Ranking The Top 5 NBA Mascots

Ranking The Top 5 NBA Mascots

The job of an NBA mascot is a tough one. They need to keep the crowd’s energy high, plus they have to have a great costume, otherwise how are people supposed to spot them immediately? This is our ranking of the top five NBA mascots.

5 Rocky the Mountain Lion – Denver Nuggets

Considering that Denver is in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, it makes perfect sense for the NBA franchise to have a mountain lion as its mascot. Rocky the Mountain Lion is the reigning NBA Mascot of the Year, and he does an amazing job of firing up the crowd in Denver. He’s also pretty cool, thanks to his iconic entrances to the arena riding on a motorcycle.

4 The Coyote – San Antonio Spurs

When it comes to working hard and always putting on a performance, we think the Coyote could well be the mascot version of James Brown. The San Antonio Spurs mascot might be a little cutesy, but what he lacks in intimidation, the Coyote makes up for in spirit. His comedy routines, dance numbers, and fan reactions earned the Coyote the Mascot of the Year award in 2014.

3 Benny The Bull – Chicago Bulls

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia talking, but we think Benny the Bull has been one of the best mascots in the NBA since the 1990s. While Jordan was doing his thing on the court, Benny was riling up the crowd in the stands to cheer the Bulls on to greatness.

Even though Jordan hasn’t played basketball in the NBA for almost two decades, people still know who Benny is. That’s not just because he was around during the good times, it’s because he’s great at what he does. Plus, his slam dunks are a thing of beauty.

2 Jazz Bear – Utah Jazz

Jazz Bear is pretty much everything you could want from a mascot. The bear isn’t just devoted to his own team; he’s also super hostile to anyone supporting the opposition. He is all about showing his pride in the Jazz, even if that means upsetting a few ‘losers’ from the other side.

1 Jack Nicholson – LA Lakers

Any time the Lakers are playing in the Staples Center, you just know that Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson will be courtside. The actor has been showing up to Lakers games ever since the 1970s, and whenever he’s able to do so again, we bet he’ll be back.

Nicholson might not have actually missed a Lakers game in the past 25 years, watching some of the most iconic players do their thing on the Los Angeles court. There are even suggestions that Nicholson has a clause in his acting contracts that schedule his time on set around when the Lakers are playing.

Every good basketball franchise needs someone who is going to please the fans when it’s not going so well on the court. We think NBA fans turn up to not only watch the basketball action, but to also see these amazing mascots in action.