These Basketball Stars Who Loved To Make Music As Much As Shooting Hoops

These Basketball Stars Who Loved To Make Music As Much As Shooting Hoops

In many ways, becoming a basketball star is very similar to learning to play music. They both take a lot of time and dedication to perfect, but they also attract an audience who can’t take their eyes off you. These basketball stars not only drew a crowd in the NBA, but they also considered themselves musicians.

Chris Webber

Former number one overall draft pick, Chris Webber, wasn’t just an accomplished basketball player. He was drafted to the Warriors in 1993, but really made a name for himself in Washington and Sacramento. Outside of basketball, Webber released his own rap album titled, ‘2 Much Drama’ in 1999.

As if releasing his own album wasn’t enough, Webber’s musical talents were recognized by a legend of the rap genre. He produced two tracks for Nas, with his debut single making the top ten of the ‘Hot Rap Singles Chart.’

Wayman Tisdale

Wayman Tisdale may have played in the NBA for over a decade, but to some people, he is better known for his musical skills. The former Kings and Pacers star won a gold medal with Team USA at the Olympic Games in 1984, and as his basketball career drew to a close, he found a new calling. Tisdale released his first foray into the music world with ‘Power Forward,’ released in 1995. He played jazz, and his chosen instrument was the bass guitar, with Tisdale featuring on eight albums.

Shaquille O’Neal

From the moment Shaquille O’Neal entered the NBA, there was attention on the big center. He was pretty much unstoppable, and in the right team, O’Neal was going to win a lot of basketball games and trophies.

Shaq had become a four-time NBA champion by the time his playing career was over, but in the early days, he tried his hand at rapping. In total, Shaquille O’Neal released four rap albums in the 1990s, with the NBA star’s debut, ‘Shaq Diesel,’ becoming certified platinum in the United States.

Drew Gooden

The well-traveled Drew Gooden represented plenty of teams in the NBA during his career. Despite not being able to find himself a place to call home for long on the basketball court, Gooden found a way to relax off it. The former forward and center enjoys playing the piano in his spare time. He has featured on several viral videos where he can be seen tickling the ivories and showing he has more than once skill in life.

Kobe Bryant

In the late 1990s, the former Lakers star Kobe Bryant was trying to establish a rap career on the side of his athletic one. If anyone could become a huge rap superstar from the basketball world, it was probably going to be Kobe, who would dedicate his time to making it happen.

However, despite recording his debut album, the music was never shared with the rest of the world except for one single track. Unfortunately, the track didn’t perform well, and Kobe was dropped by the label, but he did go on to have a Hall of Fame-worthy basketball career.