front offices at the Falcons, Chiefs, Steelers, Eagles, Bears, Raiders, Saints, and Vikings will be working overtime over the next 12 months to figure things out. Spending is going to be tight, and it will mean there are some tough decisions for executives and head coaches.

Getting Creative In The Market

If the salary cap doesn’t shrink, then those teams that made sure they complied with the cap will find themselves with a bonus surplus. That could see some very exciting moves in player trades as teams desperately try to fill the holes in their rosters at the last minute.

Further salary agreements may also be made in the future to increase the cap, but for now, teams must assume they will be enforced. There is also the chance that renewed TV deals mean the cap doesn’t have to be lowered.

What Needs To Happen

NFL franchises will be cutting players and restructuring contracts to make sure they comply with the cap. It means they will change their plans, and dealing with players on long-term contracts is going to be tricky.

Of course, restructuring contracts and signing players isn’t something new for NFL franchises, but it’s something every team is going to have to do. Teams will have to get thrifty though to make sure all spots on their rosters are covered, or face terrible 2021 seasons.

There are several teams that will be sweating over the proposed NFL salary cap. With salary commitments already exceeding the $175 mark for 2021, multiple NFL franchises are surely going to be feeling the pinch.