NFL Players Are Having to Workout From Home and They’re Loving It

NFL Players Are Having to Workout From Home and They’re Loving It

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, people across the world are becoming much more familiar with the walls and the decorations in their houses – and NFL players are no different. Football games are no longer going ahead, the virtual offseason has been extended, and nobody quite knows when the 2020 season will be back in full swing. Instead of becoming best friends with their couch and Netflix, though, these NFL players are putting all of their time and energy into working out from home, and it seems as though they are loving it.

Everything on hold

While we’ve still got the fantasy leagues to keep us going, there’s no doubt about the fact that we’re missing real games with real people on the field. It’s now known when the 2020 football season will be back in full swing, but for now, everything is on hold. It seems as though we’re not the only ones who are missing this amazing sport, because the players themselves are getting a little antsy. They’re itching to get back on the field, and they are determined to make an impressive impact when they eventually get to play again. In fact, they’ve created their own epic workouts from home.

Closing up shop

Due to an extended virtual offseason, all 32 teams within the NFL have been allowed to incorporate physical training into their daily programs. However, team facilities across the country have been temporarily closed, meaning that they have had to come up with more creative methods. While whole teams are coming together for virtual training sessions using video platforms, individuals and small groups within these teams have decided to continue their training away from the likes of Zoom and HouseParty. Some are enlisting the help of family members to ensure that they are working out to the best of their ability, while small groups are making the most of local sports fields to practice their passing routes.

Adhering to guidelines

Of course, these small groups are making sure that they are adhering to social distancing guidelines, and no more than ten players are congregating at one time, but it seems as though this extra freedom is working wonders for their form. Tennessee Titans Jonnu Smith and Ryan Tannehill are meeting at a local privately owned park to get their bodies moving and the sweat rolling, and they seem to be enjoying their fresh air during this strange time. Auden Tate, Ray-Ray McLoud, and Tyree St. Louis are even putting their team differences aside to work out in Tampa, Florida. They have set up a rotating weights workout, and they seem to be making the most of what they have to work with. That’s certainly one way to keep fit amongst a global pandemic.

Covid-19 has already had a huge impact on the NFL, but it seems as though these players aren’t going to allow their time at home to impact their own performance. They’re loving these home workouts.