The Moment Peyton Manning Finally Lived Up To The Hype

The Moment Peyton Manning Finally Lived Up To The Hype

People were expecting amazing things from quarterback Peyton Manning in the NFL following his impressive college career. The quarterback had a lot of hype surrounding him, but whenever he came to the major leagues, he didn’t seem to live up to it. Eventually, Manning proved that form is temporary and class is permanent, and he became a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. This is the moment Manning finally lived up to the hype surrounding his name.

Being drafted to the Colts

Manning had a pretty amazing college career, and after four years, it was time to show what he could do in the NFL. Not only did Manning have the physical attributes most quarterback scouts are looking for, but he also had the talent. Manning was the number one draft pick in 1998, and he was chosen by the Indianapolis Colts. This would prove to be a match made in heaven.

There were some concerns about Manning’s mobility and arm strength, but the Colts were sure that Manning was their guy. It was clear that the guy could read a game of football, and his numbers would only continue to get better the longer he remained a starter.

Playing by the numbers

When it comes to analyzing a football player, most people follow the metrics as numbers don’t tend to lie. As far as everyone could tell, Manning was one of the best players in the league, but it took him almost a decade to win a Super Bowl. Manning was getting the Colts to the postseason, but there just didn’t seem to be a way for him to get his team to the Super Bowl.

There was also a new hot property on the scene, and Manning was getting overshadowed by Tom Brady. Manning continued to work hard, and he was voted the 2003 MVP, following it up with another MVP award in 2004. It was clear he had the talent but was he going to be able to win a Super Bowl?

The biggest game in the world

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest single game in the world of sports, but the guy who was maybe the best couldn’t make it. That all finally changed when Manning led the Colts to his first Super Bowl appearance in 2006. Manning led the Colts to a crushing victory over the Bears at Super Bowl XLI, earning himself the Super Bowl MVP award in the process. Finally, Manning had broken his Super Bowl duck, and he would be remembered as a great.

Not done there

Manning wasn’t done impressing people just yet, though. He would go on to win another Super Bowl, this time with the Broncos at Super Bowl 50. Manning’s numbers also continued to be impressive, and by the time the quarterback retired after the 2015 season, he had won five NFL regular season MVP awards.

His five MVP awards are the most won by any player, and proof, if anyone needed it, of just how good Manning truly was. He might have had his doubters early in his career, but in the end, Peyton Manning had the last laugh.