Russell Wilson Has Broken Touchdown History Already

Russell Wilson Has Broken Touchdown History Already

As if it was ever in doubt, Russell Wilson is showing the NFL why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Sure, Pat Mahomes might be the reigning MVP, but it looks like Russ is coming for that crown. After starting the NFL season on fire, Russell Wilson has already broken touchdown history, and we’re only three games in.

Starting Strong

While a championship can’t be won in an NFL season’s opening games, teams can put themselves out of contention with bad results. Luckily for the Seahawks, they have started strongly, and it seems to all be at the hands of one man, Russell Wilson. The quarterback is on fire, and he has already broken a record that has Seahawks fans looking forward to a historic season.

Breaking A 101-Year Record

Never before, in the history of the NFL, has a quarterback thrown four or more touchdown passes in his team’s opening three games to a season. Wilson became the first to do so after his heroics against Dallas with five touchdown passes.

In fact, Wilson just overtook Patrick Mahomes’ record set last season for most touchdowns thrown by a quarterback in the opening three games of the year. Thanks to his touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter, Wilson has 14 for his first three games. That’s not a bad return, and it could mean the quarterback has other records in his sights for the rest of the season.

Can He Match Manning’s Best?

Thanks to his 14 touchdown passes so far, Russell Wilson is on course to finish the season with 75 in total. That would completely gulf the current record of 55, set by the one-and-only Peyton Manning during the 2013 season.

However, there is a long way to go, and history suggests that Wilson’s numbers will slow down over time. Wilson’s career-high 35 touchdown passes in a season is undoubtedly the benchmark, but at this rate, he could surpass his own record halfway through the season. That’s not to say that everything Wilson has done so far this season isn’t impressive; it truly is.

The MVP Favorite

Thanks to his stellar beginning to the 2020 NFL season, Wilson is already the favorite with betting companies for the MVP award. If he keeps up this kind of pace, there won’t be many teams who can compete with the Seahawks this season. In fact, if the MVP award were handed out now, it wouldn’t even be a close contest with the rest of the league, Russ would win it hands-down.

How Far Can He Go?

It seems Wilson has started this season with something to prove to the rest of the world. He is also the fifth passer in league history to record five touchdown passes in back-to-back games behind 925 throwing yards and 76.7% passing completion.

This could be the greatest season of all time from Wilson if he keeps doing what he’s doing. As for the rest of the league? They better buckle up for a bumpy ride against the Seahawks.