Why the Last Dance Chicago Bulls Documentary Has Got Everyone Talking

Why the Last Dance Chicago Bulls Documentary Has Got Everyone Talking

If you’ve already watched Tiger King and marveled at the madness of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin, then you may have made your way onto the next Netflix obsession. Yes, it seems as though The Last Dance has since overtaken Tiger King in terms of ratings – and that doesn’t surprise us. This documentary follows the life of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and it’s a sports lovers dream. If you haven’t watched it yet, though, this is why the documentary has got everyone talking.

We have learned about his childhood

The Last Dance largely focuses on Michael Jordan and his career as a whole – but specifically with the Chicago Bulls. Because of this, fans of the basketball star have been able to learn about his childhood, and how hard he has worked over the course of his life to get to where he is today. What’s so amazing about this man is the fact that he hasn’t always been the GOAT, and he hasn’t always been the best basketball star in his family. However, his father taught him to achieve greatness – so that’s what he focused on.

Dennis Rodman makes an appearance

Because the documentary focuses on the Chicago Bulls, we also get to welcome various other players onto our screens. This includes Dennis Rodman, who has become pretty controversial over the course of his career thanks to his wacky hairstyles, his quirky personality, his high-profile relationships, and his affiliation with certain countries. The Last Dance showcases just how wild Dennis Rodman really is, and how he’s the kind of person who just loves to do what he wants – whether he’s allowed to or not.

Scottie Pippin secrets are revealed

Although Michael Jordan has always been the number one, some would say that Scottie Pippin has always been the number two – and The Last Dance showcases that. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the whole team and Scottie’s antics, it seems to showcase various secrets that we never knew before. Most importantly, we know that this man may have been one of the leading figures with the Bulls, but he wasn’t financially rewarded for that.

The Kobe episode is extraordinary

The world still hasn’t gotten over the devastating passing of Kobe Bryant, and those who have watched The Last Dance weren’t expecting to deal with this grief so soon. Nevertheless, this documentary offers an honest and honorable insight into his life, and it has made many people love him even more. What makes this episode even more extraordinary is the fact that his former colleagues speak out about the man and what made him so great – and it proves that there was no bad blood between anyone in the NBA.

If you haven’t watched The Last Dance, then you need to right away. Whether you’re a Chicago Bulls fan or not, it gives basketball fans an amazing, honest, and raw insight into what life is like for those at the top of their game.