Everything You Need to Know About The 2020 MLB Playoffs

Everything You Need to Know About The 2020 MLB Playoffs

It might not have been a 2020 MLB season like anyone expected, but after all of the twists and turns, the playoffs have taken shape. As we build up to the World Series, here is everything you need to know about the 2020 MLB Playoffs.

A Chaotic Season

There was always going to be chaos surrounding the shortened 2020 MLB season. Due to the global pandemic, MLB chiefs decided to play a condensed season, rather than having no season at all. It brought some strange results, but finally, the playoffs have been decided. In keeping with the crazy 2020, the new-look MLB playoffs are sure to throw up some peculiar matchups as teams fight for the right to win the World Series.

The Wild Card Playoffs

The first thing to note about the upcoming playoffs, which begin on September 29, is how many more teams there are. From Opening Day, the MLB has remained committed to an expanded postseason. There will now be 16 teams fighting it out to be named world champions, not the regular 10.

These expanded playoffs will be held inside four different bubbles in Texas and California to make things even more unusual.

The first round of this new playoff system will see eight best-of-three games played between the ranked franchises in the Wild Card Series. Following the opening round, we will see a Division Series, followed by a Championship Series, culminating in the 2020 World Series.

No One Is Safe

Typically in a playoff season, you would expect the top seeds to be protected from elimination during the wild card series. That’s not the case in the 2020 MLB season, with top-ranked teams from the National League and American League risking their spots in the later rounds. It means we will see the Dodgers face the Brewers, and the Rays take on the Blue Jays in first vs. eighth seed playoffs.

A Busy Few Weeks

The teams that make it to the World Series are going to have to undergo a grueling playoff campaign. With the first playoff games being held on September 29, teams will have to play at their peak level for almost a month. The World Series’s first game isn’t scheduled to face off until October 20, with games every day until the series reaches a conclusion.

If these playoff games are tightly-contested, it could see some franchises practically playing every day for almost a month. There is little time for teams to rest and recuperate between series, so the games will be coming thick and fast, just like they did in the regular season.

Considering how wild this season has been already, it would be a fitting end to a bizarre season. As it stands, the Dodgers are considered favorites for the World Series; however, anything can happen with baseball being played inside a bubble.

Teams have been dealing with life inside a bubble and congested schedule for weeks. Whoever has the most gas left in the tank could be crowned world champions just days before Halloween.