The Most-Loved NBA Video Games Of All Time

The Most-Loved NBA Video Games Of All Time

We can’t all be a LeBron James or James Harden on the court, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to be. Those of us who can’t play basketball like a pro can do the next best thing, play it on a video game instead. Just like in pro sports, there are winners and losers in the world of basketball video games. These are the most-loved basketball video games of all time.


This game started as a 2-on-2 and was, at the time, the best representation of basketball on a video game console. It pitted the two best duos from each franchise and made players go at it like they would on the street courts. While this game may have been from the ‘90s, there is no accounting for the fact that it has stood the test of time. The fact you could pretty much just pick it up and start playing only made it all the more fun. By stripping the game down to the bare bones, it meant there were no distractions, and the action was non-stop.

NBA 2K11

When a game puts you directly in the sneakers of one of the greatest players of all time, then it’s already onto a winner. When 2K sports brought this game to the masses, it made everyone sit up and take notice, even though there was a lot of hype surrounding 2K11’s release. What it brought basketball fans was the opportunity to put themselves in Jordan’s sneakers and relive his greatest moments. The game also coincided with some of the greatest franchises playing at their peaks, and was packed full of talent. This game will live long in the memory of all who played it, and is the measuring stick by which other NBA video games will be judged by.

NBA Street Vol. 2

Some video games try and take themselves too seriously, but that was not the case in NBA Street Vol. 2. Instead, it took things to a ridiculous level, where it was all about showboating and pulling off the best moves. You could worry about the score if you wanted to, but in reality, you only had to worry about how creative you were with your players. The game combined some of the greatest players of all time, with then-current stars such as Duncan, Bryant, Iverson, and Garnett. Players had different power-ups, and if you wanted to have some fun on the court, then NBA Street was your game.

NBA 2K17

When it comes to nailing a basketball game, the 2K studio really has it down to a T. This version of NBA 2K had just about everything you could ever want in a basketball game, it had the graphics, the gameplay, and a string of game modes. You could start your very own career, making your way from the bottom to the top, or go head to head with your friends in the street courts. The real reason why this title is here is because it really puts you on the court like no other video game.

These are easily the most-loved NBA video games ever – in our opinion! Have we missed any of the list?