How Steph Curry Celebrated International Women’s Day With A Special Fan

How Steph Curry Celebrated International Women’s Day With A Special Fan

Many superstar athletes know they need to be a shining example to their millions of fans, and they all do a lot for their devoted supporters. When a young Steph Curry fan wrote her idol a letter because she couldn’t get his signature shoes for girls, the NBA star made sure to do something about it.

Shopping for sneakers

When she was nine years old, Riley Morrison went shopping with her dad but was left disappointed when she couldn’t get the shoes she wanted. Riley adored Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry, but for some reason, she wasn’t able to buy his shoes. On the Under Armour website, the only Steph Curry signature sneakers Riley could find were marketed for boys. Upset at missing out on, Riley handwrote Curry a letter asking for an explanation.

Starting a new basketball season

Riley wanted the sneakers because she was just about to start a new basketball season, and the Curry 5’s were what she had her eye on. In her letter, she explained to Curry that she was disappointed about missing out on the shoes because only boys could buy them.

Riley said she knew Curry supported girl athletes because he has two daughters and hosts an all-girls basketball competition. She ended her note asking Curry to change the availability of his shoes to make them available for everyone “because girls want to rock the Curry 5’s too.”

Getting back to her

The young Curry fan took a picture of her letter, and her dad posted it to social media, where it got back to the NBA star. Curry took the time to handwrite a letter of his own, explaining how sorry he was for the problem and what he was going to do to rectify it.

The Warriors star said he had been in conversation with Under Armour for two days to get the problem on their website sorted. Curry explained this was an error in the labeling department, and he was working on getting it fixed immediately.

Helping Riley out

For daring to speak up, Curry wanted to reward Riley with something special. Firstly he said a fresh new pair of Curry 5’s were on their way to Riley, meaning she could start her basketball season in style. On top of that, the NBA star promised that Riley would also be one of the first girls to be rocking the Curry 6’s when they came out.

That wasn’t all though, and Curry saved his best treat for last. The superstar invited Riley to celebrate International Women’s Day with him in Oakland for a very special event. Riley was not only going to look like her hero on the court, but she was going to get to meet him in person too.

Curry proved that for some athletes, it really means the world to them to have people follow their careers with such passion. To thank Riley for her support and identifying a problem with his signature sneakers, Curry was determined to put a smile on his young fan’s face.