How Gambling Cost Pete Rose His Place Amongst MLB Greats

How Gambling Cost Pete Rose His Place Amongst MLB Greats

Imagine being so good at your sport that fans selected you to be in the team of the century. Then imagine having career records that rank you among the top players in history. Surely you would expect to have a place among the elite of your sport in the Hall of Fame? Pete Rose’s playing career means he has every right to be there, but he isn’t. We’re looking at why Pete Rose, one of the best fielders and baseball players of all time isn’t in the Hall of Fame.

By the numbers

Without knowing his history, Rose’s playing stats suggest he belongs in the Hall of Fame. It’s not even up for debate, he’s better than most who ever stepped up to the plate. In the all-time records, Pete Rose’s name appears four times. He has the most singles, most hits, most at-bats, and most games played.

In 3,562 games, Rose managed 4,256 hits and 160 home runs. He was selected to play in the All-Star game 17 times and won the World Series three times, twice with the Cincinnati Reds and once again with the Phillies. Rose was making waves in MLB during the ‘70s and ‘80s, but with so much going for him, where did it all go wrong?

Charlie Hustle

Rose ran into problems after he began a role as player-manager of the Reds. Reports emerged that Rose had been betting on baseball, something that is heavily frowned upon, especially for a manager. Rose claimed he only ever bet on the Reds winning, but the damage was done.

How could people trust his integrity when he was able to abuse his position of power? Rose denied all allegations vehemently initially but the cat was out of the bag, and people weren’t sure if they could trust him. In 1989 Rose was placed on the ineligible list, forcing him to step down as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

The Baseball Hall of Fame

In 1991, MLB moved to officially ban anyone on the permanently ineligible list from entering the Hall of Fame. Rose never came off that list and therefore was never given the opportunity to get himself among the greats. Players are only allowed to enter the Hall of Fame five years after they stop playing, and can only appear in the ballot for fifteen years.

Rose would have been eligible to run for the Hall of Fame in 1992 and then illegible again in 2006. Since he remained on the banned list, even if he were to come off it now it would be too late for him to enter the Hall of Fame. Rose has to live with the fact his betting cost him a place in history that would have ensured his name would never have been forgotten.

Rose’s case is a lesson for everyone. No matter how good you are you have to stick to the rules, and his attempts at financial gains have ruled him out of the Hall of Fame. Something he must sorely regret.