NFL Stadiums With The Best Fans And Atmosphere

NFL Stadiums With The Best Fans And Atmosphere

Getting the fans into your stadium to watch a game of football is one thing, but you want them to cheer. Some teams are unfortunate as they struggle to generate an atmosphere in their stadiums, while others have got great fans who make it seem effortless. These are the NFL stadiums with the best fans and atmospheres.

Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

This old stadium has been hosting Green Bay since 1957. The field has a magical feel to it that transports us back in time and helps fans imagine some of the greats playing there. Tailgating is huge in Green Bay, and the entire town comes out to cook.

Although the stadium is old, it has a modern feel to it and when the game is on the atmosphere is unlike anything else. Fans force cheese down their throats to try and stay warm which helps create a friendly atmosphere, but if the Packers lose the fans let the players know their feelings.

CenturyLink Field – Seattle Seahawks

CenturyLink Field Stadium is what anybody creating a new sporting arena should aspire to design. Its shell-like roof makes it the loudest venue in the world and, in 2011, it is believed the noise coming from fans generated a 1.0 earthquake. Any stadium that allows its fans to create earthquakes through cheering deserves to be recognized as one of the best in the NFL.

Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

It has been the home of the Kansas City Chiefs since 1972, and it’s still going strong. Back in 2014, the Chiefs fans recorded the loudest-ever noise made by a crowd, registering at 142.2 decibels. If you’re looking for that college football atmosphere in the NFL, then Arrowhead Stadium is the place for it! Even though the stadium is open-air, the fans make so much noise it’s deafening.

Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Dolphins

Although this iconic arena was built in 1987, it has undergone a massive overhaul in 2016. Since the Dolphins added a roof to their stadium, fans can stop worrying about baking in the Florida sunshine or getting soaked during a torrential downpour. Instead, the roof gives Miami a louder stadium than before and quite possibly a home advantage. Fans can get super close to the action thanks to the seating right on top of the grass, making it feel more like a basketball arena.

US Bank Stadium – Minnesota Vikings

As a reward for watching their team in the freezing cold for many years, the Vikings built a brand new stadium which opened in 2016. It looks like a futuristic spaceship with a glass roof. Vikings fans are used to being boisterous thanks to the chilling temperatures during the season, and now their noise is deafening. Thanks to the roof, the acoustics inside are great and Vikings voices can be heard from everywhere inside the US Bank Stadium.

These stadiums have been where NFL fans yell at the top of their lungs and cheer on their teams to victory. They help give players the home advantage and intimidate opponents into submission. It’s time to take a trip to see them for yourself.