These Are the NBA Teams Who Have Been Given the All-Clear to Open Their Training Facilities

These Are the NBA Teams Who Have Been Given the All-Clear to Open Their Training Facilities

Like every other sporting association across the globe, the NBA has found themselves dealing with an unprecedented turn of events. With lockdown orders and social distancing becoming a part of everyday life, they temporarily suspended all games and practices, and they noted that the earliest teams would be able to go back to practice would be May 8, 2020. That date has now passed, and many teams have made their way back to their training facilities – with social distancing measures still in full force.

Minnesota Timberwolves

May 21 is the date that the Minnesota Timberwolves are allowed back to their Mayo Clinic Square training facility, and it seems as though the players are looking forward to getting back onto their home turf. Despite the fact that the facility is back open for business, a statement released by the team has noted that they will be using the training center in a “safe, controlled and healthy way.” After all, the health and safety of the people who use the facility and those who work there are paramount.

Los Angeles Clippers

From May 25, 2020, the Los Angeles Clippers’ El Segundo practice facility will be opening its doors back up. This will be on a voluntary basis, and will be open for “rehabilitation and physical wellness activities.” This decision has reportedly come from the fact that team officials have tested every single player for the novel coronavirus, and they believe, at the moment, that opening the facility back up is the right decision for them.

New Orleans Pelicans

Fans of the Pelicans will be happy to hear that the birds are back in the Ochsner Sports Performance Center. The center is open again, but like other teams, there are some strict rules in place to ensure that everyone is keeping their distance. Players will only be allowed to undertake their training on their own, and there will only be seven players allowed in the building at once. This is to adhere to social distancing rules. So far, there’s no word on which players will be using the center on which days.

Los Angeles Lakers

It seems as though the Clippers aren’t the only Los Angeles-based basketball team that are trying to get things back to normal, as the Lakers have also followed suit. The opening up of this facility is on a purely voluntary basis, which means that any players who don’t feel comfortable leaving their house and attending their own personal wellness activities don’t have to. It’s been noted that the Lakers received clearance from health officials within the city, and believe that only allowing four players in the facility at once will keep everyone safe and healthy during this process.

NBA teams are getting to grips with this “new normal,” but it seems as though these new rules and the opening of training facilities could help the teams get back on track. After all, it’s about time we get some basketball back.