Dennis Rodman, The Enigma

Dennis Rodman, The Enigma

Dennis Rodman is one of the most successful NBA players of all time. He won five championships, with the iconic ‘Bad Boys’ Detroit Pistons and the all-conquering Chicago Bulls side of the ‘90s. His five championship rings show his class, but Rodman was known more for his unusual behavior on and off the court. These are some of the stories about Rodman that have added to his mystique and mystery.

His wedding dress

There was that one time when he donned a wedding dress, said he was attracted to both genders, and then told everyone he was going to marry himself. Rodman was promoting the release of his biography “Bad as I Wanna Be” in 1996, and the publicity stunt helped turn it into a bestseller. On top that, Rodman claimed he received $10 million from the wedding dress designer to wear it. Suddenly it seems like a brilliant move on his part.

Kicking a cameraman in his special place

It can be annoying for NBA stars to deal with the cameramen being so close to the action. If they step off the court, they are bound to run into one. Rodman slipped under the basket and barreled into one unfortunate man taking pictures. As they both lay on the floor, Rodman delivered a swift, but hard, kick to the man’s private area. We can look back on it and laugh, but the cameraman who was on the receiving end of Rodman’s wrath might not find it so funny.

Professional wrestling

In 1998, when Rodman was still an active basketball player, he decided to try wrestling, so made an appearance with WCW (World Championship Wrestling.) He came out as part of a wrestling faction and impressed fans. That woke something inside of him but it wasn’t until ten years later he would get back in the ring. Rodman took part in Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, winning the first season and was declared the CCW champion.

The Madonna affair

Dennis Rodman dated Madonna for a while during the ‘90s and claimed the popstar had demanded he get her pregnant. It’s probably for the best that he didn’t, as the relationship only lasted four tumultuous months. Madonna wasn’t the only famous lady in his life, and Rodman married Carmen Electra, making them a power couple in Hollywood. Rodman really did live a rockstar lifestyle while he was in the NBA.

Befriending a dictator

Rodman has made little secret about becoming friends with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. He is helping to make North Korean basketball better, and that has come with an added extra, befriending the country’s ruler. Rodman has even sung happy birthday to Kim Jong Un from the basketball court. The pair makes an unlikely friendship, but who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall when they hang out?

Dennis Rodman has lived an eventful life, but there can be no denying how good he was on the basketball court. He was never one to shy away from attention, and during his life, he has had plenty of publicity come his way.