World Series Frontrunners in Spring Training

World Series Frontrunners in Spring Training

A new MLB season is almost upon us and with that brings fresh hope to baseball fans hoping for their franchise to win the World Series. There can only be one winner of the World Series though, and these are the frontrunners from what we’ve seen so far in spring training.

New York Mets

The New York Mets are in a tough division with the Atlanta Braves, and are likely to come second, meaning a tougher route in the playoffs. With Edwin Diaz as the centerpiece of the Mets’ pitching roster, the New York team looks set to dominate a lot of games. Even if Diaz isn’t able to close out the game on his own, the Mets have plenty of experienced pitchers to close whatever this young talent sets up.

Houston Astros

Despite their reputation as the new team in MLB to hate, the Houston Astros remains a very good baseball franchise. Much of the core of the World Series-winning team of 2017 that caused so much controversy are still together. That means the Astros have the talent and experience to be a problem for any organization that comes up against them in the playoffs.

Atlanta Braves

This year the Atlanta Braves appear to be very strong. Their roster is filled with lots of young talent, and in the minors, they seem to be cleaning up in the NL East. With a sprinkling of veteran signings thrown in, it looks like the Braves have got the balance right in their side. Felix Hernandez looks like he might be back to his old self in spring training, which can only be a good thing for the Braves.

New York Yankees

With Gerrit Cole on their roster, the Yankees look to be heading back to the pinnacle in the MLB. The giant franchise has a pitcher that is right in the middle of his prime, and there will be plenty of attention on Cole thanks to the huge contract he signed. The Yankees are expected to sweep their division, giving them an easier run through the playoffs. Not only do the Yankees have plenty of talent on the roster, but it’s also there in depth too, meaning they are going to be strong throughout the year. Only major injuries to their best players could derail the Yankees.

Los Angeles Dodgers

We might be set for a World Series that brings two of the biggest baseball franchises together. The Dodgers are predicted to be the strongest team in the league alongside the Yankees. There is a very good chance these two teams are going to meet in the World Series, with the Dodgers improving a roster that was already filled with stars. That off-season by the Dodgers could see the Los Angeles franchise take home the World Series for the first time since 1988. It is long overdue, and with Mookie Betts joining the team, the Dodgers seem even stronger, especially if David Price can stay healthy.

It seems there are really only two leading contenders for the World Series this year, the Dodgers and Yankees. If the others are to take the World Series, they are going to have to play above and beyond what is expected from them this season.