The Best NBA All-Star Performances Ever

The Best NBA All-Star Performances Ever

It was that time of year again on February 16, when the best players in the NBA get together and put on a show for the fans. The NBA All-Star Game is always an event to look forward to on the calendar, and over the years, some of the top stars have given us performances to remember. These are the best performances at the All-Star Game of all time.

Michael Jordan – 1988

It’s probably not the biggest shock in the world that Michael Jordan managed to turn on the style in the All-Star Game. Arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time preferred to perform when it really mattered, but his 1988 All-Star performance really stood out. When Jordan was just 24 years old, he did manage to drag his Eastern Conference team kicking and screaming to victory in 1988.

Jordan earned an All-Star MVP Award for his role on the court as the Eastern Conference overcame the West with a 138-133 victory. The Bulls legend put on a scoring show and dropped 40 points in the game, a score which sees him become part of a select group to score that many in an All-Star Game. Jordan also recorded four steals, had three assists, and four blocked shots.

Wilt Chamberlain – 1962

Whenever Wilt Chamberlain was on the basketball court, you just knew he was going to be raining down points. That was the same when he played in the 1962 All-Star Game when the colossal center scored 42 points. Even though Chamberlain laid down such a huge personal score, he wasn’t able to inspire his Western Conference side to victory. As if the 42 point scored wasn’t enough, Chamberlain also had a total of 24 rebounds, making sure he dominated at every opportunity. That performance won him the All-Star MVP Award, even if he didn’t get the win his performance deserved.

Kobe Bryant – 2011

Kobe Bryant’s 14 rebounds, three steals, and three assists might have been impressive enough at the 2011 All-Star Game, but there was more to come from him. He laid on a total of 37 points during the game as he performed in front of his Los Angeles home crowd. Not only was Kobe shooting for everything, he was making his shots count too with his 37 points coming from 26 shots.

Russell Westbrook – 2015

Not being on the starting roster didn’t hold Russell Westbook back from having a truly amazing All-Star performance in 2015. The dynamic superstar had to settle for a place on the sidelines, but when he came on he made it count. Westbrook played just over 25 minutes of the All-Star Game, and became pretty happy to shoot. The point guard made 28 field goal attempts, resulting in an incredible 41points, one assist, three steals, and five rebounds.

Sometimes the All-Star Game doesn’t live up to expectations as players try not to play at 100 percent in case they injure themselves. On other occasions, we get performances like these that show us all just how good these players are when they want to show off.