The Best Quarterbacks Who Never Won A Super Bowl

The Best Quarterbacks Who Never Won A Super Bowl

We’re sure it’s the goal of most professional football players to win a Super Bowl from the moment they first pick up a ball. It’s the ultimate purpose in football, but sometimes even the best in the sport don’t get their hands on such a fantastic prize. These are the best quarterbacks who probably should have, but never managed to win a Super Bowl during their careers.

Jim Kelly

Football can be a cruel sport at times, and one of the most unfortunate quarterbacks in the history of the NFL is Jim Kelly. The quarterback was a huge part of bringing the Buffalo Bills to the Super Bowl four years in a row from 1991 to 1994.

Despite his obvious ability to get the Bills to win football games, they lost every single Super Bowl with Kelly orchestrating things. The pass master was just one victory away in any of those four games from claiming the ultimate prize in the NFL.

Warren Moon

One player who was a Super bowl away from having an incredible career was Warren Moon. The quarterback was hugely talented and ended his career as one of the greats until he was surpassed by the Brady’s and Rogers’ of the sport.

It always felt like he was just one Super Bowl victory away from becoming an icon in the sport, but it never materialized. Moon did enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he could never get over the mental block and didn’t play in a single Super Bowl.

Donovan McNabb

While he doesn’t have a championship-winning ring, it’s clear that Donovan McNabb was an elite quarterback during his career in the NFL. McNabb led the Eagles to four NFC Championship games in a row and one more for good measure.

Despite helping his team excel in the regular season, it seemed the Super Bowl was always going to evade McNabb until, finally, he made it following the 2004 season. The problem was, the Eagles were up against the Patriots, and Brady won yet another Super Bowl, leaving McNabb to go home empty-handed.

Vinny Testaverde

While his career numbers were impressive, somehow Vinny Testaverde didn’t manage to lead a single team to a Super Bowl, which means he never won one. The closest Testaverde got was the 1998 AFC Championship, where his Jets team lost to the Broncos, who did go on to win the big prize. Testaverde threw for over 46,000 yards in his career, but unfortunately never got to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Dan Marino

Dan Marino was one of the outstanding quarterbacks in the NFL during his time with the Miami Dolphins. It seemed inconceivable that Marino would not get his hands on a Super Bowl, but as his career drew to a close, he still didn’t have that championship ring.

Marino did manage to play in one Super Bowl, in 1985, but his Dolphins team couldn’t stop the 49ers from coming out on top. The quarterback ended his career with the most passes in NFL history and led the league six times in completions, earning himself a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.