This Is Why Michael Jordan Turned Down $100 Million for One Appearance

This Is Why Michael Jordan Turned Down $100 Million for One Appearance

It’s no secret that Michael Jordan is a huge name in the world of basketball. He’s the man that everyone thinks of when they think of the sport, he’s the face that everyone sees on television and in the commentary box, and he’s the man who has made multi-million-dollar deals over the course of his career. It’s amazing to think that Michael Jordan is no longer actively playing, considering he’s still just as successful as he was in his heyday. In fact, some would even say that he is even more successful, as he’s now come to a point in his life where he will happily turn down a $100 million just because he can.

The life and times of MJ

Whether you know him as Michael Jordan, MJ, or the Chicago Bulls legend, there’s no doubt about the fact that this former basketball plan will forever go down in history as one of the best. His life and times have been spoken about for decades on end, but there are certain aspects of his personal and professional lives that he has kept away from the general public in the past. However, a new documentary has let slip some of these secrets, and we’ve since been able to learn so much more about the man who has helped to change the face of basketball over the years.

The Last Dance

Yes, if you haven’t already watched “The Last Dance” on Netflix, then you need to add it to your list right away. This documentary offers an inside look into the life and times of MJ, and it offers a different perspective on the man that most of us have watched for most of our own lives. The documentary speaks to those closest to him and even offers unseen footage of the basketball star. Michael’s agent, Dave Falk, also had a big role to play within this documentary, and he used the opportunity to speak more about the commercial deals and gigs that the player has been offered in the past.

A huge lump sum

While David spoke about his legendary allegiances with the likes of Nike and Space Jam, he also opened up about the various other offers that his billion-dollar client has been offered over the course of his career. During a follow-up interview with WFAN’s Boomer and Gio, David confessed that Michael had once been given a chance to earn an incredible $100 million to appear at a function for just two hours. However, $100 million isn’t a lot to this man – and the fact that he has been so successful means that he has the option to turn down offers that don’t really float his boat. This wasn’t the first time that he has turned down huge numbers, either. A few years ago, Michael was offered $7 million to take part in a celebrity golf tournament that would take place over the course of one day – but he wasn’t interested.

What a legend, right?