The Best College Baseball Teams You’ll Want To Get Tickets To See

The Best College Baseball Teams You’ll Want To Get Tickets To See

College sports are where you get to see the stars of the future. College baseball, just like college football and basketball, is where the top talents make teams in the big leagues pay attention to them. That means the players are always giving everything, as you never know when a scout is watching from the stands. These colleges mix great players with some of the best atmospheres in the country.

University of Southern California – USC Trojans

The University of Southern California has won the College World Series more than any other school with 12 titles. Three players from USC have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and it’s really worth going to watch future MLB stars. Several players made it from USC to MLB including Aaron Boone, Don Buford, and Mark McGwire. They are always in the playoff picture, having been in the College World Series a total of 21 times.

The University of Texas at Austin – Texas Longhorns

If you’re looking for consistency, then look no further than the Texas Longhorns. They have made it to the College World Series a record 36 times. Over 100 former Longhorns players have gone to MLB, so you know you’re going to be watching some elite college players. Disch-Falk Field is one of the most iconic venues in college baseball, and even though it has undergone several renovations, it still keeps its charm.

Mississippi State University – Mississippi State Bulldogs

They have some of the largest crowds at any college baseball stadium and own the top five highest attendances in on-campus crowds ever. Fans here are super passionate, and they always generate a rapturous atmosphere. The Bulldogs have made it to the College World Series ten times so far, but with two appearances in the past five years, they will hope to make it more.

Dudy Noble Field has a great tailgating community, and the Left Field Lounge is something that has to be experienced by all baseball fans. It brings tailgating into the stadium, allowing fans to munch until their hearts are content while taking in the game.

Florida State University – Florida Seminoles

Look out for “The Animals of Section B” as they are sure to be heard. The atmosphere generated in that section is the best in all of baseball, and any college league fan has to check it out. A tradition started during the Calgary Olympics in the ‘80s that is still around today.

Section B began singing “O Canada,” and their team won. Then, in the following game, they sang it again, and the Seminoles secured another victory. From that moment it became a tradition to sing the Canadian national anthem, despite being in Florida! The Animals of Section B are why you should venture down to a ballgame at the Dock Howser Stadium.

College sports are where you can spot the talents of tomorrow, but they have some of the best atmospheres in the country. You need to get tickets to see these college teams for some of the highest quality baseball outside of MLB.